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  1. akabrock

    S1 KOS, Bad RP 6/17/2019 Aprox 4:30am EST

    Driver POV: We were driving through elektro and the group of people was standing in the middle of the road we then slow down to avoid anyone being ran over we make our way to kamishovo and then turn back around to see what was going on because the men had chased us all the way from inside town to the edge of town where you cross the tracks, I was making my ways back traveling about 90-110 kmh as I see two men standing in the road I slam on the brakes and almost hit the fence to avoid running him over as he faught with a zombie, His mate then aimed his gun as we cross the tracks we began getting shot so I attempted to go to the top of the hill and fight back but the car didn't have enough speed, as a result, we came back down I avoided another guy as he took cover at a wall and they then shot out our tires causing us to lose controll and hit the building I had enough time to get out of the vehicle before I was finally shot although I did not because I was hoping they would stop shooting and spare my life. As seen in the logs how are we supposed to read chat, stop a car traveling 90-110 km-h and get out within 4 seconds when our first player was killed?
  2. akabrock

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

    My fully detailed POV: It was me and Howell in gm just wasting time and then this "Demon" showed up some people were harassing him so we decided to join in, I was just trying to strong arm him to assert dominance. I was just kind of bullying him and avoiding initiation. Then the other people in the circle started to try and rob him which I am not affiliated with and was clear because of the different color armband. He then started to stand up, began lagging and then I was dead along with that my friend was shot. So I was RDMed and my friend was attempted RDMed
  3. akabrock

    S1: NVFL in Kab Torture - 13/01/2019 04:35

    [2019/01/13 04:38:00]:(Brock Chapman) killed by (Jack Warren) [2019/01/13 04:37:51]: (Will Henderson) killed by (Brock Chapman) [2019/01/13 03:06:09]: (Brock Chapman) killed by (Daniel M yers) As you can see it was roughly an hour and a half
  4. akabrock

    S1: NVFL in Kab Torture - 13/01/2019 04:35

    I would assume that you guys were having fun and not paying attention to the time and when you are having fun time flies, therefore, I would think that you guys would not think that I abided by the NLR rule
  5. akabrock

    S1: NVFL in Kab Torture - 13/01/2019 04:35

    My POV: I was robbed an hour before I had an automatic weapon they had their guns on my friend so I thought that I could fight my way out and save my life and maybe my friends. I did manage to kill one and Injure another I think. I was then killed so I start to get gear make my way around for about 45-50 minutes I assume. I then start to meet up with my friend in Kab it took me about 20 minutes to make it there because I was looting. When I got there I hung around for a bit tried to avoid these "Traders" so they didn't get salty and upon doing so they chased my friend through the forest whilst I stayed hidden he then returns to the compound and I was there with some other people. They were getting "High" from cannabis plants. I stayed there for about 5 minutes then the "Traders" return and I manage to run out the back under a wall while one tried to stop me but never initiated on me I then watched them rob my buddy heard them verbally announce that they should kill him he then opened fire when he saw the opportunity the best and they killed him I then snuck around to the front gate and shot one in the back and attempted to kill the other but I missed my shots and therefore was killed.
  6. akabrock

    S1: NVFL in Kab Torture - 13/01/2019 04:35

    It was infact me that you killed an hour prior and in the rules it states that NLR is to not return to the area for 1 hour after characters death it was I think an hour and some change after I was killed that I returned and tried to save my friend that was being held hostage
  7. akabrock

    Database error

    Ok thanks for the information and your time
  8. akabrock

    Database error

    Whenever I try to join the server after a restart I get a kick notice that says kicked from server "Database error:DB error" any fixes, thanks!
  9. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    I still don't understand why you didn't leave.
  10. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    Because I heard people and wasn't sure what the guy said so I ran wasn't going to stick around to get robbed. And besides this you shot 2 unarmed players you shot me wich I fought back and the other guy who was just watching you guys shot him for standing on a hay bail.
  11. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    There was never any clear initiation though. Also I was shot in the back with no gun out?
  12. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    I still don't see why you didn't just leave. In an RP situation if I feel that I am threatened and can get away I don't see why you would stay.
  13. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    So what I am seeing is that I was killed out of Ignorance just because you were kill hungry?. If you heard it before the server restart why did you stick around.
  14. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    Sorry If my text wasnt't very clear but I wasn't the one on the PA system I heard it over the Bull Horn and tried my best to leave the area as fast as possible.
  15. akabrock

    S1: Invalid kill/rdm 12/31/2018 11:00 est

    If you were on the other side of the Kabinino why didn't you just leave and also why did you shoot the other guy who was unarmed? This shit don't add up. -USER HAS BEEN CAUTIONED FOR THIS PART OF THE POST- Also on the video that I linked you can go to 59 seconds and see that It was clearly not me..
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