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  1. Thomas Knightly was born in 1988 to a mentally and physically abusive mother and father in a poor area of Manchester. The abuse Thomas dealt with on a daily basis gave him a strong "good and bad" mentality, This soon developed into a mentality that good must triumph over the evil one day to create a perfect world. Despite his considerably poor education, Thomas was a bright and dutiful student, always the top of his class, and considerably more knowledgeable than his classmates in almost every subject. Because of his high intelligence, Thomas begged his parents to let him go to college, they always said no every time however as they had nowhere near the amount of money to afford to send him to college. After Thomas's eighteenth birthday, a day where Thomas again asked his parents to let him go to college but was met with refusal yet again. Later that day Thomas used his parent's bank account to pay for a flight to Chernarus, a small part of Russia. Thomas didn't know a whole lot about the country, but he had found out that it was a cheap place to live from research he had done online. A few months after the move, Thomas was completely broke. despite the low living cost in Chernarus, the economy wasn't great and Thomas had entered Russia just before it went into an economic depression, Making it almost impossible for him to find a steady job in Chernarus as a teenager. One particularly hard day, Thomas was walking to his apartment building, depressed and frustrated as usual, when he was touched on the arm "Why the long face?" a voice said behind him, quickly Thomas craned his head to see who had touched him, almost getting ready to fight in case this guy wanted trouble. But only saw an older American male, around his late fifties, smiling directly at him. Thomas stood in complete silence for a few moments, surprised anyone would care about his life before mumbling "Financial troubles" and trying to move on. however, he was grabbed on the arm by the older male "I have work for you if you are interested kid". This seemingly soon caught Thomas's attention as he quickly turned his body around to face the man before saying "What kind of a job?" in a curious yet agreeable fashion. "A job working as a bartender. I'm not going to lie to you kid, the pay is awful, but it's better than most things you can get paid for around here at your age". Thomas shrugged his shoulders "I guess old man. I'm Thomas by the way, yourself?" The older gentleman held out his hand for Thomas to Shake "You can call me "Red" I'm not overly fond of my real name" Thomas then shook the man's hand with a rather large smile on his face before handing him his contact details. After getting the job at the bar, Thomas developed a strong father-son relationship with Red, eventually, this developed into a strong friendship, With Red seeing Thomas as the son he never had. One day Thomas and Red were going out on a regular trip to a local bar together when Thomas noticed the man sat next to red looked very sick, his eyes were bright red, and his veins were a very dark color. Thomas thought nothing of this at first, just assuming he had the flu or something to that effect. About twenty minutes after that, the man let out an audible groan before launching himself at Red, quickly biting into his exposed neck. Thomas quickly ran as far as he could from the scene without so much as a thought, knowing his friend was dead the moment the infected attacked him. Ever since then Thomas has taken on the name "Red" in the new world in order to remember his dead friend. It still remains to be seen what Thomas will do in this new world dominated by the infected, but his story is nowhere near over.
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