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  1. And no, I don't have video evidence, I'm sorry.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It was late, I had to work during the weekends, I'm in a different time zone so I didn't get to state my pov. Apart from that I didn't realise it was necessary. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Monarchy and I were going into Cherno to meet people while being geared in ghillie suits. Around the pub area we found almost no-one so we decided to move around to the press building. Behind it we saw a guy I tried to talk to until we realised that he was propably bugged out dead. During that time a very very annoying dude came around dressed in civilian clothing but wearing a Tortilla backpack and a SKS what I can recall. I told him to bugger off several times and to leave me alone. I did that three times and still didn't decide to shoot at him. When he finally went around the corner I left the press building backyard and decided to lay down in the grass of a backyard in the west of the press building. And as if I've wouldn't have guessed it, our guy returned (propably to get a better angle on my previous position behind the press building) and started to run around me without any reason, simply yelling out "What are you doing?" all the time. After having told him once again to simply f*ck off, I then left that area to lay down in yet another backyard further up the street in the northwest. And then again that guy shows up, this time with an AKS-U in his hands (nice roleplay there @Lucass - what a name anyways - hiding your AKS-U in your backpack, very nice roleplay as a civilian). Once more he started to run around me so I finally decide to yell another "f*ck off or you're going to die" at him before I start shooting my crappy ass Sporter at him (nice spray there with your little hidden AKS-U). If there should be someone that reports, it should be me reporting you @Lucass. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Lift my temp ban, thank you. What could you have done better?: Reporting in earlier, reporting the guy that should be reported.
  3. Alfred Dickson was born and raised in the mining town of Kiruna in northern Sweden. While growing up he acquired hunting, fishing, and general survival skills by living in a harsh environment as well through his father's teaching. In his teenage years he was well prepared to cope with the circumstances which he had to face later on, not knowing how much these skills would enable him to stay alive. Instead of choosing his ancestor's way of life, Alfred decided to move to Lund where he studied journalism, communications, and media. By the age of 25 and with the help of reliable friends, Alfred had acquired a job as a youth correspondent for a major Swedish news agency. He was given the opportunity to travel around Europe to report on interesting events and their backgrounds. During the following two years, Alfred had figured out for himself that he was most interested in the different conflicts raging around the world. With the agreement of his chief editor, he soon set off to do several coverages on conflicts in northern Africa, eastern Europe and the Middle East. In spring of 2017, Alfred was sent to Chernarus with the assignment to report on the political and ethnic clashes between the Russian and Chernorussian people. The conflict escalated quickly and the violence led the State to declare martial law. Alfred had found himself in a complicated situation and decided to await the proceedings. He contacted his news agency, reporting back on the events around the Base in the north of Chernarus. On the 12th of July 2017, Alfred had learned from an officer at the police station in the City of Elektrozavodsk, that some kind of epidemic had broken out in the northern and northeastern areas of the country, forcing thousands of refugees down the coast. After having interviewed some local soldiers who had been stationed in and around the cities of Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk to enforce martial law, Alfred didn't manage to gather enough information about the background of the outbreak. So he then decided to collect some equipment and gear for his trip to Gorka, where he hoped to be able to learn more about the events. When Alfred, his technician, and his Chernorussian guide arrived at the military outpost east of Gorka, unarmed soldiers, covered in blood, were walking around burning wrecks of some cars that had crashed into the road blocks set up by the military. Suddenly, all the soldiers turned towards the car and started to run at it. When they started to hammer their bloody hands at the windows, apparently trying to get into the car, the passengers were able to see the face of the infection. The Chernorussian guide put the pedal to the metal while cursing loudly and managed to push aside some of the soldiers infront of the car. While looking out of the back window and seeing the soldiers still running after them, the group quickly realised how serious the situation was. They decide to head towards the police station in Gorka, where they might be able to find an officer and some kind of secure shelter. But during their fast drive up the hill towards the village another soldier pops out from behind a bush close to the road, scaring the guide who turns around the steering wheel. The car flips over a guardrail and crashes into a tree, forcing a branch straight into the guide's head and killing Alfred's technician by breaking his neck. Alfred survives through sheer luck and manages to free himself out of the car wreck. His arm appears to be broken and his legs are covered with bruises and blood. It's raining heavily and Alfred discovers a couple of silhouettes running at him while screaming. When they get closer, Alfred realises immediately that they're humans that had turned into something else. He runs into a brick house and closes the doors while groaning with pain. Alfred then collects a rag from a torn-up sofa and rips away the leg from a chair to make a splint for his broken arm. Looking out the window into the blood-smeared faces of the ones that seemed to have become victims of the epidemic, Alfred mumbles to himself: "What kind of fucking mess did I end up in this time?".
