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  5. existence is torment


    dedicated to the urgod himself, @Peaches




  6. the unseen blade is the deadliest




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      I'm trying not to cry, this is truly the pinnacle of artwork

  7. some people call me artistic


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      Alex Vivian

      Wow man this is inspiring.

  8. John Clancy

    John "Pepperoni" Clancy was born into a not so average American family in the year 1990. He spent his life working in his Fathers pizzeria which doubled as an underground crime ring that was ran by his fathers gang, the Menacing Meatballs, he spent most of his days tossing dough, and busting caps, he was damn good at it too. Making pizza of course, would knock your damn socks off. Eventually his father sent him on a trip to the country Chernarus for a deal with another gang, but when he arrived it turned out his father betrayed him, trying to cut ties. He was ambushed in a city by his own gang members, John drove far away, and took refuge in a village in the small town of Vishnaya Dubrovka and became a farmer to cover his tracks, eventually he had a wife and kid, and actually had a quiet life. After some time John took up crime again. He couldn't resist. It was a good way to provide for his family. Believe or not it's hard to sell pizza in a small Chernarussian town. In 2014 people were starting to freak out about a flu outbreak, John decided to get his family out of there, and return to America however when he and his family were about to leave a black van drove up, the Chernarussian mobs had found him due to his appearance in crime again. Mobsters jumped out of the van with AK's and unloaded into his family. They left John there to witness what they've done, and drove off. He sat there in his driveway with his wife and son in his arms, he felt their movements and was in awe then as they attempted to eat him, he abruptly jumped up and hopped in his car and started driving, not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to react. Due to all the tears his vision was blurred, then heard and felt a bump. He quickly got out to see what had happened and saw that it appeared to once be a young man, whom is still squirming underneath his car. He drove to the nearest airport in hopes of leaving, but he all he found was chaos, the airports were closed. People were losing their damn minds. John drove back into town to scavenge for supplies, he saw people looting , and rioting stores fighting each other for cans of beans. Then the hazmats rolled in in huge trucks, and started gunning down innocents, John ditched his car and ran into the back alleys eventually leaving the town, and heading into the woods, hoping to survive.