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  1. Lewis Anderson

    Lewis Anderson was born in Scotland, Inverness. He hated school and dropped out when he was 15 because of constant fighting with other pupils. He enjoyed running and got addicted to strength training. As soon as he was 18 he joined the Royal Marine Commandos as a recruit. He wanted to be a part of the Boat service so he was forced to do basic training as well as an arctic combat course in Norway to prove he was capable so he may get his wish. In Norway, he learned many skills that may save his life some day such as skiing and fire making. One day he was told to guard a certain position as a drill for 48 hours. His partner was taking his sleep turn. While this happened, a flare shot off into the distance. Lewis could see it clearly. He awoke his friend to make sure he wasn't crazy. By the time his friend woke up and looked the flare was gone. His friend didn't say a word and went back to sleep. Lewis wasn't convinced that he imagined that so he got a flare gun and loaded an ultra bright flare designed to light up entire areas. He shot this into the sky light up the whole perimeter. He quickly got a pair of Skis and skied towards where he saw the flare. 20 minutes of skiing later, he found a fellow trainee who was lost and looked very tired and disorientated. Lewis greeted him and discovered he has been lost for many hours now and that was his last flare. Lewis took his rifle and his Burgen and led the man to safety. When they got back the man collapsed as soon as he got indoors. A lieutenant began shouting at Lewis because of the flare he shot, saying that this is supposed to be a concealed assignment. He piped down after Lewis explained what happened. Many months later after Lewis had passed the Course, because of his impressive show of skills and courage as well as physical abilities, he was offered to take a course to join the Special Air Service. He accepted this and passed it. Lewis served in the SAS for many years. He eventually decided to pack it all in and retire for a while as it was getting a bit too much for him. Lewis found work later for an English man known as Edwin Ashford as a simple bodyguard. The group of bodyguards were Mr Ashfords private force to do tasks such as protect and serve, ready to show aggression on a defensive and offensive style. Mr Ashford had a large interest in castles because he was a student of history. The group ended up travelling to Chernarus to uncover some archaeological castles from 11th and 12th century due to the country finally being open again to tourists. Some of the castles were undocumented. This whole operation went well for a time until the infected began to spread without the groups knowledge. They found themselves stuck in Chernarus. Because of this, Lewis and the rest of the group scampered to survive. The group called themselves The Cavaliers. They found a nice place to call home where they can farm in peace. A man from Gorka came up and helped set up the farms as well as teach Lewis how to farm.
  2. Thank you all!
  3. Hi guys I'm Uplink and I am glad to have joined this amazing community. Been playing on the server for about 2 days now and I have had so much fun. I look forward to RP with you all in the future.