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  1. I was born 1982 January 15. I'm not what you would call a “good kid”. I barely went to school and when I did I never did anything. By the age of 10, I already was doing heavy drugs. My parents didn't care about anything I did, and it's not like my 11-year-old brother Zoran did anything either he is something you call a lunatic though of course, you didn't want to say that in front of him. He was unpredictable. When he was 16 he ended up committing murder. Our parents didn't like that and sent him to an insane asylum up in Alaska. My heart was broken I just wanted to see him again. My heart was so broken I didn't know what to do. I had a growing hate for my parents. I couldn't control what I was feeling. I snapped running into my brother's room and grabbed his gun. This is the first time I have ever even held a gun in my life. I ran into my parent's room and froze. All I could remember is the thumping of my heart. I pulled the trigger, seeing their blood against the wall is what I needed to see. I felt like my life had to mean once again I felt at peace with the world and more importantly I was happy. The police came and decided that I needed to go into an asylum with my current background. I was sent to the same asylum that my brother was sent to…. In 1997, I never got to see him and this made me fill with rage. I was getting transported into a different cell block when I had enough. I ran to my left and knocked the guard on the ground. I got up quickly and jumped on the guard to my right choking him out. Reinforcements start to come. I had to hurry up and kill the other guard. I ran over to him and shot him in the head with the pistol that I got of the guard I just killed. The reinforcements were here and I was outnumbered 1 to 100. I froze not knowing what to do. I started to get on my knees and putting my hand up in the air. One guard came to me with a taser and tased me. I woke up what felt like 10 hours later. Not knowing where I'm at or what time it is. This is the first time I truly felt scared in my life. Not knowing what to do. I stayed in this cell for about 1 year before i figured that my brother was in fact alive. I told the guards I wanted to see him. They firmly said no! I said that i would pay them money if they could arrange something even if just for a moment. They agreed and in about 30 minutes I was next to my brother again. Now having my life brightened up again I knew what i had to live for now. For my brother Zoran. In the brief 3 minutes, we had to talk he told me he had a plan to get us out of here but he needs time to get everything together. I was filled with excitement and I waited patiently. 2007, About 10 years pass my brother just got the funds and people he needed to get us out of here and to live a normal life once again. The alarm went off I knew the time was coming! About 4 minutes after it went off I saw my brother on my cell releasing me. I could stop myself from giving him the biggest hug ever. We continued to the exit route, but we got stopped by 6 guards who were telling us to stop. My brother declined and with one swift motion shot and killed them all. We got to the wall we were going to blow up with C4. But we lost the detonator. One person would have to stay behind and risk it for the team. Zoran's best man that he trusted was a guy named Tony. He volunteered to stay behind and touch off the bombs. In about 30 seconds we were free. We ran for our lives away from the asylum. It took 3 hours before we got to the boat we were to take to Russia. 2012, When we were getting close to Russia Zoran decided to get me up early in the morning and he planted bombs on the boat saying that the world is a cruel place. He pushed me on a rescue boat and after we got a decent distance away from the Big boat he blew up the bombs killing everyone on board. When we got to land he hugged me and told me he was thankful that I was still alive. He proceeded to break into and hotwire a car.We drove for days before we hit this lake called lake below. We paid for transport across this lake and entered a country called Chernarus. We finally have a home! July of 2017, A recent pandemic raised controversy if we would be safe here. We tried to jump the border but we were cut off by these things. We both ran different directions getting split up. This is the last time I have seen my brother and I am helplessly looking for him. Hopefully, I can survive until I find him. - Adrian Valerian