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  1. @nuggets SCreenshots I have stolen
  2. We have already got ongoing internal discussions with some of your suggestions, full details should follow from the admins in due time!
  3. Im not quoting you on what you said im arguing your point to your last response to @CutieTaff you posted 6 minutes prior to my post. I snipped it to not make it look messy and assumed you would consider it as a response to your post prior. I am sorry for puzzling you, as a visual aid to where I quoted you from here it is.
  4. I think you are taking his example to the your original post literally. This is just an example of the type of redundant threads that happen in this community which ironically has now happened again.
  5. Grammarly helps with spelling buts thats about it. Coherent English is obviously easier if you speak it first language, but as someone who regularly writes for work and as a hobby for lore here, better punctuation and grammar will help deliver what you want out of writing more than just pawning off people critiques.
  6. Replace Ben with Jackfish Fr cool video maybe one day pepehands
  7. Thank you to @Nyx & @Eagles @Salted and a few others for the first event with the house, was fun. @Dongle Got me gud, hope the propaganda works out All mah volunteers @nuggets @Millie @kingrubb @Derek Steel @Duplessis Also the other A10 @ItsJet To the bunker people there was alot so I cant fit all of you ill note the ones I saw @[email protected]__ii @Miniburts03 @Zanaan Loving the events, glad they are somewhat working out and not to hard to improvise when some things go sideways. I think the difficulty is just right where no one goes hard but we aint AI either! To the future!
  8. With medical science if you want to make any lore breaking discoveries in that sense come to the lore team and we can help out with anything you want really aslong as it is believable and can be roleplayed out and fit our lore I dont see any reason to say no to player driven story changes. There is only one "Lab" on the map as such as it is currently taken up by another group but i'd suggest you ICly make some moves there if you wanted that sort of goal. Most people just carry basic medical stuff and for anything more complicated, sucking chest wounds, needle decompression and simple surgery's you can just roleplay out. Obviously in this day and age finding sterile medical supplies would be harder so keep that in mind and dont throw it about willy nilly.
  9. *Runs away with the lore*


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  10. Thank you all and my wonderful volunteers for the events tonight, had alot of fun and got some screenies by @nuggets



    1. CutieKermie


      I love you this event and the whole day/evening was a perfect balance of RP PVP Medical RP and lore and character development. I will write you full feedback tomorrow morning Im beat IC and OOC
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  11. Good bye Community Member Aron73, I look forward to seeing you soon! Lets try to keep ontopic now though...
  12. Any opinions on anything maybe potentially?


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  13. Maybe the wrong wording on my part, there is plans for lore but its hard to engage with the community sometimes with it. As we cant just make a storyline, we have a base idea of where we want to start and end but its the little things inbetween that we "Improv" as such because roleplay flows and changes all the time. But generally the equation is Events x Players = RP but for some events to make sense ill use PLIKT as an example. On the first raid of the ammo factory really I should of just got 10 PLIKT volunteers and zerged the fucker myself but what do players gain from this? Nothing so I leave the players do it because thats what is fun outside of realistic and maybe I should of done the first option but it doesn't really develop any stories since its just me running an event for myself w/o any involvement of anyone else. If a player wanted to make a massive strike against D-Squad and came to us the event team OOCly about it, we would set it up but no one has bothered to ask or do that yet and to be honest I dont like asking for stuff OOCly but since D-Squad or PLIKT are event factions mostly we can get volunteers and we can make a night out of it if people want to engage with us roleplay wise since we only really log on for when we want to. TL:DR We have a story just we dont want to drive the players through a cutscene.
  14. From an inner perspective of lore and story we do try our best to work with the tools we have, and we can pretty much do anything with enough imagination and care and for me I log on and do events do people if theirs 3/100 or 40/100 because either way you can still inject role play and give people something to talk about. Not all role play is done in a single incident. I dont think any community suggestion thread doesn't get discussed with people in staff who agree or disagree. Alot of work goes in behind groups and lore factions but short term solutions are that, and most the time are the ones we get. Nyheim was rushed, yes. Staff as a whole are slogging it out right now, and we do get through it as a team lore wise where we feel stories aint going anywhere but also trying to keep it interesting, unique and something people want to engage in but also the devs and people like Realize who actually do loot tables. We are always testing, changing stuff and trying to implement change, maybe staff doesn't do the best at showing these hotfixes or whatnot so maybe thats something WE can do as a staff team to maybe shed some ongoing perspective as actions speak louder than words. Mods take time to add, to modify and to actually work within everything else. Then we have the other effects of a mod which is testing, monitor it so we dont shove something to the community which will be abused or frustrate people. Then the actual discussion of the mod itself to see if it fits lore wise. DayZ SA was a rushed unfinished game, but we all still stuck it out and now we have this. Nyheim wont takes years to change and the developers are not distant support tickets, change like winter is coming and that wont be the end of it either. What we will have in the end in unique content that WE can change to fit our community, staff and lore which to be honest is the most dynamic and creative lore you can use since its in the future. Hopefully as a community instead of infighting, we can work towards the same goal. Not everyone has to get along and sing together, but we are all here because we are cringe DayZSA roleplayers so really no one is better than anyone and some people need to stop thinking that.
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