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  1. Here you go: So Carl (Fartface) and I met the three other guys in a random town not far from Gorka. We then decided to all move as a group of 5. Once we ran through the tree line we saw zombies, so we killed them using melee weapons. Almost instantly after we started taking shots, however we didn’t know why because we had not met anyone between when the 5 of us met and then. Also none of us had been in any previous combat. So Carl and I ran up to the nearest tree line. I then saw the other 3 go the other way, so I went towards them and told Carl to go so we can regroup. After we spoke with the other 3 about what to do whilst on the look out. Then we hear a bang and Carl drops dead, one runs off, another drops dead and it’s me and one left behind some cars. I see someone in the opposite trees and tell the guy I’m with, he takes shots at him but misses. Then the shooter runs in, the guy and shooter exchange shots, the guy dies and I kill the shooter. Afterwards a random stands on the hill, I run up to talk with him but he runs away from me. The last guy in the group and I regrouped, picked up any useful items, and headed north.
  2. I am currently on holiday so I am very busy, if I get the time to do it, I will
  3. Hey I'm Tommy Smith, this is my PoV: http://plays.tv/video/58dee60e7d4de61b7a/dayzrp-rdm?from=user @fartface doesn't record so he can't provide a PoV