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  1. oh hey i remember you, you sent me a group idea after a lore wipe a long time ago.
  2. Here's my two cents: I believe racism, homophobia, etc. should not be banned, but their needs to be a line. Slurs such as n*gr and f*gt do not need to be used in order to display IG hatred against certain groups. It just doesn't add to the roleplay, where as if you were to display your hatred, it would. All allowing this language does is turn potential players away and streamers/youtubers away. No person on social media wants to be associated with racist or homophobic slurs. A lot of people in this thread are saying what they're saying because they hate political correctness and ignore morality. There needs to be more showing hatred against groups instead of verbally exceeding a currently non-existent line.
  3. Please delete this post. I have decided to accept my punishment and go with the ban.
  4. Not true. When I tried to talk to you guys from outside the wall I couldn't hear anyone (and no one could hear me) yet being right next to me
  5. CrazyStryker

    Came Across Hidden Camp...

    *Hears the chatter and presses his PTT* "Hmm.. Let's start by saying it's by a single house and a beautiful lake" *Chuckles, he releases his PTT*
  6. CrazyStryker

    Came Across Hidden Camp...

    *Annoyed, Alex grabs his radio from his pocket and pushes his PTT* "Hey drunkie, can you get your radio away from you? I'm trying to hunt 'ere and your scaring away the fuckin' deer!" *He thinks about removing his radio batteries but decides not to.* "Anyways... Since we're talkin' now.. No, that base ain't nowhere near Novy." *Alex releases his PTT and angrily puts his radio in his pocket*
  7. CrazyStryker

    Came Across Hidden Camp...

