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  1. Randall Ketto, a man whose intentions are noble, but his way of achieving his goals if flawed. Wanting peace for the nation he is willing to manipulate and kill anyone or anything that gets in his way. Randall grew up in Chernarus as a normal kid making friends with the other children and living in the small town of Novy Sobor. With his father being a priest, Randall developed an optimistic look on life and became a lover of peace. He became great friends with his neighbors’ kids, Donovan and Jacqueline Davidson. One day when they were hanging out a group of NATO officers came to the Davidson’s house. They were all confused and they couldn’t hear the conversation. None of them had even heard of the outbreak was going on. After this Donovan and Jacqueline heard as the tension between the NATO officers and their parents ensued. Eventually a gunshot rang out across the streets of Novy Sobor and everyone was confused. People started crowding the NATO officers who had just fired off a warning shot at the feet of Mr. Davidson. Everyone was confused and when the officers felt too crowded they opened fire on the citizens. Randall had taken cover while everyone had tried to stop the gunfire, but eventually, the only one left was him. When Randall heard the NATO officers drive off he went onto the road where the massacre happened. It was a mess. Bodies were everywhere including Randall’s father and his friends. As he looked upon the bodies on the road he did not cry, but he did swear that he would do anything and kill anyone to make the world peaceful again.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): idk what to link but under the whitelist tab it says "Blacklisted: Underage - make a ban appeal" Why the verdict is not fair: I am 16, but Zilly told me there is no age limit anymore. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have been banned for over a year. So that's cool. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be whitelisted again What could you have done better?: Be older
  3. that is actually hilarious happy early birthday
  4. I am making this appeal because I was banned from the server for being too young. I am currently fifteen years old and birthday is July 22. I don't see why I am considered to young when I am less than a month away from sixteen.
  5. I've done what it says in the newcomers guide to play and even though I waited an hour for the servers to refresh, it did not work. I am whitelisted so it is not that.
  6. Alright Enzo. I will stop. I just really am scared because Elmo said that I only have 24 hours.
  7. Can somebody please look at this
  8. I know what I did wrong thank you
  9. What did I fail to do Elmo?
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