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  2. TextRP not working

    I remember ARMA2 had this issue where u couldnt use text if u didnt have a microphone plugged in, no idea if the bug is still there in Dayz SA.
  3. Ask the admins

    Asking: any admin The group "The Vale Of Shadows" have a nice little disclaimer saying "By joining, you recognize that if you are to betray/leave the group, we have full permadeath rights on your character. ...." Q1. Is this allowed? Q2. If the answer above is yes, how far can I go? Can I give myself permanent KOS rights on other players who leave my group if I put a fancy disclaimer in the thread? Or what about something less radical, like cutting of their tongue so they cant speak? A1. Ender: Technically no. You can claim all you want that you will have permadeath rights if so and so happends to a group, but at the end of the day the rules still apply no matter what. You will still need to ask for permission to permadeath/scar just like everyone else and they always have that right to say no. No matter if they leave or betray a group. I believe we have had a similar issue like this with a group in the past called The Pestilence brotherhood. They had the same disclaimer on their group. One such event happened that made someone go against their group goals and leave. The situation ultimately ended with them attempting to use permadeath rights on this person that they did not have. When they approached staff about it they were told that its always up to the players choice on who he gives permadeath rights to. A2. Irrelevant since the first answer was no.
  4. back4the pvp rp

    I remember this guy
  5. Ha

  6. Wagwan

  7. let me @Pep for ya

    1. Taryn


      I would enjoy it a lot if that topic was never presented again. I'd like to remain friendly with @Pep...

    2. Bush


      pff ya all just boring

    3. Pep


      there is no "Friendly" with the enemy

    4. Taryn


      I'm only half Palestinian. The other half is friendly. It So happens to be my ass. Wanna kiss it, @Pep?

    5. Pep


      Even 1% Palestinian is Palestinian. 

      I'll tell you right now, I'm not to be juiced upon.


    6. Taryn


      Awww. That's too bad. I was going to offer a pizza date. 

      I hear you like cheese pizza with olives. Sorry, @Pep, olives are for REAL Mediterranean people. 

    7. Zero


      Oh boi, Zero wants to partake in le discussion. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    8. Bush


      Shush Zero dont interrupt they were just getting to the good part

    9. Pep


      I'm not interested in creatures from the Greek mythology anyways... can someone please delete this now?

    10. Bush


      lol no keep it

  8. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    BUT WHAT IF I AM VEGAN? I WILL HAVE U KNOW I AM VEGAN AND THERFORE SUPERIOR TO YOU! What do you think of the political situation between Palestine and Israel?
  9. DayZ not picking up XLR microphone.

    Then tell us how so other ppl can fix it in the future plz. Nothing is worse then googling your issue, then coming across a "fixed" without a proper solutiuon being shown.
  10. DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    ITT ideas that already exists as arma2 mods.
  11. Safe zone discussion

    I am strongly against this idea to begin with, but if you insist can you only keep it open during time slots where the server population tends to be low, it will give an initative for people to get on when the server lacks a proper population, which in turn makes other people log on.
  12. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Never get tired, could use the extra time to make all food taste amazing. Favorite Dayz community involving RP?