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  1. Verdict


    I wish I could give you more beanz for this most brilliant post. I feel the same way and encourage RP over Conflict everyday, allday. Thanks for the update Rolle! Stay awesome!!
  2. My name is Abram Krasinski. I was a soldier with the CDF during Order Sixty-Two. After losing the battle with the infected at Zelenogorsk, my unit and I went AWOL and headed south to Kamenka, ignoring the orders to head north and rescue any survivors. After a few days of fortifying the town, we were running low on supplies and decided to split the unit up into two groups of five, and send one group out to get more food, water, and ammo. That was the last we ever saw them. It took about 3 days before we got overrun by a massive herd of zombies, which wiped out the rest of my squad and left me with a broken arm and two bullets left in my pistol. I only survived because I was able to make it to the shore and use a boat to go east down the shorline. Now I live in Berezhki, hunting,fishing,and farming to sustain myself. I actually met another survivor who traded some of his ammo for my crops and some seeds, which really helped me to keep the zombies at bay. Maybe I can find a way to communicate with other survivors, and still save some lives...
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