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    John pew was born in Renfrew, a small town in Scotland. John Pew grew up in an abusive foster home with his brother Sheldon. Everyday the John and Sheldon would get beat so bad that they felt like they could not move, When John was sixteen he decided that he has had enough of the torture and pain that the two had gone through so he waited for one of the foster parents to come and unlock their door and he broke there arm and escaped. John and Sheldon spent the next two weeks travelling to England where they found a military camp for camp for children who where bad behaved and where one more crime away from jail. John and Sheldon begged them to take them in because anything was better that what was happening to then back in Scotland. They finally agreed to take them in but the would have to do the same things as the other children in the camp. once John and Sheldon had both turned 18 they decided to sign up for the British army, 2 months later they where deployed into Afghanistan. John's brother Sheldon was captured by the enemies and was killed, they sent his head in a box to John, this completely ruined him. John left the military and moved to Gorka in hope of starting a new life. after about 2 months of living in Gorka he met a girl called Shannon who would later become his wife. The two lived together for 4 years before the outbreak. when the outbreak happened John when out on a loot run to see if he could find any food or water but when he got back his wife was gone. John now spends his time going town to town looking for his wife or the people that took her.