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  1. Some people might see the "fun" in it (as if there is any in racism, whether IC or OOC). But other's can find it really offensive, whether they are easily butthurt or have a bad past with it. Just stay away from it, as it will ensure you no harm (bans) and others no harm.
  2. Great guide! Looking forward to what is to be added.
  3. A rally with the physics of Arma 2, interesting. Haha! But seems like an awesome idea. +1
  4. Welcome! Looking forward to see you in game! Watch out though, these wastelands are a dangerous place.
  5. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and good luck man your whitelist application.
  6. I live in a small city in the Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam. Currently not in school, as I dropped out because I don't see a future in it. Next year I start at a new school to become a Process Operator. As I have nothing to do at the moment, I play War Thunder and hopefully soon DayZRP again all day. At night I hang out with friends. I have a girlfriend. am I cool now? Been dating for almost 2 years now. And she's my best mate also (She's part of the friends I hang out with). I am a complete geek when it comes to computer hardware, I just cannot stop researching into all the different new graphics cards, processors, motherboards, etc. In the past 3 years I had my pc I almost completely upgraded it twice even though it was not needed. I have been practicing Karate for 10 years now. I smoke (bad me) and currently do not drink, as it recently almost cost me my life. I am a complete VolBeat fanboy.
  7. RoelTheWorld

    I guess the time has come.

    Even though I did not know you, still sad to see you leave. Good luck on school! o7
  8. RoelTheWorld

    Armored Hazmat Suit

    Why does the black one not have the same body armor as the rest? They look awesome though!
  9. Not from in-game, no, but Dutch, wanted to be a CH? I don't forget anyone I've had some sort of contact with. Yep. Not that many Dutch people around so we tend to remember eachother. Especially with the most Dutch names inmaginable as forum name.
  10. RoelTheWorld

    Donation rank ideas

    I would love a larger pe-....avatar!
  11. RoelTheWorld

    DayZ Standalone Vehicle models

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