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  1. Lost my old steam account

    Hey man, If you want to open a ticket here or PM @Rolle im sure you can explain the situation and get things figured out! Good luck!
  2. Cannot connect to Server

    Hey man, You need to make a character page here! Ensure that the character page follows current lore (There was a lore wipe) which you can find here. Also make sure that your character backstory has 300+ plus characters and a valid realistic name such as "John Doe" or something along the lines of that. If you plan on having a longer name here is a guide to make sure it can fit ingame! If you need any help making a character page, go to helpdesk and request to speak to a loremaster! Good luck and see you IC!
  3. *nods a hello*

    Welcome to the community my man, hope you enjoy the stay!
  4. I have talked to @HazardousMaterial935 and as he is a newer player and no one but me died during this encounter I would like to close this report if the accused signs up for the Mentor Programme also if he reads up on a "Crazy Guide" and a "Hostile RP" guide, he assured that this was a mistake and it won't happen again and he wants to improve as a roleplay and continue contributing to the server population!
  5. I'd like to postpone this report until i've spoken to the accused in teamspeak, thank you!
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    Stop savaging the young ones

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  6. Galaxy

    Stephen had a good run, ran away from the military faked my death saved a bunch of people and killed a bunch as well. Shoutout to the Gremlins giving me some of the best RP in this community so far, and thanks to everyone that I rp'd with ya'll had an impact on me. I was just angry man who was unstable and doesn't like camp civilians! Now ill move on with Dominic who @Sleepyhead seems to like for some weird reason...  Thanks to everyone though!!!

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      I wonder why I like him tbh

      o7 Stephen

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      Stephen was a prime example of good character development. 


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      Bye bye Julius! :(

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      Well then... Lots are changing while I'm in Germany.

  7. *Stephen is walking down past vybor on the road heading south, he mutters to himself "Let's go see if I can go find Taryn then, for Sam's sake..", he moves towards the gas station in zelenogorsk. He sees a girl in a black dry bag disappear around the corner as she is being escorted and dragged by her hair, he turns on his radio* Taryn can you hear me..? I'm coming dont worry. *He pockets his radio leaving it on by accident* Ahoj Who the fuck are you cunts surrounding me for? This isn't going to end well for fucking anyone you hear me..? *You hear a unclear shout as an array of gunshots go down the radio. A click of an empty magazine goes down the radio* Fuck fuck fuck, FUCK YO- *The radio cuts silent, then you hear it return with a loud screeching* tři zůstávají, tři zůstávají, tři zůstávají, tři zůstávají, tři zůstávají *The radio cuts silent*
  8. Server and location: S1 Svetlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21/10/2017 10:49 Your in game name: Dominic Leads Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Franklin Chorolla (@HazardousMaterial935) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was sitting at the pub being a introvert and watching around as all the commotion was going on, then some dude runs up to us and screams "Remember my Johnny" then he starts shooting at the floor I assume trying to hit him, then he nearly shot me so I took out my pistol and fired a couple shots at him before taking out my SVD and aiming it at the guy, then he blows my face away, still looking for it FYI. Notes: He also said "I'm fucking lagging " in VOIP.
  9. Thanks to @Rory @Eddie Sorella @Dirty Dan @Peg4YourBackpack for keeping me safe during my times in Svet, it's a scary new world to what i'm used to... Also Cheers to @Spanners @JonnyBain @Pirate @Senore Dogg & @SlyKestrel Also @Red Quite convincing accent and kept me straight, also cheers to @IAmJackBandit keeping my head up! @Jonal Always a pleasure to run into you Also for yesterday, cheers to @Ronan @Bubblegum & @TateRinefield For the hostile RP yesterday, keeping things spicy!
  10. I like the story, I like soldiers with personality. Much more realistic, some graphics would do you good to be honest. Like the music though! 7.5/10 (More graphics!!!) Do dis one pls! https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3166/
  11. Dominic Leads

