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  1. SIergiej i need your gun.

    *Peter is fighting with zombies in the woods. After last shot he grabs the radio and shouts:* Siergiej! If you're out there..!...help! *The radio goes silent with a few cracks in the ether*
  2. *Peter finishes cleaning his rifle with care, thinking about what's about to happen. He decided to push the PTT.* Alright then. You better call all of your friends cause as far as i know your kind can't do shit to anyone without help from sombody else. *He's contemplating...* Tell them to look for La Espada. Over and out. *He releases the PTT, takes the rifle and turns off the radio. "Let the hunting begin", he says.*
  3. *Peter pauses reading his Dostojewski's on the bridge and pushes the PTT* I think we are doing business. You just don't know it yet. *Pauses. The dialog puts a big smile on his face.* You won't find me. You can try with your Czernarusian dogs. Run, seek, rest and try again. If you really think I'm gonna play nice this time than you're in big trouble. *Starts shouting:* I WON'T REPEAT MYSELF ON THIS. YOU WANT A SAMPLE OF THE STUFF? YOU'LL COME TO MY PLACE AND SEE ME! OVER! *Releases the PTT, throws the headset and kicks the door. Fuc*ing Jiri! He's gonna pay for that!*
  4. *Peter goes upstairs to get to the radiostation. Puts down his fishing rod and pushes PTT:* How do you think Jiri? Where's my home? Where's my hold? Where're my engines and propellers? If you're that dumb than i don't know if i want to do business with you. *He takes a deep breath.* Allright. Let's just say it's a big Судно. You got that? Over. *After he releases the PTT, takes the old ксязка and reads out loud: "Идиот" by Dostojewski. That's gonna be a good one...*
  5. *Peter turns on the radiostation and sets the frequency on 89.1...* Hmmm... seems to be working. *He double checks if everything is working, pushes the PTT and starts to record a message:* This is Peter Stroke. You anti-russian pigs want your ammo? Come and get it! The bag full of it will be waiting for you in the hold of what used to be my home, in two days from now. *Sound of waves in the background.* I hope you got what it takes to get your order, and i ensure you won't be disappointed. Out. *Before he releases the PTT the seagulls singing can be heard.*