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  1. Press

    Too many crazies (?)

    Take Walking Dead for example, both the comic and the show, which is extremely well written all around. Now think of all the traits that make the vast majority of the characters who are successful at surviving the collapse of human civilization exactly that - successful. Insanity is never one of them. Prudence, aggression, resourcefulness, strength and all that good stuff? Sure. Babbling like lunatics to imaginary friends or chewing off their own feet? Not so much.
  2. Press

    Too many crazies (?)

    Interesting. Did not know zombies could swim and/or fly aircraft. Off topic, but.. By 2015-03-15 the United States government has fallen, China started nuking their own country, and every where else is a wasteland full of undead with small pockets of survivors. By the way, the U.K. began taking in refugees to the point they were flooding the country, it could be assumed that everyone else began as well, and that's how the infection spread, and we don't even know if this virus is airborne, it very well could be. There are many ways the infection could have reached these locations. And I believe after 2015-03-15, the only place completely infection free was Greenland (or perhaps it was Iceland), because they completely isolated themselves and were blowing up refugee boats as they approached the island. Russia actually pulled their forces from the border rather quickly seeing as pockets of infected were popping up in areas of their country. Greenland knew what was coming and needed to protect their vital supply of fermented shark treats. Hákarl I think? Anyway, I should bewn up on my lores. Still, yeah, crazy probably wouldn't last long. At least not this long.
  3. Press

    Too many crazies (?)

    Interesting. Did not know zombies could swim and/or fly aircraft.
  4. Press

    Anyone playing?

    I kinda wish DayZRP had gone with an Altis Life or Takistan Life server for ARMA 3. There is so much potential depth to the RP in those mods.
  5. Press

    Too many crazies (?)

    There is nothing in the lore which states that the quarantine has failed worldwide. As far as the lore we're working with is concerned, there is some question as to how effective the quaratine has been, but there is nothing to suggest that the infection has spread beyond Chernarus and the surrounding area, including Takistan and possibly several other states. If I'm not mistaken, the Russians to the north are still holding the line. And I think what the OP is getting at is that crazy people wouldn't last long in this sort of collapse. If you've lost your mind, yes, it's entirely possible, but you don't make for a very convincing "survivalist". Surviving for years in this environment really would require a semblance of sanity, planning and personal control. At least, that's what I got from it. The crazies would be long dead, probably form craziness-related craziness.
  6. And I would argue that there is no such thing as "tasteful racism". Oddly enough, when I see people defend racism in role playing environments, it's almost universally because it's linked to an inherent desire to keep things from becoming too restricted in terms of what we can and can't do with our own characters. Which is ridiculous. On DayZRP we can't kill anyone without meeting certain criteria, we can't steal someone's vehicle without encountering and interacting with them first, we have to ask permission to force feed, scar, torture and/or execute someone, and so on. The entire system is built on rules that ensure that everyone involved gets something out of it. As such, there are a billion ways to be hostile without resorting to blatant racism. The problem is that in order to unlock those billion ways, you have to be creative. Innuendo. Reference. Applied context. And on and on. In this case, the OP enjoyed the experience. That's fine. In fact, that's great. It still isn't something DayZRP should ever interpret as acceptable as far as a violation of the community's principles go. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed a TON of RP here, and none of it involved anyone spouting off about "kebab eaters" or otherwise using any terminology that relates directly to real world racial tensions.
  7. Press

    "Forced Roleplay"

    Yes. But at least it's interesting. And somewhat innovative in the execution. And funny.
  8. Press

    Gear RP? Should I be mad?

    "Gear" is one thing. "Food and water" is another. I was under the impression that survivors of robberies and whatnot need to be left with these essentials upon request so as to provide for a "reasonable chance of survival". If that has changed and victims can now be left with absolutely nothing, that's something I'd like to know about for sure. We always, always, always used to leave people with a can of whatever when they were released.
  9. Like you, I'm invested in the characters that I create. However, I have willingly let them die off when the circumstances call for it. My first character, Jiri Janik, died when the old "Refinery" (mod era DayZRP) was overrun during a special server event. He was accidentally shot when he wandered out into the fray, and it seemed fitting for him to die there on the very same railway tracks he had spent his life travelling down. As for my new character, I think things would be very much the same. When he dies from, let's say, falling or a glitch or something not entirely heroic, he will wake up in a daze and his "death" will be explained by something similar to a loss of consciousness or near death resulting in severe memory loss. However, if he is involved in something wonderful as far as RP is concerned and loses his life because of it, I'm all for that. And I'll start all over again with someone fresh.
  10. Cheers, Ron. We'll get there. Hopefully.
  11. Now those are some lightning-fast welcomes! Thanks, guys.
  12. Hello DayZRP! I doubt anyone playing right now remembers me, but I just resubmitted my WL application and I'm hoping to get back into the action ASAP. I found myself missing the DayZRP atmosphere, despite my overall diminishing interest in DayZ itself. I'm actually quite keen on meeting some of the newer community members, so keep a look out for me if I'm given the thumbs-up to return. I'm all about living out in the wild you know, so in case you were wondering, yes, that's me over in those trees fiddling with my campfire and trying to get the worm to stay on the stupid rusty hook that took me forever to find and now... What the Hell... Where did it go now? I know it's around here somewhere...
  13. I don't think we had any RP together, but I do remember you. You took part in the big zombie herd event thing, right? The big shootout at the Plant? I think that was you. Right around the time SKA or whatever their name was got axed. If not, well, nice to meet you.
  14. First off, it doesn't surprise me that Lue is waiting for a fix. He was waiting for a fix back when I left, so that makes perfect sense. We ended up playing a lot of Rising Sotrm with Zodiac and White Dynamite while we were waiting for Rocket to do his thing. As for Animal and Joe being active, that's fantastic. Good to hear. I was Jiri Janik the drunken Czech hobo back in the day when I was with Lost & Found. We did a lot of stuff with the Watchers back then. Even after a few sour encounters, we made it work. Then I bugged off.
  15. Thanks, Carib and Luna. I appreciate the welcome. I'm guessing that a lot of my old pals are probably gone, as that's how it generally goes, particularly after almost 2 years. Rampage (Papa) is still around I see, and has made his way all the way up to Admin no less! Also, Terra. But maybe some people here know if some of the other guys like Lue, Animal, Archer, Zebb Ryans and Sweet Joe are still kicking around in either the mod or the Standalone shard? Anyone? Yes? No? Graham crackers?
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