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  1. good to see that you guys are back. i am starting to remember al the good times i had with you fellows all the good times i had with you guys. i hope to run in to you guys on the sever
  2. me and vyts talkt it over in ts he expaint it and i do not want to proseed with the report
  3. Server and location: svetlojarsk next to the police station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:45 Your in game name: Micheal Smith Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: i dont know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: i was on the street in svetlojarsk and i heard poeples firing their weapons, afther the firering startet my game crashed. When i rejoined the game and i saw that i was dead. i dont know what happend
  4. i joint the dutch army whan i trund 18. i was thinking that i needed to prove somting to myself. i stopt thinking that afther the first round in takistan. the reason for that is that there is noting to prove in war. it juist is man killing man childern forst from theyer home and boys forst the become man. how will ficht argain making the cicle cuntineus. i returend home to see that my famly was disgusted by the things i had to do to survive. i disided to move to an diftend city afther around two months afhter that my second round in takistan started my. poeple knew that i was short on money because of the move. that is whan i ran in to an recruiter for Aegis corparation. he offerd realy good pay for the same work i would do for the dutch army. i diceid to join. my first job for aegis was that i needed to protect some docters how were helping poeple out in an third world country. things were normal the dockters wore there to help the poeple over come sickness that would have been easy to cure back in an first world country. they did not try to do some corpat bullshit to the poeple the dockters were there to help. an couple of years have passt sins than and i heard the stuff that was happaning in chernarus i knew that they were ganne send poeple to chenaurs to help out in the aid and secruty. i saw an lot of poeple there lot of poeple how do not look like dockters ore like normal securty. the moment i saw than i knew somting was weird. i got intrudst to the team and i heard that this was every body for securaty bud i dont see any of the poeple i saw earlyer. i was send into an chopper afther the brevring and in the chopper i heard that we were ganne land at the airport near karsnotav. the only thing that i know for sure is that the pay is realy good
  5. (sorry for bad grammer i am dyslactic) I had an normal life but i wandet to serv my country. So joint the military afhter i turned 18. I got send to takistan as an U.N. peacekeeping force. i saw my first combat there. my unit got deployed in chermarus during the end of the civil war. i saw that many poeple startet to stockpile weapons that were left by the rebels. i reportet it at first but i stopt because they were doing noting with the guns. but i did keep track of anybody how is saw ore heard doinging it. i left the army afther the civel war ended. when i came back home in Holland i saw that there was an need of ill gotten weapons here. i could use the money. I was back in chermarus 2 months afther i left. i knew how had weapons for sale and how did not. at first it was easy i said that i would report them to the police if they did not give me the guns. bud afther an while i had to pay them. That was no problem because i was selling these guns for 4 times as muge as i was buying them. bud i kept it small no massive amount of guns just about 10 ak's and an couple hunderd rounds per trip and somtims some budy armor. i just entert the country whan i heard that the Rusians attackt cdf soldiers. I desidet to keep my head low and not leave the country with milltry suplies was not an smart idea. i left my car with the weapons unlockt in the middle of Berzino two days later i slept in an small hotel in Berzino later that day i heard an woman scream out of i came there to see somebody atacking her. I first said that he needed to move away from the woman. he than turned my way an startet running at me. the last tinhg i remeber afther that was that i had blood all over me and nearly noting of the men was left. i than startet running out of the city and in to the forest because is thaucht that the police were ganne kill me if they saw me. i was hiding in the forest for about an couple of weeks surving of of every thing i could find. i returnd to the city to see it is abandont
  6. i dont wand to report them because i miss heard them
  7. oke bud i Thought that i had to leave immediately so i did that. i did not hear you ask me if i knew were vybor was. bud that may be because i was already gone. i see now what i did wrong and that is my bad i am sorry for any problem that i may have caused
  8. Server and location: near north west air field Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:20 1-6-2017 Your in game name: Mark v.d Berg Names of allies involved: NA Name of suspect/s: NA Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): NA i was on s1 eu I was on my way to Vavilovo to meet my group. In an effort to save time, I travelled past North West Airfield. During my travels, a stranger ran up to me and informed me that I needed to drop my rifle. Complying with his demands, I dropped my weapon immediately. Afterwards he explained that I needed to go to a nearby house because there was a fight going on nearby. Once inside the building he insisted that I needed to go to Vybor and refrain from returning. Eager to avoid the danger, I started running, however I was forced to halt for a moment in order to check my map. Upon stopping I was shot immediately without warning. (sorry for bad grammer i have dyslexia)
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