  4. Your povs contradict themselves and what do you understand under "bad rp" and "chaos" and "anarchy" from behind? Dude, we were 5 people in total, it was only me on your right and in front of Eric, how can that be chaos and anarchy? And if you weren't able to hear me, you have to adjust your settings because you were 10 meters away from me - even Henry who was like 50 meters away was able to hear me - that's why he didn't have to yell at you as well. Aiming a gun as part of your rp? Oh well then everybody could just be running around with guns out right? To us and I believe everyone else in this community, aiming a gun at someone or even aiming a gun in general can be considered a hostile action and our reaction was the consequence of you aiming that gun even after having been warned several times. Last but not least, writing such pm messages and threatening other players like that is just extreme childish behavior and trying to "hunt him down" is a clear violation of the rules. If you want to do something like that, play on any pvp server. Other than that, nobody cares what you've got in your tent and what in your view seems to be "fair". We pulled a hold up on you, of course that's never fair.
  5. As I've already stated, I didn't record the situation because we all thought our actions to be according to the rules.
  6. Thank you, Razmor, for stating your pov. Unfortunately, I didn't record the incident because we all thought it to be a clear case. As I've already stated in my pov, I was hiding behind the bush at the parking lot south of the orange brick building from where I was able to see shadar talking to a guy. Soon thereafter that said guy aimed his weapon and started to walk sideways towards the parking lot where I was hiding. I assumed that he'd seen monarchy moving across the western field, so I myself started to aim my weapon at him. When he was about 10 to 20 meters close I started yelling at him, telling him to drop his weapon. After having told him three times without any reaction on his side, I decided to take the shots before he'd be able to shoot my man monarchy. It might of course be possible, that you weren't able to hear my warnings, even though you were about 10 meters away from me. This is not the first time that voip issues have lead to such an outcome. If you're actually honest about you not being able to hear my warnings, I apologize for this leading to our deaths.
  7. POV of Alfred Dickson: Monarchy and I were covering shadar on his run through the military tents at Svetlojarsk. As monarchy has already stated, we were both caring aks-us, which aren´t really suitable for long-range firing. We saw shadar approaching one guy with his gun up and seconds thereafter another guy appeared. They seemed to be talking to eachother and shortly thereafter shadar and the two guys parted. We decided to track the guys down by searching around the hospital in Svetlojarsk. Monarchy moved on to the orange brick building at the southern end of the city and I went along the parking lots south of said building. I hid behind a bush from which I was able to see shadar talking to one guy. I waited for some seconds when the guy shadar was talking to suddenly aimed his gun towards the houses on the western side of the road. I assumed he´d to be aiming and looking for monarchy. I then walked out from behind the bush onto the road with my gun out. I yelled at him, telling him to drop his gun or I would shoot him. He was still aiming towards the western field, walking slowly behind the parking lot towards the brick house. After having told him three times I took the shots. He then managed to shoot me as well. I believe we may have kill traded. Never mind, just saw the kill log, Eric Oak was the one who shot me. Greetings, BigM89
  8. In the end I only wrote for lines in the chat, that's all I meant. And as I said, I'm new to this kind of role play. I was trying to figure out what had happened and you just appeared in the midst of the chaos and the shootings in that area, so please bare with me. As I've explained, I assumed you to be friends with some of the hostile guys that had killed my men before while not communicating properly or even acting in a decent role play manner. And then you tag along, not speaking, which made me think that you might not want to get identified by your voice; and also, that you might serve as a diversion (having your gun out didn't help either). I might have been too suspicious and now that I see your signature and profile, I do get that you're a true text role play gamer. And I really appreciate that. But when Tyrus had left, all the greedy raven came to take whatever was left so I might have got a bit edgy. I generally never assume anyone to be an asshole. It just seemed odd to see you walking towards me while there had been gunfights and armed people were sitting around the hospital. When I role play on my on, I would at least crouch or try to hide before just running towards what might be certain death. I do get that you came alone now, yes, that's the actual mistake. Now I don't understand which messages you're talking about, in Teamspeak or on the website? Either way, I've been working late today and I'm currently on the server so I would rather enjoy some DayZ than discuss this with you right now. You still had a gun out and you were thereby still a threat to me. As I assumed you to be with him (or even the other guy on the backside of the hospital), I wasn't sure if that is just part of your tactics. Apart from that, this is DayZ. A lot of players were in that area that day, I've experienced multiple crashes and lag bubbles. I also never knew if you were really able to hear everything I was telling you in-game. I took the shot at you when I heard the other guy yelling about an hold up. It's hard to tell if someone's getting angry or hostile if he's neither talking nor texting about his emotions. And yes, even if you didn't, what I meant