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  1. Senore Dogg

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

    Trying to join w/0.63 but I keep getting "Bad version" anyone else?
  2. Lachlan Surilie was born in Ireland during the civil war, his father was died fighting for the UVF and his mother sent his on to an orphanage in Glasgow where he grew up. Lachlan doesn't know much other than that about his parents. During his early life, Lachlan used to always get into petty crimes with his pals until one day, he set fire to an Irish pub when he was 15. He was admitted into young offenders up until he was 17 when he was kicked out onto the streets. After Lachlan got out he turned clean, he joined the merchant navy and traveled the world. Lachlan was stationed on a boat travelling around the Black Sea and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, his boat had to go under maintenance in Chernaurus. This is when the outbreak happened, Lachlan was visiting the inner countryside during this where he has been living with some survivors up until now. He has decided to travel Chernaurus in search of his old mates from his boat crew. This is where his story begins...
  3. Senore Dogg

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    Naw mate @Spartan
  4. Senore Dogg

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    @Gowbe Yeah mate, Spanners just got mixed up it was actually me (The guy who survived) however when we rolled in. We seen you standing around. I said hi followed by you walking up to Jonny, face to face, walking back and then blasting him apart. As you can tell, that seems very dodgy...
  5. Senore Dogg

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    @Gowbe I sincerely apologize directly for the lack of RP flowing, this is due to me expecting Spanners to come over (As he was leader) and take over the situation. This did not happen because, unbeknownst to me, he was AFK (not his fault) therefore there was a lack of RP flow however this could of been avoided if you had RP'ed more yourself and talked to us rather than flat out ignoring us or rambling to yourself.
  6. Senore Dogg

    S1- Bad RP/Gear RP

    POV Julian Friedhold- So basically we had some more RP planned however, @Spanners was having his tea (which I did not know about) hence why a lack of RP. I sincerely apologize. I would like you to join our ts so we can discuss how to take this further. @Gowbe
  7. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @Jade So in the first situation I was pretending I wasn't with the Kelsey brothers. One of the 4 original people I was with suggested stealing from the tents at my groups base, Therefore when we went to go there I had initiated on them with my group, Spanners let two of them (Or one, sorry I forget) go but kept Jango and Tate as they were being rude when we confiscated their firearms (On a Gear RP level). After the situation concluded, Kestrel, Jonny and I decided Spanners hadn't done enough to that group IC'ly (Jango and Tate) so we decided to follow them out of town to squeeze info out of them. I understand now that I could've done better and from a"Ruleplay" point of view I could've done better however I was just trying to get a straight answer out of Jango. Also All I wanted was him to admit he robbed the tents or was it Tate (Even if none of them did it in hindsight my character would NOT of known this and even if neither of them did it he still could've of blamed himself or Tate, if he did tell me it was him or Tate we would've Emoted beating whoever it was up however due to Jango not giving me a straight answer I decided that I would put his mates life on the line which I know I should not have done and instead threatened Jango rather than put his mate on the line. I acknowledge I have done wrong however from a Role play point I personally think Jango was the one at fault in terms of role play as like I have said earlier he has moaned IG that he lost his "AK" as well as saying in the report that his "Trousers got ruined" the reason for this was because he did not comply earlier therefore we decided to teach him a lesson.
  8. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @Jade This is due to a previous situation, Spanners has nothing to do with this whatsoever apart from the fact that he had talked to them earlier however he was not here at the situation.
  9. Senore Dogg

    S1 | Metagaming | Svetlojarsk | 10/22/2017

    POV Julian Friedhol - So I was kinda just lagging about the whole situation therefore I couldn't really say or report much, apologies.
  10. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @jangoskull I was figuratively speaking. I am now going to stop replying
  11. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @jangoskull Firstly, it was much more than shade you were throwing and due to it being a case of you crying about your gear in a situation you might not make it out off is gear RP/ Bad RP at least in my eyes as that would be the last thing on your mind when you really think about it even if he as pissed off , it's a bad idea whining about your new Kalashnikov you got from NWAF 20 minutes ago to some guys which couldn't really care and have guns to your head. A final point is that when I told you to shut up is due to your constant winging about everything, this wasn't after the first time you opened your mouth this was after at least 4 or 5 times of me telling you to shut up before I gave you a death threat in which you just ignored. @Dusty apologies but I do not have any video evidence.
  12. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @jangoskull I at least left a container of water (two full pots of water and I think some food in them to be exact)
  13. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    Also I would like to make a counter report for @jangoskulland @TateRinefield. Tate Rinefield is using a "famous" anime character as his RP character. As well as @jangoskull for bad Rp/ Gear Rp as well as NVLF. This is due to the incessant whining done by Jango as we dismantled his weapons as he cried "why are you taking my gear!?" while handcuffed also the fact that he heckled @SlyKestrel and I as we robbed him, this is why I threatened him to "shut up" during the situation.
  14. Senore Dogg

    S1: Power Gaming, False kill rights, and possible bad RP 10:15ish

    @Dusty I can explain for the constant logging and leaving, this is due to me getting serious de-sync which I do apologize for. So what happened was at Svetlojarsk, our group-The Kelsey Brothers- had recently held up @jangoskull and his mates due to one of them wanting to loot our base, after the situation @SlyKestrel, @JonnyBain and I decided to hold up @jangoskull and his pal as we disagreed with the outcome of the recent situation. As we held the two up I asked Jango whose idea it was to rob the base. Jango wouldn't give me a straight answer and wouldn't tell me who it was. After several warnings I told Jango I will shoot his friend if he does not tell whose idea it was. Due to Jango refusing to comply I shot his friend. I understand I shouldn't of done this and take full responsibility for it. However I warned Jango several times to tell me who it was Jango refused to tell me so I shot his mate. Also, due to him disrespecting our leader earlier we decided to teach him a lesson where @SlyKestrel decided to kneecap Jango with a police baton. We then let Jango on his way afterwards with a bag full of food and water for the road, as well as a knife of some sort I recall. Jango's legs were still intact and could still walk.
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