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  1. Anyone still play DayZ mod?

  2. Group limits.

    The solution is clearly to bring back the good samaritan rules, they allowed exactly for and it would make atleast some RP sense now since we r still early into the lore.
  3. Unifficial DayZ Transnational Clock

    it was around 2 days ago in sweden
  4. Felt like this should be posted

    yay some random stats that everyone can see, now tell me how thats important?
  5. Make our own roleplay survival game?

    lul good luck with the funding and findings devs, last I checked they all jumped ship when we stopped supporting the vastly superior and glorious mod, or maybe they just dont show themself cuz SA got no mod support.
  6. Pray 4?

    Pray 4 Manchester?
  7. Right, I agree. Now how do we actually turn it in the right way? It is a lot easier said then done and I am all out of ideas.
    • Bush
    • PCJames

    Congratz James

    1. PCJames


      Thanks my bratr Bush

  8. Hi, my name is Jean

    obligatory female member shitpost
  9. Hello :D

  10. Computer giveaway

  11. DayZRP Community Memes

    When you finally reach the top of the hall of shame
  12. Should a communication ban be implemented?

    Unneeded censorship for people that disagree with me? Sign me up! You cant compare a toxic game like dota2 with thousands of free account, to a internet community with who permabans people for shit-talking. They are just way to different.