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  1. Mark v.d. Berg

    (sorry for bad grammer i am dyslactic) I had an normal life but i wandet to serv my country. So joint the military afhter i turned 18. I got send to takistan as an U.N. peacekeeping force. i saw my first combat there. my unit got deployed in chermarus during the end of the civil war. i saw that many poeple startet to stockpile weapons that were left by the rebels. i reportet it at first but i stopt because they were doing noting with the guns. but i did keep track of anybody how is saw ore heard doinging it. i left the army afther the civel war ended. when i came back home in Holland i saw that there was an need of ill gotten weapons here. i could use the money. I was back in chermarus 2 months afther i left. i knew how had weapons for sale and how did not. at first it was easy i said that i would report them to the police if they did not give me the guns. bud afther an while i had to pay them. That was no problem because i was selling these guns for 4 times as muge as i was buying them. bud i kept it small no massive amount of guns just about 10 ak's and an couple hunderd rounds per trip and somtims some budy armor. i just entert the country whan i heard that the Rusians attackt cdf soldiers. I desidet to keep my head low and not leave the country with milltry suplies was not an smart idea. i left my car with the weapons unlockt in the middle of Berzino two days later i slept in an small hotel in Berzino later that day i heard an woman scream out of i came there to see somebody atacking her. I first said that he needed to move away from the woman. he than turned my way an startet running at me. the last tinhg i remeber afther that was that i had blood all over me and nearly noting of the men was left. i than startet running out of the city and in to the forest because is thaucht that the police were ganne kill me if they saw me. i was hiding in the forest for about an couple of weeks surving of of every thing i could find. i returnd to the city to see it is abandont