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  1. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Comicbooks r for nerds. Worst decision you ever made?
  2. Ask the admins

    Asking: /any admin Q1.Why is the "The Last Light" Group thread allowed to stay up though it is breaking the group rules? Mostly section 1 and 2. I assume it is a special reason because several staff members have posted in it instead of archiving it, which tends to be the standard response the group threads not following the rules? A1. It is sorted. // Lyca
  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    cuz I am a proud neet why dont u get a job?
  4. Is it ok to block a hallway?

    Pretty sure that would be abuse of game mechanics, you always gotta have atleast 1 entrance/exit to a settlement.
  5. The proper solution here is clearly to just permadeath the other guys character, making yours the one true Alex Johansson.
  6. Padalʹniki

    Should've used this song instead.
  7. Atleast the crazy bastard aint going around knocking coconuts together pretending to be on a horse.
  8. So what would be defined as "protective gear"? Just anything covering the face? Does Respirators count? Or is it only Gasmask that is required? What about going in naked but with a gasmask on, would I still be safe? What kind of sickness are we talking about? Instant infection with lethal consequences or "my stomach hurts a wee bit"?
  9. I just... there is no title worthy...

    Hey I remember this, wanna say it was either a RSM, or a BHM member. Probaly a RSM member.
  10. Define "worked", cuz last time I remember the TP during the mod times were absolute horrible, not sure if it have ever been one during standalone.
  11. What is Chernarus currency called, and how strong is it compared to the US dollar? Could also use some basic information about what drives Chernarus economy, thanks.
  12. Yeah but whitelisting nowadays seems to be a lot easier, with up to 6 chances given (instead of 3) and multiple choices instead of having to give a proper understanding of the rules, returning to a proper hard, and complicated whitelist might solve this problem, which should be a possiblity since the amount of people getting whitelisted have heavily decreased from when the new system was implented.
  13. Boris Petr

    Born in 1995 in the city of Miroslav, Chernarus Boris Petr was never a wise man. His mother died in childbirth and his father never got over his wife death, drowning himself in work, the father ignored Boris needs, leaving Boris without a mother or fatherly figure in life. Boris never being smart, hard a hard time on school, choosing instead to focus on increasing his physical capabilities. Soon Boris got involved with low levels criminal gangs, muggings, breaking and entry and other kinds of low life activities became the norm for Boris, even thou he had a legit job. After a failed attempt to rob a liquor store, Boris headed East, into South Zagoria.