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  1. Whilelist problem

    Yes I got everything sorted out. Thank you everyone for advices!
  2. Whilelist problem

    Thank you all for help! I did managed to resolve this question
  3. Whilelist problem

    I didn't knew how to show you this current situation. But I'm sorry . I admit I shouldn't done that. I will delete it right away So what do you think about this situation?
  4. Whilelist problem

    Good day, Hello, my name is Mike, and I'm willing to join DayZRP. As I read rule and DayZRP lore I got misunderstanding in this particular question - Whitelist question removed by staff - As said in Rules, your ingame name must meet the website name (that's told in creating character section too). So is this awnser is realy wrong? I don't think that's a big difference between these two answers, as I understand I should picked second option. Faithfully your new survivor , Mike Pixma!