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  1. I enjoy laughing and other people suffering, so I only read the verdicts
  2. Bush

    hi guys

    well met
  3. Bush

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Official Discussion Thread

    I am so fucking disappointed in this game, I stopped playing it for like 1 month, come back and it is full of fucking ads. I didnt pay 30 fucking euro to stare at ads. /rant
  4. Bush

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    I voted yes, not that I think that voting about it will help. Oh and a friendly reminder that people can see what u voted for.
  5. Bush

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    but the no one in the swedish royal family aint even getting married!
  6. Right click on DayZ, DayZ_BE and DayZ_64x choose properties and disable "FULL SCREEN OPTIMIZATIONS", it solved the issue for me. Files can be found in ur local dayz files. (Computer/hardiskname/steam/common/dayz)
  7. Where the fuck would you put a zoo in South Zagoria? I cant think of a single city where it would realistically fit in? Go for the prison
  8. Born in 1990 in the city of Miroslav, Chernarus Johan Bush was never a wise man. His mother died in childbirth and his father never got over his wife death, drowning himself in his work as a CEO for a development company the father ignored Johan needs, leaving Johan without a mother or fatherly figure in life. Distancing himself from his caretakers, Johan became increasingly hostile towards his fellow man, creating issues wherever he went. At the age of 7 Johan was already in therapy, trying to solve the issues life had thrown at him. Johan's Father got increasingly annoyed with Johan's attitude and at the age of twelve send Johan off too boarding school in Sweden. He was supposed to be studying architecture and design to be able to follow in his father's footsteps. Instead Johan spent his time chasing girls and partying. Johan quickly fell into bad crowds, with rapidly falling grades and less support from his father Johan turned to criminal activities to get by. After a failed liquor store robbery, Johan was arrested by the cops. His father disowned him and he was kicked out of school. After Johan got out of prison he got a job working at a local warehouse. It was heavy but honest work, the first honest work Johan had ever done, and he hated it. After years of backbreaking labor, a letter of inheritance arrived from his Chernarussian Aunt. Johan was forced to go to Chernarus to properly inherit his aunts wealth. Johan quickly fell in love with the Chernarussian, the landscape, the culture and the people, for once in his life Johan was truly happy. Johan spent the next couple of years living in Chernarus, using his newfound wealth to invest in local business. When the apocalypse hit, Johan started wandering Chernarus, with no real goal in mind.
  9. Bush

    Donator IC Clothing Kits

    Can we bring in clan skins while we are at it?
  10. Bush

    Donator IC Clothing Kits

    Yes plz, and give me back my 95 unused credit or w/e the number was on
  11. It is offical, we r bringing the mod back!
  12. Bush

    Anyone still play DayZ mod?

  13. Bush

    Group limits.

    The solution is clearly to bring back the good samaritan rules, they allowed exactly for and it would make atleast some RP sense now since we r still early into the lore.
  14. it was around 2 days ago in sweden
  15. yay some random stats that everyone can see, now tell me how thats important?