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  1. Galaxy


    I have returned ;) Fuck army rations.


    1. PCJames


      Welcome back ;) 

    2. evanm23


      How is the navy my welsh friend?

    3. Galaxy


      Selection on tuesday bud, went on this look at life thing they sent me on just as a taster with some army folks for  5 days so it's all been pretty cool, got tuna mayonnaise in my pack and wanted to die but other than that pretty good

    4. Skyline
    5. evanm23


      sounds tuff, but cool

    6. Idole


      welcome back i wont lie its you love or hate it take it from someone who has a brother and two uncles in the army. i was gonna join but was told by them dont even think about it lol so i didnt lol. im glad you enjoyed it