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  1. Ryan Oreily is born 1990. 17th of july. He was born in Riga, Latvia. Riga is the city he grew up and lived in. He's father was father was a soldier and mother was a nurse. He lived average lifestyle like most of the other people around him. He attended local school and graduated it. After high school he went to the university to study history. After one year he decided to drop out of the university and started to work at the metal factory. He's knew a thing or two about cars and weapons due to he's father who thought him how to use a firearm at young age, he also thought him mechanic basics. one day he decided to go on vacation to chernarus and three days after he arrived the outbreak happened...
  2. But i already had a character
  3. Hello today i wanted to play some dayzrp but after i had logged in to the server it kicked me saying "(battlEye: Admin kick (you have no active character or it's not set to public view)). Can anyone please explain what's the problem here?