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  1. I'm a 20 year old guy from sweden, who loves spending time with my friends, going on trips and such. For a living im in the Swedish Armed Forces and thats how i met my good friend Robin Hawkensson. Here's the story on how we ended up in this hell. In the beginning of July, 2017 me and my friend Robin Hawkensson were traveling trough the black sea we had radio and mobile contact with some people we've met over the internet and now we were traveling through the black sea to reach Russia. The date was october 9th when we left Bulgaria and on october the 12th we lost all radio contact with the main land. Not really used to sea habits we quickly got lost and did not know what to do so we got offcourse and got trapped on some rocks. Stuck there with no food left and no radio contact we noticed a storm headed our way. We quickly got into our boat and tried to shake it loose but with no success. The following hour we noticed the storm quickly moving closer and started moving our boat with the waves created by the wind. So in about 30-40 minutes the boat got loose but the storm took us instead. Quite scared and no clue what to do we went beneath the deck and stayed there in hope of the storm camling down. Eventually the boat started taking in water and the engines shut off. Everything went black after something hit me in the back of the head and then i woke up somewhere on a shore.I had lost all of my stuff and i had no idea of where Robin was at. I started shouting his name but nobody replied, there where nobody around so i walked up to a nearby house, i dont remember much and i was really dissy. I started knocking on the door but the lights where out and i couldn't see if anyone was home. I pulled the handle and the door was unlocked. Once inside i saw blood and all of the furniture was messed up. I got a really bad feeling, ran out of there and i puked and passed out. i woke up freezing in the middle of the night, it was dark and i could barly see anything. I heard a weird sounding grunting, the sound was getting closer but i couldn't see anyone. After a little while I saw a human-like figure, limping and grunting in the distance. I shouted in a hope that he could help me, then he started running towards me. I had never seen a person run that weird. he screamed almost like those zombies in the movies. I got scared so tried to move but i couldnt. I tried to shout "hello". He jumped towards me and did one of those screams again and started wresteling me. I pushed him away and started running. he was still following me. I got to the treeline and grabbed a stick. As he got closer i pierced his torso with the stick. He fell down but didnt react much, other than reaching after me. His skin looked rotten. I din't want to belive it but he was a zombie. All of those movies, books and such, it all matched up. I ran for my life.