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  1. 90% of the folk i knew here are permd, Sad! Any survivors from the mod here?
  2. [video=youtube] Just ganne drop this here.
  3. Anarchy does promote safety as the ideology of Anarchy runs off the idea of self governance and mutual respect for others, surprising isn't it Well shit. Still, there will never be mutual respect for others :'D This, fuck friends.
  4. I cringed to be honest, Anarchy is lack of hierarchy and authority, no following by force for the sake off an abstract idea (Like a Nation state or Religion) but liberty to association with others by voluntary agreement without any obligation to obey any idealogy wich the individual sacrifices his authonomy (Self Management) towards. Goal one is to create a state of equallity of opportunity instead of result by disregard of any privileges (Grace from central power towards special rights) recieved by a central force wich commands thus society. (Has authority to command by force over society) By disregard of any centralisation of force you create anarchy as there is lack of central controle, there only remains decentralised individuals free to associate with eachother without needing to seek grace/consent/privilege of a higher power. This is maintained (by all costs) by allowing every individual to be able to manage themselfs in groups or as themselfs and to oppose any one of telling you what you SHOULD and SHOULDNT do for some abstract idea or something. Goal two is the pursuit to create anarchy by destruction of all existing powers that restricts individuals to be able to manage themselfs. Anyone that has the interest of subdueing others for the interest of their idea by force is a direct threat to every person their desire to manage themselfs. Goal three is almost the same as goal one so read that tbh fam.
  5. Does this group also sell people or mostly use them for productivity?
  6. Do the people who get ''employed'' do anything beyond working in the factory? Like when you employ a cook will he do the cooking for the staff or perhaps a soldier gets employed for manual labour in the mines. Also what for factory is this?
  7. Just found these old screens of epoch Pobeda Village And i think Pat made them. Good Times
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