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  1. My name is Andrew Cooper, a well renowned neuroscientist from Texas. I was sent to Chernarus to study a patient with an unknown brain illness never seen before. I arrived on a Tuesday morning, I stepped out of the plane and I immediately noticed the air was cool, the sky was foggy and it smelled of fresh cut crass on the airfield. I got into a medical van and was quickly rushed to the hospital in a big city called Berezino to investigate the symptoms of the patient. Upon arriving I was escorted to the patients room at the end of the hall locked behind an airlock; I knew something was very strange, everyone was afraid and avoiding the patient at all costs. I asked the surgeon why everyone was acting so strange about him and he said in a strong russian accent "He bite." I thought nothing of it at first besides maybe extreme episodes of aggressive outbursts. I took a deep breath and opened the door to find a man strapped down and chained to an operating table. He seemed to be asleep so I figured it would be a perfect time to take some samples of his blood. Boy, was that a mistake. As soon as I pricked him with the syringe he came to life growling and snapping at me. I took my pocket book out to right down what I observed. He had yellow bloodshot eyes, he was growling and seemed very aggressive. I tried to talk to him but my words seemed to do nothing to him, he continued to growl like some sort of, monster. His blood sample was very dark, I'd never seen anything like it in all my years of medical science. I decided to take an X-Ray of the brain. Upon reviewing the X-Ray I noticed there was no brain activity, all the blood vessels were dark purple or black like the color of the blood sample I took. There was no way he should still be alive. I told the nurses to euthanize him because he shouldn't continue to suffer like this, then I headed off to the hotel about 20 minutes away in Chernogorsk to get a good rest in after the long plane ride. I awoke something like 3 hours later to a phone call from the Surgeon, "HE BIT THEM!" he screamed. "What do you mean he bit them, whats the problem?" I said. "THEY ALL BITING NOW!" "COME FAST!" He yelled and then he hung up the phone. I got dressed and slipped on my tennis shoes and got a taxi back to Berezino, upon arriving at the Hospital I knew something terrible had happened. The door was wide open and there was blood smeared hand prints on the glass at the entrance to the hospital. I walked in and looked around and saw nobody just a blood trail leading from the patients room. I opened the air lock and went through, something was different. The patients room was chained shut with a link chain and it had a lock on it, I looked through the window and saw dismembered body parts on the floor and one of the nurses laid on her back with her stomach tore open and blood was everywhere. I fumbled around for my phone to call the surgeon. I heard ringing down the hall, as I got closer I could hear groans. I looked into the room where I heard the phone ringing and saw the surgeon sitting against the wall. I went up to him and poked him and he looked at me with the same yellow bloodshot eyes the patient had. I quickly slammed the door and ran out of the hospital. I had to find someone to tell so I ran out into the street screaming for help. I quickly realized what a mistake I had made. I had a whole group of biters following me, so I ran as fast as I could. I found a garage so I ducked in and closed myself in. I used my phone light to look around in the garage for something to defend myself with, and all I could find was a tire iron, a hammer, and a flash light with some batteries. I put the batteries in my pocket, the hammer in one of my belt loops, took the tire iron in one hand and the flash light in the other. I stayed in there for hours with my tire iron at the ready until I fell asleep. I woke up and looked out the garage window and found there was a lot more of them then I originally thought were following me. I called the police only to receive the message, "All our operators are busy dealing with the sick, stay indoors turn off the lights and do not let anyone in." I stayed there for a few more hours until I started to feel hungry. I waited for an opportune time to open the garage and sneak away. I opened the garage just enough to sneak out without being noticed and knocked on the door of a nearby house down the road. Nobody answered, so I knocked again, and again. Nobody seemed to be home, so I opened the door and walked in. I raided the cupboards and filled up my pack with some canned foods, I filled up a few bottles of water and started searching the rest of the house. I walked upstairs quietly in case someone was actually there and walked into a bedroom. I looked in the closet and found a big warm hunting coat and put it on, I put my hands in the pockets and found some ammunition so I figured there must be a gun somewhere in the house. I searched under the bed and found a gun case with an old hunting rifle in it, slung it over my shoulder and started going through the dresser drawers. I then got to the bedside drawers and opened it to find a small 9mm pistol with a full magazine and a pocket knife. I now had a decent arsenal and decided I should leave before someone comes home and finds me. I snuck out the back door after making sure the coast was clear and headed for the woods. I walked for days on end until I found somewhere near a small pond where I decided to set up camp, for the forseeable future. I made a small camp fire careful to not emit a lot of smoke, grabbed a stick and sharpened it with the pocket knife I found earlier and started trying to spear the fish in the pond. It took hours for me to finally catch one single fish, and it hardly satisfied my hunger. I decided I needed to use my weapons to try and take down something bigger, like a boar or a deer. So the next day I was determined to find some big game to hunt to feed myself for a while. I walked deeper into the woods and found some bushes to sit in and I waited, for hours. I heard some sticks break so I readied my rifle and pointed it in the direction I heard it. It came closer and closer until I could finally see it, it was a biter. I stood up as quietly as I could and ran for a few miles. I ran until I found some smoke, so I went towards it and came across some big stone walls. I followed it down until I saw a gate, which was wide open with a checkpoint and a guard tower nearby it. It seemed like a military base. I walked in and saw a big fire from a crashed helicopter right in the middle of the airstrip, it was surrounded by biters. I decided that was a good enough distraction that would keep me relatively safe so I went down to the barracks and I walked in to see a soldier hunched over, I said "Hey what's going on here?" He turned and started sprinting towards me and I instinctively impaled him with the tire iron I had, but it didn't phase him he grabbed my head and started pulling me towards him biting at me. I pulled the knife out of my pocket, flipped it open and stabbed him in the temple and he dropped down dead immediately. From then on I knew I had to go for the brain. I searched around the barracks and found a pantry full of MRE's and cantines and loaded my pack full. I got out of there as quickly as I could and headed back to the woods to make a new camp site farther from civilization. I've been out here ever since, alone. I've built a small shelter out of sticks and leaves to keep it somewhat insulated. Boy am I thankful for the coat and supplies I got from that house in Berezino. I don't even know how long I've been out here. I lost count somewhere after a month. I want to get back to the United States but I don't even know if it's possible anymore, who's to say what's happened here hasn't happened everywhere. Am I alone here? Am I the last person alive? I need to find out so tomorrow I will step out of my safe space in the woods and start looking even if it means I die, Life's not worth living alone.
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    Need guid reset //Terra: GUID reset. Re-enter
  3. IGN: ( In - Game Name) Hunter Harper Age: 16 Country: United States of America English skills: Fluent, first language. DayZ Experience: Over a year of killing people in the forests of Chernarus What kind of role best describes you: Force Reconnaissance (Badass scout) Have you been in any clan/group previously: 1. Special Armed Forces - High ranking officer 2. The 10th M.S.O.B - Commander 3. The Red Line - Leader Additional notes: I am a marksman who will get the job done, lots of experience in the game and DayZ RP community, I can do all things in DayZ though I prefer no close quarters due to the fact close quarters is almost always trading kills. Best way to contact you: Teamspeak or forums. Backstory: I'm a southerner from the sticks of North America who came to Chernarus on a hunting trip with my brother.
  4. I went in the teamspeak and the guy told me I could just make it up?
  5. I just joined and am whitelisted, but wondering where I get my character background from.
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