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  1. Jonal

    • Jonal
    • edgy Wolf

    Jesus Christ man



    1. groovy tony
    2. PCJames



  3. I feel like an old man waving my finger every time Aegis is mentioned now.
    I am actually kinda happy that peoples are still talking about the group and Aegis Corporation to this day, feels like our many hours of RP to amount to nothing, because of internal problems in the group, wasn't in total vain, that something did come out of it. Makes me smile every time.
    But i do worry about lore Corruption if that makes any sens ?
    That peoples are going to twist the lore, not misunderstand character wise, but change the lore and certain key events of Aegis's History. 
    In any case, I personally loved the RP and the characters i met during Aegis, and spending time with Friends and made Friends in that group. It's sad it didn't amount to anything, but it brings me joy that at this time peoples are talking about Aegis Corporation. And the memories, laughs and emotions from that time are something that i won't forget, and do make a good story to tell.

    Love you all that i met during the Aegis period and the members of Aegis, it was great fun!


    1. Serf


      I like the fact that only a few characters actually remember Aegis, and those who hear about it consider it as something like monster stories.
      I think it's great that some people are trying to keep Aegis going, but I do agree I'd hate to see it taken out of context and people just writing themselves in and not really understanding what it was about.
      Aegis was a great idea, and it could've worked really well. It was just a few people got bored of it quite quickly which was a shame.
      However I do love the idea of being the subject of monster stories and legend so-to-say.

    2. Jonal


      I have no Beanz but i'd Bean that 

  4. For thoses interested.
    More fun than anything else


    1. Brayces


      I have learned one thing from this video, Jonal.

      There is a reason the Cavs never won a fight.

    2. Jonal



    3. Brayces


      Haha, still though. Wonderful editing! I enjoyed laughing while watching it, and so did Aristo!

    4. Aristocrat



      Always remember to reload.

    5. Aristocrat



      And make sure you embed your gifs correctly.

    6. Brayces


      Dr. House, what are you doing?!

  5. @MrMelons on the money again ahah


  6. Coming soon :



    1. groovy jack

      groovy jack

      Absolutely undeniably amazing 

  7. Jonal

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    " I'm Alex 21. An Aspiring Alcoholic. I play Games too much and should really go outside " -InnKinn's Twitter Bio

  8. First win on Pubg w/ @InnKinn & @MacMuzli
    Good job guys, love y'all !


    1. Aristocrat


      Congratulations on your festive, poultry dinner.

  9. >tfw



    1. Serf



    2. RogueSolace


      <3 <3 <3 Miss you guys!!!! ;_;

    3. Brayces


      SAD DAYS...

  10. Fucking Chinese taking all our butter and now the Americans !


    No seriously i've been unable to find butter in the last week or so, its driving me crazy.


    1. Uplink


      There's always margarine ^_^

    2. Jonal


      Tasts like butter that halfway in preparation just got bored and decided to just go as it is

    3. ChewyLR


      I'm stealing it for my baguette breakfasts in Paris. Fite me.

    4. Jonal


      Thats mean..

    5. ChewyLR



  11. Jonal

    • Jonal
    • Serf

    Fast as fuck Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  12. - Don't wear red armband ! because peoples do not like what it represent !
    - What does it represent ?
    - I don't know, But 2 factions already do not like you !
    - What factions ?
    - I don't know.

    I hate theses peoples so much.. 


  13. @sandvich going undercover to avenge @Aristocat

    ( Redcoat under the jacket, I just suck with color ) / at the request of @Uplink i TRIED some kind of background, but didn't know what to do really )

    Sandvich actually didn't like the interpretation I did a while back of him so to be nice i tried a more flattering version 

    I think that is everyone, got a few that I won't finish like James at Victoria Dam ect..

    Now : Few funny ones i did for Ashford not long ago + The big ones that again Ashford asked me to do and never finished.

    IMG_20170905_124413 (2).jpg

    1. Aristocrat


      Picture very gud.

      I love the stylised faces you draw, Sandvich will be happy to see you haven't made Vandenberg look like a mentally deficient prospector this time. The background is work is good, not too detailed that it distracts from the figure, but busy enough that it doesn't feel like we're staring into the endless void.

