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  1. Can't find the DayzRP server on the browser

    This IP is the server: You will also need a character page here a useful guide for that. Then you should be set. Good luck.
  2. Farewell

    The rules are the rules man, they are subjective. Seems more of you lack of understanding that everything cant go your own way. Equity is fairness and common sense and the rules which you were shown by an unbiased staff team who made the right call to the rules that have been set over years of experience but never the less I hope you enjoyed your time here. Good luck elsewhere my man!
    • Galaxy
    • Elmo

    A dedicated player like you can figure it out.

    1. Elmo


      My calculator is broken plz hlep

    2. Mass


      Did you try closing and opening the barrel?

    3. Elmo


      No I shot it until it surrendered

    4. Galaxy


      Roleplay comes after you haven't logged on for 3 months and have an opinion on IC relevance @Elmo :trolle:

    5. Mass


      If you pat it down and it didn't surrender the calculator then that's a rulebreak since it might quick maths you in the back.

  3. There's an easy equation to this Size of backpack x weapons ÷ Size of camp = level of roleplayer but like what everyone else said bad stuff happens and it's a greedy world, use your disappointment IC for more roleplay to have more fun!
  4. Galaxy

    Todays Optometrist: Your eyes are a little inflamed.

    Me thinking of the 3 weeks on non stop gaming with a limited sleeping pattern...

    1. Samaritan


      Hmmm, I think that might be a little hint to take a break.

    2. Galaxy


      Monday should go back to being busy :D Thanks Samaritan <3 

  5. Everything makes sense, nice gif train, theme fits for the character Wazowski/10 (That's like a 8.5)
  6. Kicked from server due to character not valid

    You need to make a character page here. Ensure you have 500 Characters and it is compatible with our current lore also a proper name! If you need any help contact @PCJames or @Major.
  7. Guide unclear, accidently made omelets? Also @Lyca You need to make some pancakes!!!!!!
    • Galaxy

    Bean slut...



    ily really!

    1. Jasper

      I know, 


  8. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Overall I feel this place isn't actually doing that bad at all, If you wipe the layer of shit that people have of this place it's actually a well organised community which still gets people in game every night looking to roleplay, a lot of people are going to be burnt out of the game and what not but this place isn't going to AFK until then. People still want to return to a well organized community with active staff and players which this place offers. Go onto the forums of any of the other DayZ communities they are dead/non existent due to various reasons but this place has one thing ALOT of places have dont have which is an unbiased staff team. I really honestly think that is a major player, am I saying I agree with the staff teams decisions all the time? Of course not it's just that at least you know there was a discussion between at least 3 people (Shown from people signing verdicts) and how points are handled so when people say staff are shit and that ill always disagree since 98% of the time its fair judgement which any person looking at the other perspective can see not one SJW doing everything from the shades because person X doesn't like person Y even if people disagree it's true. As for this thread in general I think it is quite positive and gives a good reflection of IC and OOC feelings/perspectives and maybe this would be a good monthly thing for the staff team to see what can change and for people to vote without having to TLDR and write a reply. +1 @Squillium
  9. Galaxy

    Chill gaming stream!


    • Galaxy
    • Brady

    I love you Brady, and im always here for you <3

    1. Brady