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  1. misunderstanding ban kingrvz

    dont worry bro i wont were in the same discord so i know what goes down in there and i know he would not do something so stupid to get himself banned
  2. misunderstanding ban kingrvz

    Sorry man just wanted to get a point across my bad thanks for the advice everyone.
  3. misunderstanding ban kingrvz

    i got in contact with them through ts and asked for the email thank you for the help though Also this is the picture he put in the first he was showing the questions he had got because he thought all the questions would to be about actual rp scenarios as we did not tell him answers or what the questions where based on and the second we where making fun of him because how do you get a question like that wrong . As you can see in the picture we did not reply with an answer as the next message sent was an hour after the pictures where put in by the same guy. it really is a shame he got a ban. -snip-
  4. misunderstanding ban kingrvz

    oh yeh bro hes doing that, this was just a shot in the dark to hopefully get the person who banned him to see our side of the story. Also hes been blocked from the site.
  5. misunderstanding ban kingrvz

    Hopefully, the person reading this is the person who banned my friend. Basically @kingrvz has a discord where a fellow friend simply put his white list questions in there. The person who ban him thought my friend was seeking answers and @kingrvz was helping him with the questions when this was not the case. The reason why the photos where in the chat is because my friend thought some of the questions where a bit strict and was showing us the type of questions he got ,but he proceeded to complete the white list on his own. this explains why in our discord there is no answers given to him. also he sent an image of a question he got wrong and we where making fun of him because it was that easy and he still got it wrong. I know why you guys think he may of been giving him answers but the proof is there that there was no answers given he was just showing him the questions. It is really easy to misunderstand but me and @kingrvz play this server every day and i am sure he would not throw all the fun we have away to help some other guy with white list questions. I hope you guys understand so we can get this resolved and hopefully my friend back in Dayz RP. Thank you.
  6. Events

    looks like you done a sick job though bud. Should try and to more.
  7. Events

    @Beni Thanks man. That is devastating they look so fun.
  8. Events

    Hey i'm new to DayzRP i got accepted 3 days ago. Do you hold events like prison island events. If so I am highly interested.