      It could be interesting if the coat was colourized in the same manner as Anderson's portrait. Just a flash of red poking out from beneath the duster. Though I know you're not too confident with colour. Overall still a great little bit of art, can't wait for more Cavalier nostalgia.

    2. Uplink


      gnarly my dude

    3. Brayces


      He got the pew pew.

    4. RogueSolace



  14. @Corpsman and a Cavalier in his shop at Victoria Dam during the standoff with the PAU


    1. Dom


      Im guessing you lost?

    2. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Wut? there never was a "standoff" between the cavaliers and PAU

    3. Jonal


      @Randle Ashford says we didn't loose because we held the bridge, but we all died exept 1 or two Cavaliers survived

      @Gnikiv the Mountain Yeah it was a while back, It was a total shit show of Rule play, Bad RP ect.. it was ridiculous 

    4. ShanePVP
    5. Dom


      I know god damn those fucking PAU kids.

    6. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking


    7. Jonal


      We lost in the report, oh well, not the end of the world, could have been some interesting or fun hostile RP, but Nope, PAU being PAU. but It still the set up was fun anyway and made me want to draw something from what happened

    8. Dom


      I loved PAU tbh

    9. Dew


      Lmao, do I have to link to report to show you what actually happened?

    10. ShanePVP


      Same bro it was so lit

    11. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking


      Alright let's go

      1."We lost in the report"- So a team of GameMasters or higher proved that there was no bad RP or rule play or "ect" involved but you still choose to say what you said. Fine go with it

      2."Could of been some fun hostile RP"- The moment you do not put your hands up and try to shoot at us you're gonna die. It's not gonna be me yelling "Hey man don't do that, that's not nice" But sure go on with your life

      3.The fact that you seem to be such a expert on how to rp and are so critical of others rp when...


      Especially when the group PAU had i think in total about 9 (Give or take) members who were either in staff at the time, were previously, or are currently, Including 1 Administrator, 4 game masters, 2 moderators, and 2 support members. So to think that we don't know the rules is pretty fucking funny.

    12. Species


      PAU was trash tbh

    13. Jonal


      @Gnikiv the Mountain 

      1- What is your point ? Yes we did loose in the report, and your point was that the GameMasters said that we were wrong in the report ? So we did loose in the report ?  Wich is what i said ? I hope you understand that that makes no sens.

      2- I'm guessing you didn't see the footage of what the PAU said was initiation ? We found a man in our camp who when we talk him said he had nothing to do with the bunch of guys with guns in front of us the other side of the dam, We brought him into a room and asked if he could put his hands up so we can search him, We were not hostile towards him, we made clear we were not robbing him, and Magically he told over the radio he was being Captured, when IG he did not talk, he was in no sight of anyone. Odd aye ?

      3- Did i ever claim i was an expert ? I never claimed I was a Better RPer than others, I met the PAU befor, they were decent RPers, i cant' deny that, so your claim right there is based on nothing except me thinking the PAU fucked in in this instance and that i didn't like the PAU near the end of the Lorewipe ( I used to actually like them )

      4- If i recall there was around 20+ members in the PAU, and i am not going to make any claims, but, its is a bit odd that a group where Adminds, Mods GM ect... are part of won in a report. ^_^ Can't be because they messed up just 1 time and couldn't own up to their mistake, But i am not making claims, Who am i after all ? a Nobody

      Now, Here is my question to you, and it is very simple, with simple words so that you might understand :

      Bruh why are you bringing up a report that was made months ago in a thread where it is just sharing memories and happy or fun times in a group that doesn't exist anymore ? And why do you need to act all high and mighty too ? what is with the ego ? I personally don't like the PAU, ok ? We had a fight and in my view it was bad RP, we still lost, i don't deny that, and i accept that, so ? And why are you bringing up all this drama and problems that happened SO LONG AGO ? Why so butt hurt and defensive about a group that also doesn't exist anymore !

