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  1. i see peoples point by speaking in TS like ooc. but for me if i want to speak ooc i wont be in the game at that point.. and instead have a IC convo going in game in stead.. But im not going to use TS as a radio for my self.. ill rather use the ingame radios that actually works fine. and yes it would be bad RP haveing a groupe running and speaking in TS and not ingame... and as one mentioned above here.. its close to meta/powergaming and who knows.. it might allready been used for it. i dont know that for sure tho. but as people are basicly saying.. its not possible to "control" it so how can the meta/power be controlled as well, when you dont hear whats beeing said trough the TS. and yes this is a good point for mod/admins in the server as well. But as iv said for my sake, im not going to use the TS for Radio.. it breaks the rp for me. but thats my opinion on that matter any way just wanned to bring the idea around (again? ) since it looks like people have thougth of this earlyer but for some reason dont want to give it a good go.
  2. i do understand it would be hard to "police" ect .. but for me, ill keep using the in-game radio and VOIP. and skip the TS part as long as its possible.. cause i cant quite see the point of that.. but thats my opinion only.. iv had many fun interactions on the servers when i find people.. but i can sence when there is ts speaking befor a held-up, ect. But yeah, ill find a way to make it work for me but thanks for all the opinions. its interesting to see what people think Hope to meet ya all in-game at one point!
  3. Hi, im very new on this server.. but i got a suggestion that would make the TS and voip alot better... If people are using TS as a "radio" they should have the same key for that "radio" as the Voip in game.. cause if you would talk on a radio like in RL every one around you would hear you. but if you have two different buttons for it.. you can basicly plan with someone to rob and or kill the person you are walking with. even if your inches away from that sed person.. like in RL you would hear the person speak in a radio. So to make it "fair" for the people around you.. set the Push to speak on the same key for TS and VOIP, if you're using TS as an radio. have a other mute button for TS not to broadcast everything ect.. iv experience running with people that all was speaking in TS.. at that point i just lost all the immersion and kinda just wanned to log, cause i saw people didnt hear a single sound for a good while until a random dude came up behind us.... but who run 3 feet from each other and uses an radio?... so thats the reason why im writing this.... in my opinion.. the ingame radio's should be enough to speak with others... I did actually meet one person who had this activated, when that person used the radio, the person also used VOIP at the same time. and that was more natural than standing there mute and speaking to some one "far away".. my point is that this community allow TS. so make it a fair thing ? or what do others think of what iv just wrote? would love to hear some reasons why this should not be a thing /Smokeystarr (Joshi White)