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  1. Snooping around the forums again, found someone has started this again. Quality roster!
  2. @APositiveElmo @APositiveJade @APositivePara Only thing im positive for is STI
  3. Going through my old google documents and found this group I teased Major with before the lore wipe oh so long ago enjoy pre lorewipe group concepts The Johnson city spinners The Johnson city spinners were formed in Johnson city, Tennessee a few XXX before the outbreak, formed to send fear in england and to control the underworld powers, the trade mark fidget spinners symbolised them as something to avoid. The group was formed by a man named XXX he didn't realize how quickly he would grow influence, but already having a few people behind him when forming the group it wasn't hard to find willing members. His second in command was XXX always supporting for the group and great at managing group members, keeping things together during the times. The first encounter of the Johnson city spinners was in west Tennessee, where a rival gang called the “Bottom side boys”, at a rival park where an argument over what was better, fidget spinner’s or loom bands. During this altercation the rival group attempted to attack the Johnson city spinners and a vicious fight broke out where the LB boys crushed them. XXX knew he had to do something different something that would be so crazy but so ingenious that he could crush those LB fuckers. He needed to think of a place with enough chaos but enough civility to grab power even at a young age. To get to that place it would take time and money, XXX decided to team up with another group as to say so named “Harmony”, Harmony’s leader a rabid sociopath with a short history of violence was a bit suspicious of the Spinners and didn't take them seriously throughout the negotiations but did not realise the full potential of the Spinners. The Spinners and Harmony began kidnapping and stealing from other groups in the area slowly growing influence throughout the area. The Spinners and Harmony stole, imported and sold anything and everything they could to make a profit knowing money runs the world. XXX and XXX thought about ways to crush Harmony when they finally turned on the Spinners. A plan was formed and kept between XXX and XXX ready for when the day came, weeks passed as the Harmony worked cooperatively with Spinners to a point where even a merged group in form of a solid alliance, but the day did come where Harmony decided to greed the power their groups had formed, a war broke out where many died to gunshots, knife wounds and burn marks. The war only lasted days due to the bloodshed of it where authority had nearly no power over it and both sides were left with little numbers. XXX and his second in command being one of the only ones not dead or missing took their money and lives away to a place where they could be safe, the place where it was all meant to happen. Chernarus. @Major When is it getting approved btw?
  4. Racism should be roleplayed out maturely, running around screaming "Lynch the blackys" just aint a thing anywhere. Even racist groups aint that on the nose, most people who do it are experienced, its not something someone should jump straight into and think about. Ive played a racist before over a few characters from subtle to on the nose. Getting offended by anything IC is a no no. Just try to separate the harsh words. As for people streaming, its a roleplay server and if its within the rules you take your own risks hardly anyone elses fault having to play around your stream following the rules. TL:DR Racism is good
  5. Selling clothes for a few euros but imma take em away in a couple months because my corporate overlords told me to

    1. Roland


      Are you baiting or what?

    2. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      What are you on about? Your'e in the army now, you don't even own yourself anymore, let alone clothes.

    3. Gaylaxy


      My clothes fit 😞 To be fair probably worth the same as the shop

    4. Gaylaxy


      Also tune

    5. Zero


      Roland don't take away muh item shop.

  6. Maybe worth a return after a year, give this thing another go 🤔 Everything seems different but also the same.. give Giovanni more sunlight after his vit D deficiency... any of my oldies still around?

    1. Lyca


      HELLO?!?!?! ❤️

    2. Will


      its gaylaxy!! hell yeah

    3. Ratatosk


      Who are you? 🤔 

      Jk welcome back buddy! ❤️🤗

    4. Gaylaxy




      Ill get ingame in a couple of weeks, trying to get a a more portable computer since im posted right now.. Love you all ❤️ I have become Stephen Brackett minus the boonie hat 😄 

    5. Will


      i miss steven and his crowbar

    6. Scarlett


      Hey how r u long time no see ❤

    7. Eagle


      Come join us for hours sitting in cherno square, what a day to be alive...

    8. groovy chow

      groovy chow

      Good to see ya still kicking, I'm expecting you're kicking UN ass outside of DayZ as well

  7. Reading my own guides and cringing at how I used to never double check my grammar 

    1. Para


      Missed you gaylaxy

    2. Fae


      new phone who this

    3. Gaylaxy


      Miss you all too B

  8. Start of a sleeve I'm looking to get over the next couple years, had to take screenshots of a video to show it here, its fresh
  9. Clearly these newer players haven't been paying attention to the literature.
  10. Still shitposting I see

    1. Gaylaxy



  11. bRo yOuRe WrOnG

    1. Strawberry


      you got reported


      atleast I got a bean 



    1. DallasRP


      Brendan’s face... 😟

    2. Strawberry



  13. The literature does state what I said, please read the literature.
  14. If you dont think this is NVFL you haven't been paying attention to the literature.
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