      What is wrong with just thinking " Okay this guy didn't like this group " or " This guy made a shit drawing about a moment he has with his friends in DayZRP, okay " Why the need to bring up 

      " MUH YOU ARE NEW TO DAYZRP " " MUH PAU BEST GROUP EVERRRRR " I really couldn't care less dude, Live and let live, theses groups don't exist anymore, its just sharing memories with friends and other peoples, nothing wrong in that, no need for drama, no need for such an Ego on your part.


    14. Species



    15. Dom


      tbh end lorewipe PAU was the shit

    16. Dan


      Who are you?

    17. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      1.I am saying that you still are saying that PAU had participated in BadRP in that report but while a group of trained Game masters gave the final verdict of no Bad RP had occurred and you still are spouting saying that PAU broke the Bad Rp rule.

      2. People are allowed to lie to you in-game as much as people get but hurt about being lied to they still are allowed to. And again I am guessing since I can not find the report that the GMs ruled that a you telling someone to put their hands up was a initiation granting them valid kill rights. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      3. As you were implying negative things in your earlier comments with comments such as "PAU being PAU" so when you say "in this instance" It seems to me that you think negatively of PAU and it's members and you also taking IC things OOC.

      4. I am not sure of what you are implying here? That due to the fact that we had such members in our group that that is why we won the report? Thats funny. Because I actually see a trend in reports that other staff members may be treated a bit more harshly than just regular members due to the fact that they are in staff.

      And If I am correct you are actually the one who brought up the report in this status update. And for you to be saying that I am acting all high and mighty is fucking laughable. You are the one calling me butt hurt, acting in a sort that insults mentally disabled people by saying such things as...


      TL;DR stop taking things IC like most white names do and calm down and think about things before you say them.


    18. Brayces


      I love seeing your artwork, Jonal! You plan to bring back your artwork thread?

    19. Aristocrat


      Picture gud.

    20. King


      Well drawn! ^_^

    21. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Sorry, gonna add a little edit, I meant to say

      "Stop taking IC things OOC like most whitesnames and calm down and think about things before you say them."

    22. ScarlettLR


      Well first off I would like to say the drawing is good. Wish I could draw like that. Second everyone it's in the past leave it. All this drama and arguing is pointless he made a drawing (a good drawing I might add), people should not be going off on something that happened in the past leave it there.

    23. Jonal


      Thank you @Idole :) I appreciate it 
      Thanks to all of you by the way ! its really nice of you ! I really do appreciate it ! 

    24. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      So be it, just try not to keep grudges over stupid shit on a online gaming community


    25. Uplink


      I like, get a landscape in there!

  15. Did a Character trailer for @MrMelons Because it was his Birthday


    1. ToeZ


      Name of the song please it's dope. just like this trailer.


    2. Jonal


      Its : 

      • In The Woods Somewhere - Hozier
    3. ToeZ


      Time for a new profile with that as the background :D:D

    4. MrMelons
    5. Jonal


      Aha ! The song is pretty good 

  16. Okay i keep doing something else when i start. So here it is, Which one should i do ?


    1. MrMelons


      Retched scum and villainy, or anything with me in it.

    2. Jonal
  17. @Uplink
    Andersooooooooooooon !

    For you, hope you like it ! a little memory of the Cavaliers

    I've got A LOT i haven't finished so i'll try to do at least 1 of everyone


    1. Uplink


      I love it pal you put a lot of time into it. Good memories.

    2. Aristocrat


      Experimenting with colour I see.. Not bad.. For a Scot drawn by a Frenchy.

    3. Jonal


      @Aristocrat I'm thinking of Adding at least the red coat in color / red / Black / White


    4. Aristocrat


      It reminds me somewhat of those old photographs that have been colourized. Really draws your focus to the coat.. as it should do.

    5. Uplink


      The claymore brings the highlander out of him

    6. Jonal


      I fucked up the End bit of the Sword/Claymore thats why its so zoomed in ^^

  18. Found Legrand's Képi at the flee market. My dog approves !

    (Technically its a Cavalry one, but close enough, and looks good)


    IMG_20170716_143221 - Copie.jpg

    1. Credidred
    2. Watchman


      Cute dog!.. and awesome hat

    3. RogueSolace



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