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  1. *Jack listens and presses down his PTT* "This is Godfather 1-6, go to the town of Cherno, we'll meet any military personal there. Godfather 1-6 out." *He lets go of his PTT and puts his radio back in his pouch*
  2. *Jack grabs his radio and start to transmit* "This is Godfather 1-6, I need you to set your additional Frequency to 74.98, marquise minus 2,3. Once, you've completed that contact me on that frequency. Godfather 1-6 out." *Jack lets go of the PTT and stops the transmission.*
  3. Blackburn

    DayZRP mod February content update

    very nice
  4. *Jack listens to his radio and shakes his head before starting to transmit* "Kid you better stop trying. Most of the scum out here is lying to you and they will kill you for no reason. So back off from comms and just help survivors out. Most of us will find you by hearing what you're doing for the people. Maybe we'll see each other soon. Captain Jack Castle out. *He cuts his transmission and takes his helmet off.*
  5. Because of this I might just bring back TF-88. Oh and have this, you might need it. http://www.redonkulas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/DA-FORM-IMTWF1.pdf
  6. Blackburn

    Evacuation Notice to The People of Novaya

    *He presses the PTT* "Just shut up." *he releases the PTT*
  7. Blackburn

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    9/10 Good read
  8. Blackburn

    The United Nations - MilSim (Open Recruitment)

    He's right though
  9. Well that explains a lot Thanks
  10. Hi, so I am unable to comment on some of the forum threads like radios or even update my status and all that good stuff. It'd be apprciated if this is fixed. Regards
  11. Blackburn

    Černé Emirate

    Holy shit
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