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  1. *Anton clicks the radio on* Do you I need to come force a lead pipe down your throat? Clean your ego out, da? *Anton clicks off the radio*
  2. Sounds good, i'm hoping to sort this out properly and maturely EDIT - Obviously this wont happen, end of story from me - I shot him in the leg as he wasn't complying. I could of killed him but didn't as I seen opportunities for RP with hostages and it is nothing to do with me that he died.
  3. This just seems like you are pushing this into a word for word war, this is why i'm trying to chat on discord and come to an outcome satisfying for both parties. you had a weapon out entering a building. I shot you. you stayed in the building for 10 minutes. and I DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU GOT KILLED.
  4. The people that killed him could give a better POV im sure. but this is clearly a voip bug because we initiated from church. So please come to discord now that people are here and i'm trying to get a staff member.
  5. Hm that is actually weird... Because i can tell you now, that was a problem with dayz, otherwise nobody else would've been able to react accordingly...
  6. Because I didn't kill him? I shot him 10 minutes before his death. you stayed around an active firefight for 10 minutes??? And a video with no audio, what does that show? i'm sorry here but am I missing something? if you guys wish to speak. come discord public dayzrp. im waiting.
  7. I mean, no. But you have to understand how fucking broken this game is, i don't understand... I shouldn't even be involved in this I shot at him due to him running away, I was literally out of the town and i heard it dude. the initiation was if you arent seen with your hands up you will be shot.
  8. Okay so the initiation had been dropped and you didn't hear, trying to imply a VOIP bug? the whole town heard it, megaphones have a unrealistic range... But you can understand i took a shot at you because, A. you had a gun out B. you ran for cover. I only shot you once and you complied, I had NO SAY in killing you due to me being a distance away.
  9. RyanPr

    S1: RDM/BADRP Kabanino around 19:45

    after that happened i ran away too, i couldn't be arsed with that.
  10. I have asked and hoping they provide if they have.
  11. This backs up my statement, I was literally speaking with @DrMax while he put this down. After me shooting im guessing they pushed that building and he complied. @Otto if something isn't right please pm me and sort this out
  12. RyanPr

    S1: RDM/BADRP Kabanino around 19:45

    pov Someone asked for the mans vest which i had no say in, then we initiate on Gustav he doesnt comply looking to maybe take him hostage due to war, @bounty351 killed peter for a reason i didn't understand. I was not involved in any rule breaks. @Dusty @Shroud