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  1. *Ryan presses PTT* Wonky Tonky? You five? Fool. Round 2, us winning again. *PTT*
  2. *Ryan presses the PTT laughing* Okay buddy imma hold you there. Vybor police station. Need I say more? This goes to the other guy too, I'm guessing you're affiliated. *Releases PTT*
  3. *Ryan presses the PTT* To D7 'mercs' and Green Dragqueens; I got 1 thing to say. Suck deez nuts pussyos. Anyone who got beef with these 2 groups. Contact me here, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I don't care who you are, my boys are too focused on diplomacratic shit that makes no difference to me as a individual. I want them gone. Along with their 'gun ban'. I don't care who you are as I said, I'll help anyone to kill these cunts nowadays. It's at that point for me. I hope this gets to the right people, after all, I think you know who you are. But my loyalty lies with my brothers no matter what. *Static*
  4. RyanOG

    Scar's shit edits

    Some of the best RP I have seen since December
  5. RyanOG

    Dawson's awesome edits.

  6. RyanOG

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    To a extent
  7. RyanOG

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  8. RyanOG

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    it is a memory leak 100% let me know
  9. RyanOG

    The vatos are back.

    *presses ptt* okay. sure dad. *ptt*
  10. RyanOG

    The vatos are back.

    *Ryan Presses PTT* Okay, real talk here. They were the only ones that could have shit on us, you got nothing even on 2 of them alone. I ain't here to cause shit, but we are a lot different now vatos. keep a eye out mofuckers. *Ryan laugh's and releases PTT*
  11. RyanOG

    Base map

    north west of neaf
  12. RyanOG

    Base map

    good squill
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