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  1. Mark Mcgee is an American cowboy who fought in the Korean war. He lived in Texas and trained with the American military. He had a girlfriend living with him before he was sent to train with the US army. During his time in the us army he learned to handle multiple fire-arms he was left with survival and tactical skills and senses. He went to chernarus as a holiday. He got out alive and was one of the very few that were immune to the virus after the attack he lost all contact from the outside world and was stranded. He did his best to survive the outbreak in chernarus, surviving against the elements the infected and other survivors. He made friends with a few people along the way throughout his journey and killed many too. One day he hopes to make it out of chernarus and reunite with his girlfriend. He has no idea if the outside world is infected as well or whether the virus was contained. One day he was knocked out by a shady figure. He woke on the coast striped of his supplies.