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  1. Brad Ellis grew up with his two brothers, David and Jackson in Georgia. One day, as he was running home, throughout the streets of Chernarus, people were packing their belongings and leaving their homes. He overheard a conversation of a family talking about this severe flu-virus, “they said we got to go somewhere, anywhere, we just need to be safe!” Cars were flying by, people were shouting and screaming. The children didn’t know what was going on, everything was just going so fast. When he arrived outside his home, the door of his house was wide open as if someone left in a hurry. When he entered, the house was a mess to say the least. He checked throughout his entire home, nobody was to be found. As he was searching, all he could hear was the sheer panic of people outside. He sprinted into the kitchen of his home where he found a torn-up piece of paper with handwriting scribbled all over it. It looked as if someone wrote it in a matter of seconds. He picked up the note, and it had read “Son, we heard all over the place about this sickness that is making everyone become like animals. We were told to head east by many of our neighbors, we are so sorry, we love you…” After reading the note, Joel immediately backed up his school bag with food and some household items to get by. He left his home and began running east. Until this day, he is still searching for the ones he loves.