"What's in your alleyway, recycling bins or bullet cases?"

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    1. Galaxy


      Truth hurts, so do bullets

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      Feels bad man

  1. We can't help you, read through the rules. All the information is there bud. If you need help with wording and such go to helpdesk in the DayZRP teamspeak.
  2. Helpdesk.
  3. Read through the rules very carefully, it hides. You can't skim through it, I learned the hard way!
  4. I mean we took you yesterday right.. 0_0
  5. What can I say, pro pvper. I'll let myself out...
  6. Galaxy

    Finally hit that m7ezi.thumb.png.17dd4b5e8ac307e94fd1f7545a214ab8.png

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    2. Galaxy


      What it's a chill game that you can listen music too 

    3. PCJames


      Several untrustworthy studies have showed that LOL is a direct cause of brain cancer. I wouldn't want you to be the next victim 

    4. Ninja


      @PCJames Couldnt be said any better

  7. I know returd It meant to be sarcastic to learn the lesson from the ban #Persepective
  8. Never again did I stab a hostage
  9. Ill put my hand up for UN, know i'm "a bit" bandit at times and cancer, but I will play serious if a hero group 100% Trying out medical RP, as like a RAMC (Royal Armed Medical corps) medic or something like that.
  10. Drink alot of water and eat alot of food It will be bright green energised and hydrated and tell you you're healthy
  11. Saline Bags Being healthy so fully hydrated or energised only way im pretty sure
  12. Nah my quality lore will be redeemed
  13. They'll always be a few who will... just the reality of it