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  1. Born and raised in Greece, Alex was a shy little fellow who would help anyone. The world was a tough place for him but he never thought to back down. He loved the feeling of appreciation even when he didn't hear it with words from others. One night while walking on an almost empty road he heard someone scream. He followed the echoes of the screaming and found himself in front of two dark figures in masks. They were soaked in blood. Alex didn't freeze. He ran towards them and asked to help them when he spotted the bodies of a man and a woman lying in the dark, behind them. Then a bright light blinded his vision and the sound stopped. He woke up finding himself in an empty hospital. There was a card by his head from his mother asking him to call her when he could, and if there was no answer he should ask for assistance from his uncle. A photo of her with him from the back side of the letter and the phrase "under your pillow". Under his pillow was a hidden phone, a gun and some bullets. The letter ended with a goodbye and the hope that they would meet in Norway.
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