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  1. Blackburn

    The United Nations - (Open Recruitment)

    He's right though
  2. Well that explains a lot Thanks
  3. Hi, so I am unable to comment on some of the forum threads like radios or even update my status and all that good stuff. It'd be apprciated if this is fixed. Regards
  4. Blackburn

    Černé Emirate

    Holy shit
  5. Blackburn

    NATO [Open Recruitment]

    Now this makes me happy, offf
  6. Blackburn

    The United Nations - (Open Recruitment)

    True, gl idd
  7. Blackburn

    The United Nations - (Open Recruitment)

    I did not expect this
  8. Blackburn

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Solid 9/10, I approve
  9. Blackburn

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

  10. Blackburn

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

    You really want to drag me back into this stuff don't you?
  11. Blackburn

    DayZ pictures that i gone and done

    Damn that looks sexy!
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