was, that the other guy did (at least so I thought at that moment, and the statements above show that I was right) and as I was thinking you to be one of them, I took precautions because you still had your gun out and you were not taking cover (so I thought you might not be shot because of them being your buddies). Yes, that's right, it was an accident. An accident in the sense that I had mistaken you to be one of them. I also didn't want to kill you first as you were in front of me and thereby serving as a human shield. I then saw a guy outside the window and you started to move as well. So, yes, I thought I had kill rights on you as I assumed you to be in their group, which was an accident. And yes, I wanted to kill you sooner or later because of the same reason. What then happened with my AKm I've already told you And I still can't believe I actually hit you in the head while spraying around like that. Of course you are. But it wasn't very helpful and even after you we're being told by staff, you wouldn't chill. We all have those days, I do understand that you were angry, I really do. I also got robbed and killed multiple times during one day so I get the feeling There's nothing wrong with that yes, and I didn't react to that in the beginning. I did say though, as you might recall, that you have to either wait outside or leave. Whatever you might have heard from me after the other guy yelled and shot had been fired I couldn't tell. But I told you to put your hands up, which I believe you didn't. When I realized what mistake I had made and that you were actually just coming by for some role play, I was sorry, yes. Apart from that it was late so you have to apologize me if I wasn't that enthusiastic about it. Again, I'm really sorry that I ruined your role play experience that night. No hard feelings at all, at least not from my point of view. And I hope we'll meet again under other circumstances Take care!
  9. Hey there! To begin with, sorry for me not responding to the report as It was getting late over here and I had to work early today. In regards to the OOC (excessive here being a bit too excessive of a word, don't you think?): I have to admit that I actually didn't know text RP to be that common on the DayZRP server. Coming from another role play server and having some fair experience in role play, I personally never thought text role play to be "good" role play as it interrupts with your in-game actions and forces the players to concentrate more on the text chat than on actual gameplay. Apart from that, it just seemed to me that Kyle_Jones used text role play to distract me while his buddy was trying to hold me up - I can't read and react to another situation at the same time. Some times it's just hard to differentiate between actual - honest - use or abuse. I do understand now, though, that text role play is a legit way to communicate and interact. As I'm new to the community, I'm still learning and trying to improve my role play whenever possible. So in the end this was a good lesson for me to learn. I've clearly made a mistake and I honestly apologize for it. In regards to my Point of View: Two friends of mine and myself were protecting the clinic of Dr. Tyrus Mason for some days and had some really nice role play encounters with friendly and polite people. Then yesterday everything changed. People came by without talking or role playing at all. One of my friends got killed while he was actually trying to type in chat, some really really bad role play, which later on was reported as well. I myself had been waiting for more or less two hours in queue after my 4th crash that night. While still trying to clear out the mess with other parties and getting yelled at in Teamspeak, Kyle_Jones appeared together with another player, whom I assumed to be one of his friends. So while Kyle was almost spam typing to me and I was trying to read whatever he was writing, I heard some hostile yelling coming from outside the hospital. I then assumed - incorrectly, what I now know - that Kyle was part of that group, so I thought I had the right to shoot him as he had already initiated on me. Also I thought this to be perfectly in line with the rules as I was still in cover and not experiencing a direct, life-threatening disadvantage. I then wanted to fire a single bullet but my AKM went all buggy and wouldn't stop shooting. So I then ran out in panic not knowing what was going on and my AKM hip shooting another guy standing outside because I looked directly at him when I was exiting the hospital. All-in-all, I'm aware that I've made some mistakes there and I'm sorry for the inconveniences caused. I have already apologized to you, Kyle, and I've already told you that I didn't do that on purpose. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, something that has also happened to me and to a lot of other community members to, I believe. And I can assure you it wasn't a RDM or me looking out for your gear; ask everyone who had visited the hospital and they will tell you the truth about us being Tyrus' bodyguards, helping people out, trading and sharing stories with them. Apart from that, I find it immature of you cursing and swearing in Teamspeak (also in the help desk channel) even after me having apologized for what had happened. There's always a reasonable way to talk about things. Also, I believe, even when you're text role playing you should react to whatever the other person says and not only type whatever you just want to say and ignore the other person's words (something you can't see in the logs!). Because I had told you that the doctor wasn't in and that you should either leave or wait outside. But you didn't listen and you ran into the hospital, ignoring me and other people in quite a rude manner. Nevertheless, I'm still offering you supplies and gear in-game, if you're up for it as some sort of compensation for my mistake. We all make mistakes, and this was quite a honest one.