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  1. *Viktor picks his radio from pocket and presses PTT* Maybe I can finally trade this backback of ordnance. *Releases PTT, puts backpack on the ground and starts sorting*
  2. Filipsss

    Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    Noice montage, I only made small vids but this one was my best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTXoHQmyPfE
  3. Filipsss

    S1 Metagaming/Killing Compliant Hostage Bash 0825 2/4/17

    Not much to say. I've got busted near tents. They brought me to Bash. At the gate I saw another guy with hands up (never seen him before). They brought us both inside face to wall and we got tied up. While I was tied face to a wall, they were talking to other guy about knowing him or something. Then one of the guys took him inside and ordered me to gather apples. I've heard some interrogation going on inside and then gunshots. When I asked why they shot him I was told that he shot one of their guys before. Thats all.
  4. Filipsss

    S1 Metagaming/Killing Compliant Hostage Bash 0825 2/4/17

    This might help: https://youtu.be/7qGgNi6gUpg
  5. Filipsss

    Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    Filipsss#2511 Just hit diamond yesterday main: Rein-pharah-zenyata-junkrat
  6. Thanks for answers, I'm not upset at all, I just expected less thieves here. Well atleast my character has reason to steal now
  7. Well, If i wanted to hoard loot i would use barrels, but I wanted nice camp in RP terms... U dunno why (if) someone took it. Inside was just some common stuff like sewing kit, pumping, etc... If they needed tent, goddamnit there is milion tents at each military base...
  8. Hello, I am new to the server, so i wanted to ask. How wide spread is thievery on server and is it worth to have camp as individual ? I'm asking because I made camp with tent pretty far from population or any places of interest near lonely house. When I logged back after 8 hours there was no sign tent or any stuff that i had inside. Could it be thief or bug. I find it too fast for a thief so that's why I ask. Do you have simillar experience ? Or maybe I just have bad luck... thanks for answers.
  9. Hello everyone ! My name is Filip. I just started playing in this amazing community. I come from another community where I have more then 800 hours of roleplay. I decided to come here and try to find new friends to play with on international level. I know this will be a challenge, I'll try my best. My character and I hope to see you all in Chernarus. I'm looking forward to play in this community. See you all in game ! F.