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  1. Jak grew up in a poor, crime-filled area of Liverpool, with only his single parent mother to take care of him. As Jak grew up he mixed with bad kids who were a bad influence on him. This lead to him being kicked out when he was 17 and contributed to eventual heroin addiction. One day while still living on the streets, Jak saw a man that looked almost identical to his father before he had left the family. Jak's heart skipped a beat, was this really the man who had abandoned him and his mother all those years ago? he decided he must take the chance and asked if he knew him. The man's response changed his life forever, as he spoke, Jak could only concentrate on his words "Son... it's you". Jak was in tears, after so many long, painful years, his father was back. They spoke and Jak explained his situation, his fathers empathized with his struggles and offered to let him move in with him in his new home in Chernarus for a short period of time, but on the condition that he would give up heroin for good. Jak agreed to this, though he had no intention of doing as his father had asked, he would smoke heroin outside the house and keep it stored safely somewhere it would be hard to find. Months later, Jak heard a banging on the front door, he worried this may be his father and he had found his stash of heroin. Before he opened the door, the knocking stopped. Jak was relieved at this, now knowing he was not in any trouble seemingly. Soon after this, whatever was knocking at the door crashed through the window in the living room. Jaks father heard this and came running to the window, shotgun in hand, as he tried to fire the shotgun, it seemingly jammed. The infected then bit into his neck, and proceeded to eat whatever meat was left on him. As Jak watched these events unfold, he made a quick dash for the front door and screamed for help, No one came. James was then forced to leave the house and survive whatever shit was going down on his own in this foreign country, which is where we begin.
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