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"Walk softly and carry a big stick; You will go far."

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  1. Woke up this morning with no power. Went to the coffee shop for my morning fix. Spent like $30 on coffee for myself and my family. Five minutes after I leave the coffee shop I get a text from the power company. Power's back on. Get home and there is a full pot of hot coffee. At least I got my favorite iced drink instead of plain coffee. Made the trip worth it. 

    1. Mademoiselle


      Eyyyyyyy well prepared

    2. Jimmy McKnight
  2. Group Page Update 6/21/2019 To help everyone keep tabs on our progress and activity we will be posting update logs to our group page whenever something major on it changes. This is the first of those logs. Below are all the changes made in the most recent edit on 6/21/2019. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roster Updated with Current Members Settlement Goal and Radio Broadcast Goal Marked as Complete Security Count and Citizen Count Updated to Match Current Numbers Free Trade Goal Deadline Extended to Day 715 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A small disclaimer is necessary here. I would like to make everyone aware that our group is aimed to be a NEUTRAL group. We plan on working with others for the good of the people in general, however we do not plan to take sides in any armed conflict between groups unless it DIRECTLY effects us. With this being said I would like to mention the issues that occurred at the Cherno Island that led many to believe our group was not neutral. We had every intention of walling off the compound for security purposes, but we did not think of the long term consequences of this. We realized towards the end of our stay in Cherno that we lost sight of the purpose of this group -- the people. For this reason, we moved again and started a more organized version of the original CTF which was located in Stary originally and very well known. We hope that in this new location our more relaxed approach to helping EVERYONE will be more successful, and provide the community with some more peaceful roleplay scenarios that they were able to experience with us in the past. Our goal here is not to have big walls and strict entry, but rather build the town as a community. We want to bring roleplay for the masses, not a secluded compound where we pick and choose who we interact with. We in the CTF hope that all of you are able to look past the dark time in our history in Cherno and think of that as more of a learning experience for us. We now know that straying too far from our roots is not what this group, or the people, wants or needs. Thank you all for your support. Salus Vive! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions regarding our group please contact a member of the Council listed at the top of the roster. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this update in particular please contact either myself or @YAKMOUTH as we were the ones who made these changes.
  3. When your character has been alive for going on three weeks and you get two tapped by a zombie when none of your friends are on after your M4 jams when you try to shoot them. I hate my life sometimes 😫

    P.S. I wouldn't be mad but I lost my damn guitar. 



  4. Finally buying my own humidor. Will most likely be ordering it when my next check comes in later this week. In the meantime, I have a car payment to make 🙃 .

  5. Hello Camo, as Executive Officer of security I took this very seriously. After reviewing the video you sent I will be having a discussion with those involved out-of-character. We try to be a serious group however as the old saying goes a few bad apples spoil the bunch. I can assure you that this type of behaviour is looked down apon in our group, so if you see this again I ask you come here like you did and then make a formal report about it. The only way we can weed out the bad seeds is if we know who they are. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. I am glad You have enjoyed your time with us to this point, and I hope to interact with you in the future some time. As for the enforcement concerns, until recently I did not have set training for security so many do not know the limits to which they can go. This has changed and you can rest easy knowing that in the next few days you will see this changing for the better. We greatly appreciate your feedback.
  6. Thank you and the rest of the Wolf Pack for getting our boy back.
  7. Whoever plays Grover, great hostile RP today buddy. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Please send me that vid you took as well. It was a great encounter. P.S. Sorry about your feet and knees.
  8. I will further my POV of this. There were five plus people using voice to initiate. There was one person who used text and soon asked for help as seen in the clips. We ran to him and that moment of silence between the cry for help and shots was us trying to initiate on @NastyNate but he ran as we gave him multiple commands to stop. We initiated on him because he was in the area of an active hostile event. He ran AFTER he was initiated on in voice chat.
  9. Updated my character page. Go check out the new post-outbreak section. Also, just so everyone knows I have put a LOT of thought into Jimmy's military experience. I have a good bit down in case anyone wants to know about his time in the service. I have everything from his MOS and where he trained to the officers and NCOs he is under to the medals he received. I just chose not to put this on his page so people could find all of it out in game. May add it in if you guys think it would fit. Give me some feedback though. 


  10. About me has been updated again. Also, new group application is live for the Trade Federation. Super excited!

  11. @Mademoiselle 1:12:10 is where he is shot. The disrespect and talk of "just shooting him" starts roughly at 54:45 when @Joah begins his interrogation. If you watch to 55:15 you will see the disrespect and you will also hear Joah tell him that he will kill him if the disrespect continues.
  12. @Mak thank you for the help. Will get that fixed. Minor thing we missed.
  13. Hype as fuck for this to be live honestly. About time if you ask me.
  14. Jimmy McKnight POV: I was one of the CTF players who accused these individuals. Our gates were locked and guarded the entire time the players in question were gone. In fact, the guard on the tower saw them leave and locked the gate behind them. After the initiation we secured the courtyard when we notice the people who we knew had initiated were somehow inside their house in the camp. This would have been impossible as they would have had to navigate past 8 people to get to that building and a locked gate and nobody saw them enter. As for the NVFL and BadRP I was there for the death of both individuals. The first to die spawned in during the hostile encounter and was walkijg around the house we had searched. Roughly five of us initiated yet he ran. A few shots were fired and he continued to run which is when he was killed. The other player that was interrogated repeatedly disrespected us saying things such as "Fuck you. Just shoot me already bitch." This was said before We even began any kind of interrogation tactics. We tried to ignore it and continue the RP which could have otherwise been good, but eventually we got fed up with it. @Joah said that if he disrespected us again he would be shot. After being disrespected two more times by the player @Joah and myself shot him. Edit: The player who ran from us had to run directly towards us and around us to get to the stairs he ran down. Running towards at least five loaded long guns shows no value for life.
  15. This is very good. Definitely will help add to the RP. In fact me and my friends were already doing this. Kinda felt as though it was one of those unspoken rules of RP.
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