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"Some Men Are Morally and Mentally Opposed To Violence.."

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  1. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Liked it, but it's kind of short. 7/10
  2. DayZ pictures that i gone and done

    @SofiaLR that looks sick. Enjoyed it last night!
  3. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    I like the character, good details, great story. Solid 8/10.
  4. Blackburn

    Just added personality to my character. :D

  5. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Damn, proper 10/10. Great background, great story and an amazing song. loved it!
  6. Blackburn

    Taking a bed home with my dad be like20180205_181444.thumb.jpg.1278856538fd6ccc6936563094ceaf26.jpg

    1. SofiaLR


      Safety first xoxo

    2. Ehh


      Pft... I squeezed a fat off sofa through a tiny doorframe with my dad the other day...

      Amateur, get a bigger van!

    3. Blackburn


      @Harvey, we had to push it through the window too. It was too big for oir stairs lol

  7. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Jack grabs his radio and listens in on the conversations. He laughs out loud and scratches his beard. Jack presses down his PTT and starts to broadcast.* "Well, I do not get why everyone is going apeshit on this frequency but hell, shit happens. First of all, there is no military personnel with some proper self-respect that would denounce themselves as a soldier, marine or sailor. But I can't speak for all of us... Hell, I don't even get why you guys are going after military personnel but fuck it, it's your call. I think that you guys should gocus in actual bad guys rather than soldiers. With that said, we did what we had to do, not what we wanted to do. Just think about that before you take any further actions. And focus on actual bad people, like thieves, murderers or cannibals. Anyways, best of luck to all of you. I hope you survive all of this and find a true meaning in what you're doing. Out. *Jack releases his PTT and stops the broadcast.*
  8. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    @Para, Nice having you in the family!
  9. Blackburn

    Just updated my character's graphics, a new song will be added soon, same goes for a friends/ family part on the page.

    1. SgtSmithy


      Loving the new character profile music and new gif. I wonder were you got that gif from :ph34r:

  10. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    @Oisin welcome to the family brother, looking forward to seeing you.
  11. What do you listen to ?

  12. Blackburn

    I'm bored af

  13. Blackburn

    Updated my character's music. Updating the storyline soon.

    1. FieJaxon


      here is a bean for the effort

  14. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    8/10, Enjoyed the story but it is kind of short. Loved the song tho haha