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  1. I personally feel like it would be nice if S2 was kept around even if just for overflow purposes. I reside in the US so having a US server makes for a enjoyable time for me. Also I had my first RP experience on S2 so I definitely would like it to stay around. If donating money would help in keeping it I am sure I am not the only one that would be willing to help out?? or am I?? Btw Great Community !
  2. Thanks ! I am very much enjoying the community everyone seems very nice and helpful.
  3. Thanks! I am definitely enjoying my self and all the friendly greetings are making this really cool experience.
  4. John Ronin

    Community TS Meeting @ 1/4/17 22:00 Server time

    I would like to submit my rsvp for the meeting today. I am a new and very interested in the topics to be discussed. I will be just listening in on the meeting and not speaking since I have no real stance on the subject matters.
  5. John Ronin

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hostile RP, Survivor RP or Hero RP)?: John Ronin. Hero RP What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? US Central standard time : Mon-fri 8pm-10pm , Sat- Sun 10am - 10pm How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? Forums If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what do you lack? I consider my self a good story teller. I probably lack the most in basic survival i.e. cooking meat and purifying water , medical: crafting medicine , curing sickness. Weapon knowledge: types of ammunition and associated guns. Factions-types and history.
  6. Hi! Thank you. Oh my mistake. I will do that. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I have checked out the montor programme and it says its closed atm? Which is sad because I had done my application for it before noticing it was closed. Oh well I'll just have to wait. Mean time I am continuing my DayZ training on other servers so I wont be inept when I finally get whitelisted. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  8. Hello my name is John Ronin (IC) I am new to this community and have only been playing DayZ for a couple of weeks. I have been on less populated servers teaching my self the in and out(s) of the game (controls, survival, general mechanics of the the game) and now feel like I am ready for a good RP experience. I recently submitted my application and back story, I hope it is acceptable? I created or tried to create a unique character that would fit in the DayZ lore. I am very new to this whole RP way of playing and communicating. I consider myself a apocalypse nut case so much that I only play survival style games. I look forward to meeting everyone and hope to make a lot of friends. Thank you and survive on!