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  1. Galaxy


    These are all the people that I want to thank, I know there are a lot of people that are going to be here for some of my key memories of rp or just having a good time from groups or specific people. @Brady @Strawberry @2Eazy @Cocomii @hudsonb17 @Mystery @Boston @Coreena @Tristyn @Cody Husky @Sylvester Todd @SmartyyZ @lukzo2024 @evanm23 @TheProxJack @Lyca @Frisks For Radio @Kunkka @Sarilla @Saradomin @Keira @King @Majoo @C-J @Aiko @Ninja @Dusty @Erik @Phoenix @Ruan @Abu Muhammad @JoshuaKav @TheMatt924 @Shiro @Oliv @Jamie @Western @Idole @PCJames @Ryan Carter @Tony @Mr Anon @Samti @Sam Fields @Aristocrat @Roach @Chief @RogueSolace/ For groups thanks to: The Angels, Spectrum, Saviours, The Family, Vehm, Akrasia, 101, Cavaliers, Symptom, Novy Svet, Regulators, Masquerade and the hundreds of dynamics i've met that haven't gone to groups

    Even if you don't play anymore or we don't talk as much can still remember moments from all of these people, and I know there is like so so so many more people but these are who I can list of the top of my head and groups also. A Lot of memories since joining around 5 months ago :3 Thanks!

    1. SmartPlayerZ
    2. WesternRP


      Secret way of getto beans ay? ;)

      Anyway mate glad your here 

    3. Aristocrat


      Trying to warm my cold, damp British heart are you?

    4. Rory



    5. Galaxy


      @Aristocrat indubitable

    6. Majoo



    7. Levent
    8. Kunkka


      Should i Know you? Thx to you mate :D

    9. Ruan


      hobodepot...? :(

    10. Galaxy


      Special shoutout to Hobodepot ofc ;) 

    11. evanm23
    12. Skinner


      It has been a really fun... not even 4 months yet. Hoping your experience in the UN is the best yet, I know you'll be great. Less than 24 hours to go!!

    13. PCJames


      Ayyyyy and I thought this was a leaving update tbh

    14. RogueSolace


      Ive had lots of fun with you! Hopefully that will continue! ❤️

    15. Scarlett


      aww feel the same had a lot of fun and a lot of memories but their are more to come  <3

    16. Frisks For Radio

      I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Wait. It's gone.