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  1. Itachi was born and raised in Japan by a wealthy family. He was adopted but they still treated him like blood. He was raised to be a respectful person who looked out for the small guy and this led him to become a documentary creator. His job took him all over the world until he landed a story in Chernarus. He filmed the oppression of the countries citizens and grew a hatred towards the leaders of the government. When the apocalypse came he witnessed almost everyone turn on each other, but he recognized the the leaders of certain groups were always the worst.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): idk what to link but under the whitelist tab it says "Blacklisted: Underage - make a ban appeal" Why the verdict is not fair: I am 16, but Zilly told me there is no age limit anymore. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have been banned for over a year. So that's cool. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be whitelisted again What could you have done better?: Be older
  3. that is actually hilarious happy early birthday
  4. I am making this appeal because I was banned from the server for being too young. I am currently fifteen years old and birthday is July 22. I don't see why I am considered to young when I am less than a month away from sixteen.
  5. I've done what it says in the newcomers guide to play and even though I waited an hour for the servers to refresh, it did not work. I am whitelisted so it is not that.
  6. Alright Enzo. I will stop. I just really am scared because Elmo said that I only have 24 hours.
  7. Can somebody please look at this
  8. I know what I did wrong thank you
  9. What did I fail to do Elmo?
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