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  1. Jesus Christ man



    1. groovy tony
    2. PCJames



  3. I feel like an old man waving my finger every time Aegis is mentioned now.
    I am actually kinda happy that peoples are still talking about the group and Aegis Corporation to this day, feels like our many hours of RP to amount to nothing, because of internal problems in the group, wasn't in total vain, that something did come out of it. Makes me smile every time.
    But i do worry about lore Corruption if that makes any sens ?
    That peoples are going to twist the lore, not misunderstand character wise, but change the lore and certain key events of Aegis's History. 
    In any case, I personally loved the RP and the characters i met during Aegis, and spending time with Friends and made Friends in that group. It's sad it didn't amount to anything, but it brings me joy that at this time peoples are talking about Aegis Corporation. And the memories, laughs and emotions from that time are something that i won't forget, and do make a good story to tell.

    Love you all that i met during the Aegis period and the members of Aegis, it was great fun!


    1. Serf


      I like the fact that only a few characters actually remember Aegis, and those who hear about it consider it as something like monster stories.
      I think it's great that some people are trying to keep Aegis going, but I do agree I'd hate to see it taken out of context and people just writing themselves in and not really understanding what it was about.
      Aegis was a great idea, and it could've worked really well. It was just a few people got bored of it quite quickly which was a shame.
      However I do love the idea of being the subject of monster stories and legend so-to-say.

    2. Jonal


      I have no Beanz but i'd Bean that 

  4. For thoses interested.
    More fun than anything else


    1. Brayces


      I have learned one thing from this video, Jonal.

      There is a reason the Cavs never won a fight.

    2. Jonal



    3. Brayces


      Haha, still though. Wonderful editing! I enjoyed laughing while watching it, and so did Aristo!

    4. Aristocrat



      Always remember to reload.

    5. Aristocrat



      And make sure you embed your gifs correctly.

    6. Brayces


      Dr. House, what are you doing?!

  5. @MrMelons on the money again ahah


  6. Coming soon :



    1. groovy jack

      groovy jack

      Absolutely undeniably amazing 

  7. Its Honestly not hard to do/Work on, its not drastically different to just regular English, i'd advise trying to modle around Ian Smith
  8. Jonal

    " I'm Alex 21. An Aspiring Alcoholic. I play Games too much and should really go outside " -InnKinn's Twitter Bio

  9. First win on Pubg w/ @InnKinn & @MacMuzli
    Good job guys, love y'all !


    1. Aristocrat


      Congratulations on your festive, poultry dinner.

  10. >tfw



    1. Serf



    2. RogueSolace


      <3 <3 <3 Miss you guys!!!! ;_;

    3. Brayces


      SAD DAYS...

  11. How Dare you tag me @Wolfstorm23Didn't you understand that i hate you and want nothing to do with you ? jk lots of love man <3
  12. Fucking Chinese taking all our butter and now the Americans !


    No seriously i've been unable to find butter in the last week or so, its driving me crazy.


    1. Uplink


      There's always margarine ^_^

    2. Jonal


      Tasts like butter that halfway in preparation just got bored and decided to just go as it is

    3. ChewyLR


      I'm stealing it for my baguette breakfasts in Paris. Fite me.

    4. Jonal


      Thats mean..

    5. ChewyLR



  13. *With much discontent and pessimism, Henri takes his radio in hand, thinks about if he should respond or not, his guys dispersed around the country, he has no one to seek advice from, so, with much hesitation but healthy optimism he presses the PTT buttom* Bonjour, je suis Henri Richelieu, souvent appeler " Frenchie " Si tu cherchent des bon Français ou des Français tout simple, il y en as peu, j'en ai pour l'isntant rencontrer qu'uns seul et il était québéquois. Si tu cherchent des Québéquois, je te souhaite bonne chance, le dernier que j'ai aperçus était au début de l'infection à Cherno devant le Camp des CDF. *Henri ends the transmission, unsure about how he feels about this*
  14. Jonal

