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  1. Welcome back Voodoo my man. I've also been keeping an eye on this place with .63 hopefully on the horizon. Good to see you're still hanging around though.
  2. You've always had the best profile music tbh.

    1. LoneStarrr


      I missed this completely at the time but thanks :) 

  3. Many thanks to all of you! Sup man, great to see you're still around.
  4. Ayy man, good to see you're still around. Thanks for the welcome, I'll hopefully end up coming back soon
  5. Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop in see how everything has been going on around here over the passed few months. At the moment I'm contemplating coming back another time due to the lore wipe and all, but for now I'll probably just lurk around on the forums. Jumping ingame isn't really a thought at the moment, but who knows, this place always drags me back in. This is mostly just to see how many of the people I used to roll with are still around be it from 501st, Outrun, Sine Nominee, or a number of other groups. I know a fair number of you are still hanging around here but it'll be nice to see just how many.
  6. Welcome back. Older members returning is always nice. A break is always needed, believe me, I've taken my fair share.
  7. Hello there guys


  8. I really like this idea. Hopefully something can be done about it sooner rather than later. +1
  9. For me, its mostly the mod groups that left the biggest impact. 501st and Altar Castle will always have a special place in my heart ofcourse (biased). S-GRU for sure, I was only around for a few days before hearing about the infamous S-GRU turn/bend. al-Takish (I think that's how it was spelled) is a group that I remember quite vividly as they were the first group to rob me and I dunno if anyone has mentioned them yet. Then groups like CLF, SDS, The Watchers, Free Medics, Black Hat Militia, SVR, and The Gray Fangs have always remained in the back of my mind aswell. For SA, there haven't been too many groups that have just wowed me as I have been absent for a lot of the time. Probably one of the earliest groups I remember having an impact was Saoirse. I still get the shivers every time I hear an Irish accent. Then I guess once I really got back into SA there was the Masquerade, but I really only caught the end of their reign.
  10. These are my people


  11. As a true Texan, I gotta give this a listen every now and then


    1. Hollows


      I live in Texas 99.99% of my life and I don't listen to this

      tf u on about 

    2. LoneStarrr


      Born in raised in Texas all my life Beni my dude

      And like I said Hollows, as a true Texan ;) 

    3. Hollows


      bitch i've been to the alamo and i fought against general antonio lopez de santa anna and beat his ass in the battle of san jacinto 

      caught that nib sleeping.

  12. 9e1769a0d84b2a525e02b4b5164cfd64.png

    I thought we were friends...

    1. Dan



    2. LoneStarrr



      3 years isn't long enough for me

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