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  1. Russell Morwind

    Russ is from the grungy streets of LA. He was brought up in an area filled with crime. His older brother Forest was making it big in the streets. He was known to be one of the best gangsters in the area. Russ managed to fall into the shoes of his brother and started joining him on robberies etc. It wasn't till one day where the brothers had a hit on an innocent man. After they had killed him they convinced themselves that this wasn't them and what they were doing was evil. They wanted a fresh start to life and moved to a place where no one from their past life would come. They had successfully started up a small butchery in Stary before chaos struck. The brothers spent the early days of the apocalypse hiding out in the woods and living off the land. It wasn't until they encountered a firefight between two men that they knew that their world had officially fallen.