    Fast as fuck Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  15. Good times, good times Thats why i have you around, because i know that our incompetence is on a whole new level
  16. Still got that wine man, South of France, we have the best wine ! I actually had an idea, if you take with you a random picture of a wife and kids, and you get killed and the person starts looting your body, they will find theses pictures and hopefully traumatize them that they killed someone with a wife and family, So like that if you die, you'll from beyond the grave give your killer PTSD !
  17. Yeah, we missed playing with each other so we just banded together to try this out ! And no, This time i'm the one stealing the binoculars
  18. I had a good evening, Lots of fun RPing with @Wolfstorm23 love your new char, Liked Chatting and RPing with @OnionRingOfDoom too ! and of course seeing @Sylvaagain, Also counting in a happy meeting and spending time with @Uplink, Still enjoy your great accent @InnKinn and i have to add that i enjoyed, even if it was short passing time with @sandvich And obviously, lots of love to @Dirty Dan and the rest of In Viridian present this evening, it is always a pleasure playing with you guys ! Sorry if the evening was bland for quite a while, I still enjoyed hanging around with all of you !
  19. I have many many peoples to add here, i"m so very sorry if i do not have your name or could not find you, there were so many peoples ! Great meeting @Jman14102 and seeing Johnny and his Arena again (sorry, forgot your dayzrp name man) Lots of fun running around with @Eddie Sorella, @Ronan , @SkinVest and the other In Viridian guys that were there. Big love to everyone else in the picture ! It was the most fun i had on DayZRP i've had in a long time ! Love you all !
  20. - Don't wear red armband ! because peoples do not like what it represent !
    - What does it represent ?
    - I don't know, But 2 factions already do not like you !
    - What factions ?
    - I don't know.

    I hate theses peoples so much.. 


  21. *The Commander, hearing from one of his men he has intercepted a transmission from Squad Leader Alpha, William grabs furiously the Radio of the Contractor with a fierce look of anger and fear.* This is Commander William Briscoe of the A.C.S., We have not received audibly you're message, please reply. Over. *Will waits for a bit, his men looking to the floor,gripping their rifles firmly and with open ears wait. Will waits a little longer for a reply from his Friend, but to no success.* God Dammit ! Will you reply ! Yells Will at the Radio. *Will and his men wait in silence, Not a sound emitting from the radio, William is going through many emotions, but tries to keep a professional stance in front of the men. The wait eats away at him. Just hoping to hear a sound, anything.*
  22. Had a lot of Fun with @MrMelons & @Uplink as usual But we met a guy that i do not remember the name of, it was at the Nato camp, he was an Ex CDF guy, with a Winchester and a white checked shirt, No clue what you're name was, but if you happen to see this, you were awesome man !
  23. @sandvich going undercover to avenge @Aristocat

    ( Redcoat under the jacket, I just suck with color ) / at the request of @Uplink i TRIED some kind of background, but didn't know what to do really )

    Sandvich actually didn't like the interpretation I did a while back of him so to be nice i tried a more flattering version 

    I think that is everyone, got a few that I won't finish like James at Victoria Dam ect..

    Now : Few funny ones i did for Ashford not long ago + The big ones that again Ashford asked me to do and never finished.

    IMG_20170905_124413 (2).jpg

    1. Aristocrat


      Picture very gud.

      I love the stylised faces you draw, Sandvich will be happy to see you haven't made Vandenberg look like a mentally deficient prospector this time. The background is work is good, not too detailed that it distracts from the figure, but busy enough that it doesn't feel like we're staring into the endless void.

      It could be interesting if the coat was colourized in the same manner as Anderson's portrait. Just a flash of red poking out from beneath the duster. Though I know you're not too confident with colour. Overall still a great little bit of art, can't wait for more Cavalier nostalgia.

    2. Uplink


      gnarly my dude

    3. Brayces


      He got the pew pew.

    4. RogueSolace



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