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"Struggling to fill your lungs you'll suffocate"

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  1. PCJames

    • PCJames
    • Gaylaxy

    You are too good to me

    1. Gaylaxy


      I love you ❤️

  2. Gaylaxy

    • Gaylaxy
    • Para

    Gios radio rn

    Image result for throwing a phone angry gif

    1. Spartan


      Why is your radio made of Chinese food? 

    2. Gaylaxy


      We are all survivors @Spartan man must adapt

    3. Spartan



      I got you

  3. Gaylaxy

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    *Gio presses down the radio* Your people are the real cancer of this country, you can't speak english you don't have any education all you guys are good at is bein' inbred. Why dont take your dress up brigadge and fuck off back to russia with the rest of the infidels before killing more children or whatever you do. See you around *He smiles* *The radio cuts out*
  4. Gaylaxy

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    I don't really care for the wedding itself but I do have respect for Prince Harry because he want to afghanistan as a Apache Gunner and said it was like playing a video game.
  5. Gaylaxy

    • Gaylaxy
    • Strawberry

    Bare nosy folk som ønsker å oversette dette for å lese hva vi sier vet hva vi sier

    Image result for laughing gifs

  6. Gaylaxy

    The Symptom [Selective Recruitment]

    Funny joke coming from a failed antiques dealer... But I feel welcomed
  7. Gaylaxy


    Interesting watch indeed, very good message and outlook


  8. Gaylaxy

    things and stuff

    Take care big man, I hope your wheelchair finds you well
  9. Gaylaxy

    I'll be back some day.

    Loved our talks! Stay safe out there buddy!
  10. Gaylaxy

    Animus [IC Recruitment]

    They'll be no slaving anywhere. That is only for the evil.
  11. Gaylaxy

    • Gaylaxy
    • Roland

    Greetings Roland.

    Im mostly here for the Noragami intro tbh...

    1. Roland


      It's pretty great, isn't it. I actually haven't watched the second season that this intro is from, only have completed S1 thus far. But the intro gets me motivated to watch it soon

    2. Gaylaxy


      It gets better I reckon but always the "S1" is better than "S2" extremists about

  12. Gaylaxy


    The lady who prepared my baguette at the sandwich shop was a lovely lady. 

    1. Harvey


      Was she fit?

    2. Gaylaxy



      I think i'm in love ❤️ 

    3. OskuRP


      By "prepared my baguette" you mean...? 😉

  13. Gaylaxy

    Filii Prophetam [Strict Recruitment]

    Good luck with the group :3
  14. Gaylaxy

    Well, I've got to go.

    Stay well my dude!
  15. Gaylaxy

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Group is looking amazing, looking forward to RP with you all again!