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  1. Uplink

    Assisted in an act of euthanasia today, the UN didn't seem to mind...

  2. Prison Island

    Really good idea!
  3. @Aristocrat @CyaJames Had a really good time today at the Kabanino, more frying pans will be put up on that roof!
  4. *A.J. presses on the PTT* So there's no sick people there? It's actually safe? You are part of the military? *A.J. pauses* *whispers* A person tried to bite me, like he couldn't hear me or something, then more of them showed up. I would of died if it wasn't for a door that kept me safe until they lost interest. *a sad tone enters his voice* Please tell me what's going on, I've only just returned from a hunting trip and now the country's at war it would seem. *shaking, he pulls a fag from his pocket and attempts to light it with a match*
  5. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    The combination of clouds and wood give a calming vibe, it's good. 8/10
  6. A.J. Morrison

    A.J. was an only child so he was the centre of attention for his upper class family. His father was a successful lawyer who was very demanding in the area due to his common reputation to never lose a case, he made a lot of money because of this even though to himself he knew he was nothing special, just really lucky. His mother was an accountant for a clothing designer company. Because his parents spent a rare amount of time at home and also because A.J. was home schooled, he got really lonely which later led to him getting depressed in later life. At first the family lived in the city of Edinburgh until they later moved to England out into the country away from big cities as his father was retiring really early. A.J. was 14 at the time. Now living in the countryside, there wasn't really much to do as the internet was dreadful and A.J. didn't really know anyone in the area so he began teaching himself how to track and identify deer and bird to keep himself busy as there was a massive forest nearby and he had nothing really to do. He joined the local scout group so that his time would be spent productively. He met a few people he called friends that enjoyed tracking as well. He practised archery as a main while in the scouts as he enjoyed the thought of the precision and accuracy needed to be skilled at it. Some people in the scouts mocked him for his accent and his hair usually although it was always meant as a joke but A.J. had very poor social skills and didn't take it as jokes. This made him feel sorry for himself and he got depression for a few years of his teen life. By the time A.J. was 18, he was a skilled hunter. He watched many videos only of people using rifles. A.J. really wanted to get one but obviously couldn't because of the UK gun laws. WIP WIP WIP WIP
  7. *Returning from a reconnaissance mission, the Scot was inside a cabin with Mr Murphy at his left aiming a rifle down into the valley through a window, Anderson stiffly picks up his radio, his deep Scottish accent flooded the frequency* "I hope the killer is listening to this... if they thought Ashford would give in to your blasphemy... you must be a fool" *he laughs to himself, then puts on a serious face* "I won't cry, although I cannae apprehend how sad I am, Ashford was a great man, he cared only for those around him" *The Scot took the radio down for a second and held his face by his lip, he returns with a much sadder voice* "Although he wouldn't agree, but still. He died with morals still at heart, not many people will die for what they believe in these days" *he laughs for a moment* "I'm gonna find who did this, i'm gonnae give them the same fate as they did Ashford" *A tear sheds from the Scotsman's eye* "God save the Queen..." *he pauses and closes his eyes* "God save... Ashford..." *the lance corporal of horse releases the PTT and tucks himself down on the floor to sleep*
  8. Hi I'm Uplink

    Thank you all!
  9. Hi I'm Uplink

    Hi guys I'm Uplink and I am glad to have joined this amazing community. Been playing on the server for about 2 days now and I have had so much fun. I look forward to RP with you all in the future.