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  1. I got help from discord, thanks anyway though
  2. When i launch the game from the launcher to join instantly it freezes any idea why
  3. just an average citizen with an average job and a regular family, with a wife and child. it was mundane and I was content. When the world went to crap I saw it on the news in the early evening news station, the violent attacks and riots, the people that were dying but coming back, I brushed it off, a clear hoax, but then the monsters they came to my home, it started when we heard screaming, and gunshots, the awful groaning sound. Bolting upright I race to my son's rooms come to find him staring out the window with a look of horror on his face, I stood next to him look out the window in the streets the policemen shooting into the monsters endlessly, I raced to the bedroom to wake of my wife, but it was too late the monsters had broken through the window and began eating at her, I grabbed the lamp in the corner of the room and started beating them to death, I ran out of the room and closed the door, I packed some food and some survival essentials, I grabbed my son and raced to the car, before I left I grabbed my survival knife from the drawer, and we left. We just drove for miles with no destination we got away, from them, me and my son eventually made it to a place called Chernarus, where we drove through but hit a stop, because of the monsters surround us, we jumped out of the car and ran to the nearest, safe building, we stayed for the night, and while we slept, a loud scream was heard as a monster we had not found was eating my son, I immediately ran at the monster and stabbed it in the head, I look down at my dead son and cried, knowing I never got to say goodbye, after killing the monster I had to put the knife into my son hoping he wouldn't turn, days passed and I'm still surviving on my own with nobody, but myself.
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