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  1. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

  2. Blackburn

    Kind of bored tbh, ya'll got some good memes?

    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      go to the meme thread and start at page one

  3. Blackburn

    It's sad how some people behave in this community...

    1. Eagle



    2. Hebee


      Indeed some people show truly abhorrent behavior here.

    3. PrinceCharles74
  4. Blackburn


  5. Dead Anarchy

    *He grabs his radio and presses down his PTT as he shakes his head* "Kid, just leave it. You're causing too much trouble for yourself and the rest of your family. A lot of us have lost someone close to us, you're not the only one. Just watch your mouth will ya? Because I'm pretty sure that you don't know half of it. *Let's go of his PTT and takes some puffs from his cigarette*
  6. Kill, torture or rescue the guy or girl above you

  7. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    1/10 you absolute brute
  8. To The Coalition

    Jack rolls his eyes and presses down the PTT* "Well, hello there gentlemen. We are kind of busy at this very moment but we'll see what happens. But hell, don't you guys have anything better to do? Like terrorizing and killing people for fun? Anyways, good talk. Castle out." *Jack lets go of the PTT as he scratches his head*
  9. Polly... hondo

    *Jack presses down the PTT as he raises an eyebrow* "Now listen the fuck up. One, stop with that idiotic childish ass laugh of yours. Two, I do not care what you are willing to do and all that bullshit because it gets people killed. We and mostly I don't want some idiots in here that go around causing trouble. We want peace in this region and idiots like your ass tend to fuck the so called peace up if we even get any. Now, you have two choices alright. Fix your ass the hell up and keep your mouth shut otherwise I'll smack you the fuck up myself, or you give the damn radio to someone else if you are sure that you can't keep your mouth shut. Oh, and by the way, you are giving us a bad rep since people will be thinking that we are associated with some psychotic people, not saying you are one, but you sound like one, so keep it down will ya? I hope that that's clear enough for you. It better be, Castle out. *Mumbles to himself before the transmission stops* "The fuck is wrong with people these days.." *Jack releases his PTT as he keeps himself tuned on the frequency. He takes a sip of water out of his bottle and sits down*
  10. Polly... hondo

    *Jack tunes in on the frequency by accident and hears people going apeshit on comms. He pushes down the PTT as he plays with his beard* "Interesting, this entire conversation is interesting. But why threaten Hondo? He's like 17, * he sounds fairly calm* most of you sound fucking crazy tho, so I'm just going to enjoy the show. By the way, Hondo, how you been my man, did the wound on your head heal up? Oh and Joey, please shut up before you get smacked the fuck up, okay? You're giving us guys in the coalition a bad rep. Jack out.." *Jack releases his PTT as he keeps himself tuned on the frequency*
  11. Looking for any Military Personnel

    *Jack listens and grabs his radio* "Alright, so, you are saying that you're looking for military personnel? Please stop broadcasting shit like this, it might get you killed. And there might be a few survivors of NATO, CDF, UN or even the VDV. But they won't tell anybody that they don't know. That is due to them being hunted down because they were "soldiers". But hell, could be worse. Just watch your back out there and don't tell people that you're military or ex-military, it might just backfire on you. Trust me, I'm talking out of experience.. Oh and stay the fuck away from the kids with blue armbands including Novy Sobor, they aren't too keen on military personnel, next to that they're kind of douchebags.. just saying..." *He releases the PTT*
  12. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

  13. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Well, I'm just tired of a lot of shit tbh. No clue what to say, my parents are kind of douchebags, school is like rape since we got lazy ass teachers and I'm kind of going apeshit because of some little bs that don't make no sense. Nothing else to say that I'm just tired af.
  14. Who/What/Why Inspired your Current Character in DayZRP?

    Well, my current character is Jack Castle. My dad being an ex 11A in the Iranian Military and me wanting to join the military, pretty much inspired me to do it. I got a lot of information off of ex RDIC members including my dad and with that, I kind of made a character based on SFOD-D, and yeah he's an 18A. And well I love my gear porn and you only get proper gear porn as an SF member. For the ones who don't know what gear porn is, well, check the picture out. Short explanation: RDIC: Royal Dutch Infantry Commandos SFOD-D : Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta ( Delta Force ) 18A: Special Forces officer ( most of the time with a commanding role ) 11A: Infantry Officer ( most of the time with a commanding role ) SF: Special Forces
  15. Blackburn

    Getting raped by exams for sure