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  1. Lewis's family were high and wealthy in society and yet he throughout his life, lived like the common rabble to plague Edinburgh's streets. He influenced himself around with the scum as his parents would call them, instead of the civilized folk from the private school Lewis attended. He obviously had that good upbringing, wealthy side to him where everything was handed to him but however, you would probably not be able to tell as he did not speak or act like his parents. Although no matter what he likes to think he is always acting gentlemanly and never likes to be called on being rude to people. He would always dress smartly and would when the time was right, always be suited in a kilt as he was very proud of being Scottish and liked to show off accordingly. Although he was more rebellious than how his parents tried to raise him up to be, Lewis like the idea of following militarily structured ranks but he had no desire to join the military or the police so he became part of a unit of bodyguards for a Kentish noble so he would not only feel the part of being higher than the common rabble but also keep his parents happy as they would have hated him doing anything that deemed him lower. This was easy to get into as Lewis's background made him fit for the role as they didn't want just any old scum to guard them. Also when Lewis was younger his father would often take him out to shoot rifles so he wasn't new to it. Plus wearing the fancy outfit didn't bother him as he was very used to it. This was never really put to the test until the nobles son decided to take a trip to Chernarus.
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  3. *Graham reaches for his wee radio, holding it under his hat to keep it from the shivering rain, he tries pressing the PTT, silence* "Oh get tae fuck you kettle!" *He hits the radio off the ground, then tries the PTT again, this time it works* "Thank fuck" *He takes a more serious tone" This is Stewart, I read you squad leader. You need to say again, you're breaking up" *Releasing the PTT, he drops the radio for a second and lifts his rifle, pointing it away from the rest of the A.D.S. and A.C.S who are 100m away* "If you've Rogered so far then standby for further transmissions, don't panic, we will help you" "Stewart out" *He releases the PTT *
  4. Graham was born in the Highlands of Scotland, Inverness was the town. He lived with his Father and Mother until he eventually joined the British Royal Marines at the age of 18 because of his lack of effort in school, he left with very few qualifications. He got through basic training with good scores as he was already physically fit. He then took on a reconnaissance course as he didn't want to be right in the face of war. After this he spent many year in Afghanistan as a sharpshooter. After serving a couple of years, he left the Marines as he was offered a chance to join Aegis Corporation, a private military company, as a reconnaissance man. He left the marines and took up the offer to join Aegis as he would receive more money. His first operation with Aegis would be in Chernarus, where he would discover the truth behind this company...WIP
  5. Assisted in an act of euthanasia today, the UN didn't seem to mind...

  6. @Aristocrat @CyaJames Had a really good time today at the Kabanino, more frying pans will be put up on that roof!
  7. *A.J. presses on the PTT* So there's no sick people there? It's actually safe? You are part of the military? *A.J. pauses* *whispers* A person tried to bite me, like he couldn't hear me or something, then more of them showed up. I would of died if it wasn't for a door that kept me safe until they lost interest. *a sad tone enters his voice* Please tell me what's going on, I've only just returned from a hunting trip and now the country's at war it would seem. *shaking, he pulls a fag from his pocket and attempts to light it with a match*
  8. The combination of clouds and wood give a calming vibe, it's good. 8/10
  9. A.J. was an only child so he was the centre of attention for his upper class family. His father was a successful lawyer who was very demanding in the area due to his common reputation to never lose a case, he made a lot of money because of this even though to himself he knew he was nothing special, just really lucky. His mother was an accountant for a clothing designer company. Because his parents spent a rare amount of time at home and also because A.J. was home schooled, he got really lonely which later led to him getting depressed in later life. At first the family lived in the city of Edinburgh until they later moved to England out into the country. The closest city was Carlisle but it was far. A.J. was 14 at this point. Now living in the countryside, there wasn't really much to do as the internet was dreadful and A.J. didn't really know anyone in the area so he began teaching himself how to track and identify deer and bird to keep himself busy as there was a massive forest nearby and he had nothing really to do. He joined the local scout group so that his time would be spent productively. He met a few people he called friends that enjoyed tracking as well. He practised archery as a main while in the scouts as he enjoyed the thought of the precision and accuracy needed to be skilled at it. Some people in the scouts mocked him for his accent and his hair usually although it was always meant as a joke but A.J. had very poor social skills and didn't take it as jokes. This made him feel sorry for himself and he got depression for a few years of his teen life. By the time A.J. was 18, he got into Uni and began studying Textile Design at Glasgow University, he got his father to get him accommodation. Now alone again he would always get lonely and think down on himself until he realised he need to do something to take his mind out of everything. On his next break he thought long and hard about what he was going to do but then he recalled something that his friends back in England said about the country "Chernarus" and how it had good hunting grounds for all sorts of animals like Deer, cow and even wolves and bears. A.J. always wanted to travel, plus he liked the idea of his first trip being so dangerous, he made himself feel wild when really this was just his depressed state talking, he was just being an idiot. He decided he would go there for a month to increase his skills in the hunt. It was only after he finished an expedition in the northern parts of Chernarus that the infection broke out and the fighting begun. He was now trapped, afraid and alone with nothing but what he brought with him, that being a recurve bow (that later got stolen by a group of men), and some basic supplies. WIP WIP WIP WIP
  10. He would beat his lance corporal if he made a mistake. Yet he still cried for his death! That's the kind of man Ashford was. He will be missed. @Aristocrat
  11. *Returning from a reconnaissance mission, the Scot was inside a cabin with Mr Murphy at his left aiming a rifle down into the valley through a window, Anderson stiffly picks up his radio, his deep Scottish accent flooded the frequency* "I hope the killer is listening to this... if they thought Ashford would give in to your blasphemy... you must be a fool" *he laughs to himself, then puts on a serious face* "I won't cry, although I cannae apprehend how sad I am, Ashford was a great man, he cared only for those around him" *The Scot took the radio down for a second and held his face by his lip, he returns with a much sadder voice* "Although he wouldn't agree, but still. He died with morals still at heart, not many people will die for what they believe in these days" *he laughs for a moment* "I'm gonna find who did this, i'm gonnae give them the same fate as they did Ashford" *A tear sheds from the Scotsman's eye* "God save the Queen..." *he pauses and closes his eyes* "God save... Ashford..." *the lance corporal of horse releases the PTT and tucks himself down on the floor to sleep*
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