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  1. Phew, what an evening. Guess i better start by saying Thanks to Irish ( @Corpsman ) For playing his new role and job very well ! And a pleasure meeting the only cop who doesn't kill Innocents ( @Titan_ ) And for some honorable mentions : Always happy meeting @Ruan & @gizmomec even if brief, would love to RP with you guys more ! And a good laugh chatting with @N-Tox !
  2. Okay i keep doing something else when i start. So here it is, Which one should i do ?


    1. MrMelons


      Retched scum and villainy, or anything with me in it.

    2. Jonal


      @MrMelons Alright then

  3. Has a great time tonight ! @twig & @GrimTheGreat Good fun talking to you guys, hope to see y'all again ! @N-Tox Good laugh with Moe stuck in the middle of the street @Dew and the other, Good scare and RP with them, was happily surprised !
  4. @Uplink
    Andersooooooooooooon !

    For you, hope you like it ! a little memory of the Cavaliers

    I've got A LOT i haven't finished so i'll try to do at least 1 of everyone


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    2. Aristocrat


      It reminds me somewhat of those old photographs that have been colourized. Really draws your focus to the coat.. as it should do.

    3. Uplink


      The claymore brings the highlander out of him

    4. Jonal


      I fucked up the End bit of the Sword/Claymore thats why its so zoomed in ^^

  5. @MistrWolf Enjoyed his RP today, good fun and good Charisma! @MrMelons Getting better at RP the more we play, you need to take more initiative mate, but proud of you so far, good job ! @Uplink & James, Upliiiiiiink ! Always good fun to play with the both of ya !
  6. Henri Richelieu

    Henri Richelieu is a French patriot, whom after Lycée joined the French army as a Quartermaster, and served under the Degaulle years as such, being deployed with the rest of the army on many operations. During time off he met Isabelle in Saint-Tropez in 1997, later that year they got married in Montpellier. and had a son in 2001, Hervé, they settled in a small village "Les Salces" close to Henri's birthplace of Lodève. Henri was an Absentee Father, still serving in the Forces. Despite this lack of presence he would write a lot and try to be in contact as often as possible with Isabelle. In 2007 Henri and Isabelle decided to adopt a child, another boy hopefully, but as luck had it, someone abandoned a their child in the Center of Les Salces at night, the village peoples didn't care for it, and kept sleeping, Until Isabelle went out to talk to the child, the kid was 3 or 4 years old at the time, and after the Police were unable to find the mother, and many legal papers later, the Richelieu had a new member in their family. In early to mid 2017, Richelieu was ordered to deploy with French forces in Chernarus for a lengthy period of time, by instance of Isabelle and Hervé, they moved to Chernarus.
  7. Found Legrand's Képi at the flee market. My dog approves !

    (Technically its a Cavalry one, but close enough, and looks good)


    IMG_20170716_143221 - Copie.jpg

    1. Credidred
    2. Watchman


      Cute dog!.. and awesome hat

    3. RogueSolace
  8. *After hearing the news of the death of the Lord Captain over the radio, Calmy, in shock, turn on the PTT.* "..." *Legrand takes his thumb off the PTT. Sit down. In Silence. Not a sound, not a bird, not a gust of wind. Nothing.*
  9. The Best (worst) of "The Cavaliers"

    I'll Never forgive @Aristocratand @Sam Fields for taking away my raincoat
  10. Jonal's Sketches

  11. Removing Third-party Communications

    -User was cautioned for this-