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  1. I... I don't know, I don't seem to recall much, despite you being from 2014. Name change? Still, racked up a good number o' beans. 8/10?
  2. I'm sure that type of camouflage would work well if you dropped into a big tub of jelly beans. I like it. 9/10
  3. Crashed helos? Whatever do you mean? http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/3278920192950578591/E3CBB6BE6F2D01AB0475A749229CF51DA87C560B/[/img]
  4. Name's been stuck with me for yeaaars my man, wouldn't feel right changing it now. Still, thank you! Thank you. Here's hoping all goes well. All part of the job.
  5. One thing at a time, one thing at a time! Need to get myself whitelisted again first. Thank you! Happy to be back, Sung.
  6. You give me too much credit, man! Still walking around helping people, I hope? Much appreciated! Sup, Murdercool! Long time no see. I can't wait to fly around in Standalone, I must admit. Hopefully the flight model will be so advanced people will need me more often. : *Casually stroking own ego.* Heya, Masulii! Been trying to find that video again, but I haven't had any luck! Will just have to do a repeat of that scene sooner or later. Keep crouching and everything should be a-okay. I have no recollection of doing any such thing. Well, I might have once or twice. Or thrice. I can't honestly recall. They'll be back sooner or later! Y'know, after the LMGs and RPGs have been added to standalone. #2017hype?
  7. Much obliged! If only, man. If only. Glad to see you're still around! Thank you! I certainly hope to.
  8. http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get2/I0000MXzkSwgCSDw/fit=1000x750/Pilot-Salute-GH-43786.jpg[/img] I'm back. [align=left]But on a less dramatic note: Hi! Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. Either way, with a little luck and a little time, I'm planning on making my return to DayZRP. Life hit a snag and I dropped off the site little over half a year ago, and boy, have things changed while I was gone. So many new faces. Here's hoping you'll be as glad getting to know me, as I will getting to know all of you. [align=left]To keep a long story short: Former TOR member, helicopter taxi, and blood bag pack donkey. Good times, good times indeed.
  9. Winged Ninja

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    I miss your "Bundle of sticks" title. 8/10
  10. Winged Ninja

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Looks like you're sticking to a consistent theme. Neato.
  11. Pretty fancy. Edges seem kind of blurry, but I'm not sure if that's a deliberate choice or not. 9/10.
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