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  1. An american man named Dallas Lee. He is nobody special. A simple business man if you will. He works a simple, yet well playing job, in the United States. However, he enjoys traveling as often as he can. He is a very outdoorsy fellow. He enjoyed hiking, fishing, and hiking. He often traveled with other business man to improve company relations. Only six days before "it" all began, one of his business associates offered to take him on a trip to a country called Chernarus, which he had never heard of. His partner spoke highly of this country, and all of it's scenery. Dallas thought about the offer for awhile. Did he really want to travel across the world to a country he had never heard of? Was it really worth the time, effort, and money? After doing a little researching, and seeing all of the praise online, Dallas decided that this was an opportunity he could not pass up. He signed the papers for a week long vacation, and set out with his associates the next day. Little did he know that he would never return, because only three days later "it" all began.
  2. Jimmy McKnight

    S1 Stary - Unnecessary OOC, NLR/attempted KOS 16-04-2017 00:20ish

    This Abraham guy ran up on us and we took his weapon, bound him, and kept him at gunpoint. After awhile he agreed to help us if we would protect him. We untied him, armed him, and he helped. He eventually was killed in a final stand that he decided to make. WE DID NOT KNOW HIM PRIOR TO THIS EVENT.
  3. Jimmy McKnight

    S1 Stary - Unnecessary OOC, NLR/attempted KOS 16-04-2017 00:20ish

    Micheal Jenkins POV - I was with my group of 5-6 people in the town of Vybor. As we were leaving we spotted one guy in town. We turned around and began to head back towards where we spotted the guy. We had our weapons lowered as we approached. He then turned around and began to run. We gave chase while yelling out that we were friendly and wanted to talk/trade with him. After he finally stopped he began to say how we scared him and he told us to back off. After a 2-3 minute conversation (which I missed most of due to a lag/glitch spike) we decided to move on. We moved all the way to Stary where we ran into a guy named Donny. We ask Donny to come to the church with us, because we felt we were too exposed in the middle of the road. We enter church, and close the doors. After a brief conversation people from the outside begin to order us to put our hands up and come out. They said this through text chat. We obviously did not comply which led to shots being fired from both sides. We bound Donny and put him in a corner where he was ordered to stay because we had suspicions that he may have been with them. After a 20-30 minute standoff we allow Donny to leave and he left the church unscathed. The firefight continued on for the next 2 hours. During this time we noticed gun barrels poking through the church walls. We put in OOC that we thought they were attempting to wall glitch. After a quick banter in OOC this was put to rest. A few minutes later our friend crashed. As he was logging back in he was shot and killed. He had no ability to defend himself as he was logging in. Once he was killed some of our group said this was against the rules as he had no possible way to defend himself. At this point somebody commented in chat "He crashed XD" or something along those lines. This statement makes me feel like they knew what they were doing. Now chat was blowing up at this point, so the name of the person who said this was unclear, however I do suspect that it was one of the people that we were in a gunfight with. After around 3 hours the standoff seemed to cool down, so me and my group (or what remained of it) left the church, and ran off. After getting a safe distance away and running for quite some time we all logged for a quick OOC break. That was my perspective on the entire incident.