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  1. Gaylaxy


    Popped nose, cracked ribs, nearly broken arm and suspected broken hand (I'll find out tomorrow). Such a good rugby game, 27-19 to us! Another league game saturday.. ;) 

    1. Samaritan


      Sounds like you gave your all for that match. I used to play 2nd Row, but broke my leg while out on the beer and had to give it up.

    2. Gaylaxy


      I'm the winger, we just kept having a lot of hot ball and chases. Took a lot of a beating trying to go off wide, we kicked to them and they kept scratching it just letting me swoop in and take it to be met by a full back and well placed opposite number. Can you not come back to the sport?

    3. Samaritan


      Unfortunately it was a bad break which left me with a non-union (will never fully mend together) fracture despite a operation, 8 weeks in a cast and nearly 20 weeks on crutches. It means I now have a metal plate and 8 screws in my leg to keep it together which will never be removed. and I got told that a large force to the side of my lower leg could cause the plate to fail and I don't fancy that to be honest. I do play footy every no and again though and I still hit the gym. I do miss rugby, it fitted me nicely being 6ft6" but alas, shit happens. :)

    4. Gaylaxy


      I'm trying not get to injured before I go to my selection for RMC in november but... I love it to much to quit! footy aint the same ;) 

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