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""For if I am not their Shepherd, then I must be the Wolf""

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  1. Born January 4th, 1997 Louisville, KY / Security Specialist 4 Years / High Table of Defiance Arrived in country May 7th, 2020 on a corporate trip for the security firm I was employed with to scope out a new possible contract for a small chemical company located near Severograd. There were 3 other security firms bidding for the same contract, and after about a month of negations our CEO decided to low ball the bid to around 1.2 million and year. Some say it was just to get our foot in the door for the eastern market. I believe there were some sketchy dealings happening behind closed doors. Regardless on April 21st, 2016 we got corporate approval for the relocation expenses for my wife Maria, my daughter Riley and myself to move to the city of Severograd. Once we got move and settled in... We began to have trouble with some of the locals just not wanting us here. They didn't tell us why... Just said that they didn't want us in their city or country, that they already had enough issues and problems with foreigners. I was aware that they were having major narcotics and firearm trafficking issues on the far western border of the country, but I really didn't realize how bad the problem was until our neighbor in the apartment building, Corporal Basaf of the Severograd Police Department came over for dinner with my family and I. After our meal Basaf and myself went out on the patio, sat down and had a drink, he had vodka of course... and myself I favor tequila. While we were enjoying our drinks we heard gun fire and screams off in the distance followed by a loud blare of emergency sirens. Basaf ran to his apartment to acquire his radio and firearm. As he turned on his radio the only words he could clearly make out were "North of, Rabid, Solider, Biting." Little did we know what lied before us, what was coming... No person will truly understand the meaning of "Hell" until they go through the judgement that has been set before them, until they can't protect the ones they love and care for the most, until life is no longer living.... but surviving... This is the true meaning of "Hell." When you can no longer have trust in your fellow man for they would kill a woman and child for a small scrap of food. I should have been there with them or taken them with me hunting. It's my fault they were taken from this world... Judgement was given to me and I failed, now I feel the need to atone for my failures and try to do right by Maria and Riley. To protect and do what I can for the righteous people left in this world.
  2. I agree bro have had nothing but great rp and interactions. Put you on a new level when you dont know shit about the map... Got lost in the sewers for 35 mins.
  3. Will the deer isle sever remain up? After giving it a fair try kinda like quite a bit.
  4. Looks amazing and sounds great guys!
  5. User has been warned for this post.
  6. I'd just like a decision to be honest. That way we know if it's worth grinding a base and gathering supplies. ?
  7. I can agree with that 110% bud! Fresh start has been amazing.
  8. Dont think I've ever had a interaction with them.
  9. Everybody Love Everybody... ELE... Ain't no reason to clog up their page regardless if you like them or not. Anarchy and my people have been killing each other since last Thursday I believe. They have their reasoning behind it I'm sure, and we are protecting what's our. Groups and people collide all the time, sometimes they both make it through the collision, sometimes one or the other will have to back down/ submit. If your running solo and cant protect yourself find a home/group to help you through the struggle. Ik personally @FalkRP and @Fae are pretty damn good at their rp. If you dont believe someone's rp is correct or could use improvement reach out to them OCCly through DMs or Discord and try talking about it. This is my opinion and not directly pointed at anyone.
  10. Pretty excited for this to be honest!
  11. Welcome to the community bud! Just get out there and have some fun.
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