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  1. Teddy2grams

    [88.8Hz - Open] New Signal Radio Station

    *Teddy hears a familiar song while flipping through open frequencies and decides to listen. Shortly after he hears his name mentioned by an all to familiar voice.* "Ah..i knew that voice sounded familiar....Clancy i hope your doing well my friend...." *Teddy pauses and grins* "Thanks for the shout out.....if you ever need a hand with anything Clancy you know where to find me." *Teddy Releases the PTT button*
  2. *Teddy Hears the man warning him over his radio and press the PTT button to respond* "ok....ok....ill take yall's advice........ill check the trading post in Vybor, hopefully they'll have what i need" *Teddy Pauses* "Thanks......." *Teddy releases the PTT button*
  3. *Teddy hears another response over the radio* "Ahh sorry i'm a little to well versed with Firearms for my on good i guess...should of explained my self a little more" *Teddy chuckles* "I recently came a crossed a strange looking rifle with the words "VSS Vintorez" marked on the receiver...toward the end of the receiver it says "Cal. SP-6"" *Teddy looks over at the Automatic bull-pup rifle propped up against the wall* "The Rifle i have up for trade has been with me through thick and thin.....saved my life several times.........first time i've ever used a rifle quite like it...to be honest the only reason i know what its call is because of the markings on the barrel...." *Teddy Releases the PTT button* *a few minutes later another stranger responds and teddy grabs his radio* *He Presses the PTT button* "you don't say?...........next time i'm in the area ill check it out.....thanks" *Teddy releases the PTT button*
  4. *Teddy Hears both offers over his radio and pauses a second before responding* *Teddy responds to the first offer* "I appreciate the offer and i am in need of this ammo but i'm not willing to let 100 5.56 rounds and a fully automatic rifle go for just 20 rounds.....i'm looking for the whole package rounds and mags. " *Teddy pauses again for a brief second before responding to the second offer* "and uhh.....your offer sounds like what i'm looking for but you failed to mention how many rounds you have as well as magazines......that makes me feel a little uneasy stranger........" *As Teddy is talking he hears a women's voice over the frequency and waits for her to finish before responding* "I appreciate your concern.....you don't see that much now'a days......but i'm well aware of the risk i'm about to take, i won't be alone either........." *Teddy lets out a mildly sinister laugh before pausing* "God help the man that tries to rob me......" *Teddy Releases the PTT button*
  5. *Teddy Stops cleaning the VSS rifle he just found, reaches in the front pocket of his backpack and pulls out his radio* *Teddy Presses the PTT button* "Hey uhh......i-if anyone is hearing this i'd be willing to trade my Steyr AUG for some Sp-6 rounds and a 10 round VSS mag." *Teddy Clears his throat* "I have two Coupled 60 round mags for it and about 100 rounds of 5.56 to go with it." "Hit me back on this Frequency if you have these items i'm requesting and are willing to work up a trade for them." *Teddy Releases the PTT button*
  6. *Teddy slowly catches his breath after running for quite some time, he takes his back pack off and reaches in the front pocket for his radio.* *He Presses the PTT Button and begins to talk in a low tone* "if your still out there....I'm in Novaya Petrovka.......i'll be looking for you." *Teddy releases the PTT button and turns the volume down on his radio and begins to relax as he watches out the window of a two-story house for any signs of movement*
  7. *a few hours later Teddy decides to reach out to the stranger that contacted him earlier in the day regarding a contract, he reaches into his bag pulling the radio out and holding the PTT button* "Umm........reaching out to the man that contacted me earlier today.....regarding a contract offer." *Teddy pauses* "You never gave your name or any direction on how to get in further contact with you....and as i said before i'm professional so consider this a follow-up on your offer if your still listening. I'm interested in your contract but i need more details before i accept the job." *Teddy dwells on his thoughts for a second and releases the PTT button*
  8. *Teddy hears Clancy's response over his radio* "The names Teddy........and as far as staying safe goes.....well lets just say safety and my line of work usually don't go hand and hand." *Teddy pauses thinking if he should say more* "i'm not a bad guy..........i just usually end up in bad situations......." *Teddy pauses once more* "But hey......beggars cant be choosers...." *Teddy releases the PTT button on his radio*
  9. *Teddy jumps slightly as he wakes up from his nap to chatter from J on the radio, he quickly grabs the radio and turns the volume up to listen* "Stranger that sounds like a very lucrative business agreement that i would be highly interested in......." *Teddy pauses for a second* "I'd like to talk more about the Intel you already have on this person...and their last known location.....further more i'd like to know your name and arrange a time and location to meet, so we can discuss more sensitive information in detail." *Teddy releases the PTT button waiting for a response* *Teddy hears Clancy's offer coming over the radio and pauses for a second before responding* "Nice to meet you Clancy, i would be interested in your offer.......say..... you scratch my back i scratch yours type of agreement?" "If you spread the word of my service i'll offer you a free contract or "favor" when ever you need it in exchange." *Teddy clears his throat* "Sound good?" *Teddy releases the PTT button on his radio*
  10. *As Teddy settles in a house on the western part of the coast of Chernarus, he reaches in the front pocket of his bag for his radio and flips to a random open frequency* "umm....if any one is listening.....i'm looking for work." *a brief pause goes over the channel before he starts talking again* "ya know?........a hired gun or if you need someone tracked down, i'm your man. Ill even source supplies for you as well for the right price." *Teddy pauses again contemplating on what he is willing to work for* "the only form of payment ill accept..is ammunition or medical supplies....once i know the details of the job we'll negotiate a fair rate for my service" *Teddy changes his voice to a more aggressive tone* "And no fucking funny business either! i'm strictly professional, so don't try anything stupid i can handle my self well!" *Teddy takes a few deep breaths before talking again* "Anyways, that's besides the point. I'm leaving my radio on this frequency for the next few days so you know where to find me. Don't hesitate to contact me for ANY work you may need done, as long as the price is right i'll consider it." *Teddy sets the radio on the floor beside him and turns the volume down slightly. He decides to rest his eyes for an hour or two before moving out again.*