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  1. Bush

    Tally Your Bans

    Just bring back the wall of shame, it was the best part of this website. 0/30 = 0
  2. Bush

    Removal of buried stashes

    Couldnt this be accomplished by just decreasing the inventory size of all the objects that can be buried? Just make em like 6 width so only smaller guns like the UMP and MP7 can be buried. This is actually probably a better compromise the removing the mechanic completely.
  3. Bush

    Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever)

    Yeah it is an overseas territory like Gibraltar.
  4. Well atleast they didnt lose to peasants with pitchforks and ak47s
  5. Bush

    Re-introducing the roadblock rule

    I would blame the driver, he is the one in charge of the car it shouldnt be treated any diffrently then driving into any other object. Unless ofc the blocker did something sketchy like droppoing a roadblock from his backpack so the driver didnt have time to react.
  6. Bush

    Re-introducing the roadblock rule

    If people stand in the middle of the road and get hit by a car the person getting hit is guilty of NVFL. If people stand in the middle of a field and a car comes plowing through em all the driver is gulity of RDM.
  7. Well how do you know their intentions was to PK Moody's Character? Seems like you are making a pretty big assumption here. How do you know that some random person who have no relation to you or the saviors didnt stumble across the stream and decided to report it? If your point really is that a lot of people in this community have OOC hate for you and your group, maybe you should reconsider how you act on the server OOC, or you know bring it up to the admin team.
  8. Ctibor Boleslaw was born in Novigrad, while it was a part of The USSR. To much dismay of his teachers, Boleslaw never approved of communist ideology, which was a part of the schools curriculum. When the USSR fell in 1991, Boleslaw's quality of life improve drastically, he got moved from a physical position as a dockyard worker, to a more administrative role, a position which was reserved for CPSU party members. In 2007 Boleslaw was approched by a member of the NAPA, Boleslaw was offered a bribe to allow certain shipments into the country without inspecting the goods. He accepted, which not only improved his own personal wealth. When the civil war started in 2009, Boleslaw was arrested on smuggling charges, and sent to the prison island located south of South Zagoria, he spent the remaining years in jail, become more radicalized by the fellow inmates he shared a cell with. When the infection started Boleslaw escaped with a bunch of other inmates.
  9. Bush

    Regarding marketing

    My issue with the community have nothing to do with it size, but it seems like a lot of new community members doesnt understand what kind of RP is acceptable here, and how to act on the forums. This could easily be solved if we had a more demanding whitelist system, like the one we had during the mod days. I personally doesnt care whenever or not the community is large or small, as long as good RP can be had.
  10. But it is the same scenario right? It is just that one party is the aggressor and the other one the defendant. It make no sense to force the non-aggressive party to stick around for an additional 30 minutes to avoid being banned for someone else aggression. It feels like the rule is just punishing the victim for no real reason or benefit to the RP. Forcing the victim of aggression to stay an additional 30 minutes on the server IS treating people different, since they haven't committed a hostile act.
  11. Bush

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    Dunno why, pretty sure it was a special case. JimRP says in this thread that the staff team dont want to use external mods, no idea why probaly have to do with licensing or compatibility or something. DayzRP Arma2 Mod used a lot of external mods, so I am not sure what have changed.
  12. Bush

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    The dev team have already stated that we dont use third party mods.
  13. Bush

    Remove Radio Forums

    Yes please, if people wanna talk big shit, they can do it IC infront of the people they r trash talking, not thousands of mile away on a radio.
  14. Bush

    Ammo Loot

    9mm is civilian loot, try looting the police stations or the prison island down south.
  15. Bush

    Okay... This Fog.

    Someone explain to me how this massive difference in view distance is remotely fair. Either make the fog be equally big for everyone or remove it completely.
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