    SONG: Warm Shadow - Fink "You have a choice, you always have choice. Just it's whatever choice you play best" Dominic Leads was brought into the world on June 30th 2002, his loving family gave him a warm home and something to eat every night. His mother Julia had a warm heart and always opened her heart to others and always tried to pass that on to her son, his father a hard working construction site manager on just above the living wage. Enough to keep him and his family supported through winter. This is all something Dominic never grasped, from school he never was very outgoing, tend to keep to himself and keep what he owns to himself. Things were just easier that way, even from the smallest crayon to the biggest favour. At the age of 9 Julia's mother talked to Dominic about something that would change his life forever, her heart has decided to foster a young boy. An older brother for Dominic, of course this was all big news and Dominic was skeptical of what life has in store for him but he weirdly welcomed it but with closed arms. The young boy's name was Jacob Doster, he was a couple years older than Dominic and parents left him for a life of drugs and sex, apparently they found him on the street somewhere a couple counties down and wanted to get him away from the scene. Upon first meeting Jacob he never liked him something about him was, not right. Something he didn't understand about the boy, years went on and Julia came to trust Jacob to do the right thing, as for all he has been set straight and aiming high since coming into the household. Julia and Timothy were going out for their 15th anniversary dinner, Dominic was 11 at the time and couldn't be trusted to stay at home by himself so Julia tasked Jacob to look after him for a couple of hours while they were out of the house, Dominic went to his room and closed the door to focus on playing his new nintendo DS. Minutes passed at the the crackling of the gravel in the driveway disappeared as Julia and Timothy left the house, the day was eary and wet just like a usual British day. The stairs creaked as Dominic listened closely to it as Jacob made his way up, a much larger boy he kept his weight on his side. Jacob knocked on the door and entered the room and smiled at Dominic sickly as if something was wrong, he asked if everything was okay. Just as quick as that Jacob pounced on the boy and pinned him down Dominic screamed as he fought as hard as he could as he watched his nintendo slide down the side of his bed and hit the floor with a thud, Jacob whispered loudly for him to shut up before things get worse. Jacob sexually assaulted Dominic as he felt powerless to stop what was happening. Jacob told him if he told anyone what would've happened he would come back and kill him. Dominic went on with life the best he could, he never felt like a man. He came prone to self harming because of the self hatred he has of what had happened in the past and how small he really is to the real world. He didn't speak to anyone in school just draw, he never harmed himself in obvious places because he just wanted to slide through being unnoticed without any questions or anything. He took a language class about Chernarus and Chernarussian, something about other cultures always intrigued him as they are so different, he always wondered if he lived anywhere else could he of stopped what would've happened, if he was just raised differently. Naturally he drifted from his parents, only coming down when he needed to. Julia always thought it was a teenage thing it being her first child and all she was inexperienced and unaware of what really was going on. An opportunity arose itself to go to Chernarus on a field trip as a reward for his hardwork, he would go with 15 other classmates all on the expenses of the school. He nabbed at it to really look at all the things he has saw in google. He wanted to visit the Chernarus tower also the North Rocks of staryar looking into Russian, he had it all planned out. They landed at Kamensk airfield June 28th, they planned on going all around the country on a 14 day tour/vacation to really get a feel for the country, effects of war and the language they spoke. They were heading south in a bus when a large island with the infamous castle was there, just like in the photos. They opted to take a small fishing boat there, a young man was charging less than 2 dollars a seat for a couple hours there then he would ride them back to shore. They looked around and there tour guide was impressed of the location and how easy it was to get there. They heard loud sirens on the shoreline just across the way and a lot of flashing lights on military personal, Dominic checked his watch and it was dated 7th of july, he couldnt think of any events on this day. The young fisherman was, different to say the least. He ran towards the light and was shot dead in an instant, the class and Dominic ran to cover behind the hills of Skalisty. Days went past, no reply. Food was pretty much fine at first, people thought they would be going home soon, they ate like they were on Vacation and how can you blame them. Atleast they had water all around them. Dominic felt things were getting desperate, one of his friends named Alex, someone he kind of knew and talked to on the plane about simple things like drawing and art asked him to take as much food as they could and run off to hide on the island. Maybe they would do something better as a team. They heard loud screams at night and were convinced the place was haunted, things were scary and scarce. They saw one of their classmates in the thicker part of the small treeline and he was covered in blood all over him, Alex and Dominic looked at each other concerned when Alex was grabbed and throat was slit. Dominics face turned white as he crawled back to see three of the boy in his class drag him into the brush. Dominic ran back to his small camp and grabbed his stone knife where he held it tightly towards the obvious entrance to his camp. Days passed again and food was running out to his last meal, he had to find someone. He had to survive. He saw a young girl that was a year younger than him invited on the trip, she had glasses and looked lost, Dominic grabbed her and stabbed her in the chest but she wouldn't die. Her screams gurgling out from blood from her mouth, he kept planting the knife in and out of her. He looked away as blood spurt across his face. The small knife got stuck in her and he couldn't pull it out from the blood making his grip slippery. He didn't know what to do, he panicked and ran. Thoughts raced through his head, he stopped and turned around. He took his knife and looked at the small girl, he felt his hunger pains. He knew he had to do what he had to do to survive. Survival is all the mattered to him, no one can judge him for something they don't find out for right..? He took the young girl's arm, there wasn't much of her but it would have to do. Just one time he thought... Silence Food Crowded areas Loneliness Video Games Outgoing people People who look down on others Classical music Himself Moving around alot Find more people who will help him survive Get a place to say Find a way to fix himself Cuts on himself
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