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  1. Gaylaxy

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    • Honeybee

    Hey Cutey

  2. Gaylaxy

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    • Lyca

    Hello...? Hallo......? HellOoo.?

    1. Lyca


      HELLOOOOOO?!?!?! ❤️


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    Who's idea was this?

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      You mean this weeb shit or me being admin?

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      The red

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      chris farley idk GIF

      How's the army treating you? I though they would have hazed out the weak ones by now, but you're still there...

    4. Gaylaxy


      Finished last Friday big boy, was a good time. Passed out the 22nd of feb, also the same day since I got my last warning points 

  4. Gaylaxy

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  5. Gaylaxy

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8.1/10 Also you've changed your name way to many times
  6. Gaylaxy

    Jasper's Screenshots

    "Stop derailing the community and attacking our loot"
  7. Gaylaxy

    Jasper's Screenshots

    Throwback to early prelorewipe, best RP I've had was in Gremlins
  8. Gaylaxy

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    • Cookie

    Easier said than done 

    1. Cookie


      What do you mean?!

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    3. Cookie



  9. Gaylaxy

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10 Pretty simple but does its job
  10. Gaylaxy

    Is there still a Mentor Program?

    I disagree with the fact if you did want a Mentor System back that it should be used as a punishment. No, nothing worse than someone applying for something they and they dont want to be there. I recently started my basic training there and some people really didnt want to be there (Even though they volunteered) and they just take the piss and that pisses of our Mentors a.k.a the training team and this is real life scenario. No one wants to join a RP Gaming community and be force fed how to RP, its like teaching someone how to be creative it cant be done. You can give people who want to get some inspiration or ideas everything, videos, guides your own experience and RPing with said person. Many a time I would RP with a Mentor and give them hostileRP that is abit less common and they come out saying "I didn't know you could do that" or something to that which they take away and use with their own twist and context to their story. Then vice versa a couple weeks later they come back to me show me what they have learnt by giving me hostileRP (Obviously i'd switch to a less aggressive character for RP's sake) then feedback what went well, what didn't which can come to a multitude of ways. Bottom line dont force people into the system, if the guy who is being Mentored doesn't want to be there the Mentor doesn't either. Just a waste or breath. Personally I dont think telling new community members who to look our for OOCly is a good first impression at all BUT if you want to sit in open rooms and do it with new players thats cool just dont help them pass the white-list or we may as well scrap it if people are getting through because of community members who know the system well telling them the answers (Not saying you are but it is easy to give away the answers)
  11. Gaylaxy

    Is there still a Mentor Program?

    I was a mentor, I was on 25 points with 4 report open on me at one point. Inconclusive is a hell of word. Also got kicked out the Mentor team and had to wait like 5/6 months before talking about coming back/reapplying after proving myself was very kindly given a 2nd chance. Nothing to do with points at all more about current state of your attitude and knowledge to RP and the rules. I still got my tag and accepted into the team. If you're a good RPer and show you can now understand the rules and display and teach that by example then hey ho may just happen. Roland didn't do the recruitment for Mentors, other Mentors did since between 8 of us more than likely 1 has RPed in a group or hostile environment with said applicant and general standard is first hand BUT obviously Roland doesn't want continuous/recent rule breakers in a Mentor Team (Which is understandable) and neither did the Mentors.
  12. Gaylaxy

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Skribblenauts was lit 10/10
  13. Strawberry

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    • Gaylaxy

    merry christmas

    1. Strawberry


      and a happy new year

    2. Gaylaxy


      Happy new year to you aswell, Norway SoonTM

  14. Gaylaxy

    Kicked For "Your Chracter page is Incomplete!"

    Your backstory needs minimum 500 characters.
  15. Gaylaxy

    [GUIDE] Forums Profile/Character Pictures

    By @Gaylaxy First off this is a really simple thing to do, it shouldn't take to much time and no downloads are required outside of saving the images and getting them in the first place. Step 1: Find a GIF that you would like, you can find these over google images, tumblr, deviant art or make them yourselves. If you are interested in making your own gifs the best website I have found is ezgif. There you can cut down the gif to the part you want. Don't optimise it to the size you want this is the last thing you need to do. Step 2: Once you have found and saved your said gif you need to go to a website named http://www141.lunapic.com/editor/ here you can insert your photo and resize it to 150:200 Step 3: Then once you have done that you can smack a border on the thing, this may push over the resize so just double check if you need to redo it after. Border size you want is 2 (Reference my profile picture for that size) because that is just the right thickness in my opinion. Step 4: Hit apply and there you have the GIF ready, now some have bigger sizes than others and depending on your rank is how much data the website will give you to use. If you find yourself over this is what you want to do. Go back to ezgif and find the "GIF Optimizer". Just keep in mind the more you optimer the more scuffed it will look, so try and find the sweet spot of where you are using the maximum amount of data or just under to upload your photo. Just explore with the tools and find cool ways to use them, those websites offer a lot more than what i've shown in the ways of making graphics for profiles and such and i've never used any software ever and it hasn't put me behind (Not saying software can't be better but its not required to spend money essentially or just pirate the stuff on you) Reference "Preston Bailey" for what the images can look like with some of the other tools on LunaPic Thanks for reading and any questions shoot away. Happy editing.
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