    *Waiting in hunting stand with his SVD locked onto the field ready to shoot deer. He hears his radio go off in his pocket with a voice following. Alex pushes his PTT* "Two trucks and an offroad, you say? I.. uh.. remember stumbling across the location a few days ago. Neat place considering that abandoned home belongs to me... Shame... At least someone is putting it to good use after this shit went down" *Remembering the things he took from the camp and remembers another decent camp nearby* "Listen up, if you want to meet, sure. Although everything besides the home does not belong to me and I.. uh.. have no knowledge who's camp this is, we can talk regardin' the place. *Suddenly, Alex thinks of a quick way to make a profit out of this* "Hey, uh, if you want to know where the other camp is, I can.. uh.. tell you where it is and the equipment it has. All for a little price. We can make a deal if you have an idea." "Have a good day, partner." *Alex releases his PTT and puts the radio in his pocket. He returns to his gun and continues hunting.*
  8. That's part of the reason why the group members were getting suspicious but I don't know if he did it the whole time since chatter was low in TS and I was not near him.
  9. Full POV: So earlier that day, not too long ago, Jerimie was held hostage by us but we later released him. "Bran" (who's actual name is Alex Menendez and is our friend) is contacted by Jerimie in Severograd and signs a contract to put a bounty on my head. What Jerimie didn't know is that he placed a bounty on one of Alex's own bounty hunters. Alex Menendez contacts us on comms that Jerimine had placed a bounty on us, right after being released by us. (When we took Jerimie hostage, Alex Menendez was somehow dead when he logged back in after the server restart. Either it was a bug or zombie, but we put the blame on Jerimie's friends for his bugged death and were about to kill him but had no evidence that Jerimie's friend killed Alex M). Since Jerimie wanted evidence of our death, Alex took a bit of our stuff so we could fake our death. He took my iconic UMP-45, Laz's Gorka Helmet, and two of Laz's fingers. Alex Menendez also needed to look realistic so we shot him in the leg with the UMP. He took that evidence and went back to Jerimie's base to show. Once there, he showed Jerimie the evidence in return of a payment. Jerimie essentially scammed Alex Menendez because he was promised guns and ammo in the contract, but all he got was a single 5.56 round. While that was happening, Laz and I were on overwatch from the hill in front of the gate. Alex M. was rarely using comms because he was talking to others and surrounded by people so Laz and I had to justify when to shoot Jerimie (which I took the time to reread the rules to confirm this would be a fair kill). About 10-15 minutes later since we set up on overwatch, we see Jerimie standing still and confirm our target with Alex. Laz and I spend a minute wondering if we should shoot and we agree. We take several shots at Jerimie and no other person and hit him three times. Everyone scatters (except Alex M, he goes to grab Jerimie's SVD) and goes into the main building of the compound. We kept thinking if we should back out, so we retreat back to a barn behind us but return to our original position. At this point, Jerimie's group members see us and fire rounds at us, prompting us to fire at their peeking heads. The exchange of fire happened for about 20-30 minutes before we decided to move to the back hill. Alex M. is still communicating a little bit with us but enough to tell us where the enemy's positions are. He tries to bait them out the back now and succeeds in which we fire several rounds at someone at the back wall opening but results in our new location being found. Alex notifies us that the guy in black (@shhhhl) tries to flank but we don't see him for another 30-40 minutes. The waiting game ensued for a while as we exchange shots and move around occasionally. 15-25 minutes before the flanker arrives, I move to another hay bale while being shot at and suppressed so I don't peek out until the guy leaves me alone. 10 minutes later he leaves me alone and I go the tree line next to me so I keep advancing on the base. Laz has already been shot so he retreated off into the town where he also encounters the group member that went off into the town (@SebbePwnYou) where the exchange fire for a bit. Alex and Anthony go into the ditch in front of the base and I shoot at them for the realism effect. Now for the initial report: I am behind a tree with my SVD, still waiting. Seconds before @shhhhlp is behind me, Alex says on comms that he is going to be right behind me, I ignored that message. Then, I hear a voice saying to put my hands up. I turn my head camera to see a barrel aiming at me. Out of sudden panic reaction, I turn and empty whole magazine into his chest with him not firing a single round at me. I spew some insults at him in VOIP saying that he was dumb for trying to capture me instead of executing me which he full rights to with or without interaction at this point. Laz then kills @SebbePwnYou with Laz hurting as well. Now it's just Anthony left, who's a 13-year-old character, which I didn't know. Earlier before I shot him once or twice when they were in the compound but he somehow lived. Now, Alex and Anthony were hiding behind the V3S outside the compound main gate. I shoot at the holes in the V3S and hit Anthony again, they retreat back to the compound. Now, Laz and I have regrouped and are on the main compound wall. Alex and Anthony talk and make a plan to get him away, because actually he was never supposed to be in the situation he is now. He didn't know the group and we didn't know that he wasn't part of it. Alex says go and Anthony attempts to run away. I shoot Anthony with my SVD and Laz hitting him with his AKS-74U. He goes unconscious and we pick him up after Alex tells us he is friendly. We say we're sorry for this and we let him retrieve his "Daddy's Gun" with ammo removed. After this all happened, we occupied the compound and searched the tents they placed for useful items. Unfortunately, many of the bodies already despawned so we got nothing from those kills. We also tried to fix up the V3S but they didn't have all the equipment. After 15 minutes, we leave for Tisy. We arrived at Tisy and just looted and logged off near there since it was 4-5 AM for us. Anthony also joins our teamspeak channel so we talk to him on comms. I tried to contact @jerimie adair and @SebbePwnYou on teamspeak but got no response. This is everything that happened in that 2 hour long firefight. Anthony, I don't know how you survived but you did. Sorry
  10. CrazyStryker

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    wow thanks didnt even realize my mistake
  11. Having served in the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Chernarus during the rise of the Chedaki, Alex Stryker loved what he used to do. He loved to watch the nature and hunt in Chernarus like he used to do back at home, in Texas. Alex was an avid hunter and loved hunting for game and eating the reward that comes along with every kill. Although, he was limited and couldn’t hunt often, he watched nature in Chernarus. He knew he had to return back to Chernarus one day. Many years after the conflict in Chernarus and a year after he retired from active service, he decided that moving to South Zagoria, Chernarus would be a great experience and a very good hunting trip. In a few months, he packs his bags and rifles and leaves America for Chernarus. He felt like Chernarus was his home despite how little time he spent there and how little Russian he knew. Once settling in a small log cabin next to Grishino, he set out hunting in Chernarus and enjoyed it. He hunted a range of animals from rabbits to the Kamchatka bear. During the outbreak, since Alex was all alone in the forest, Alex survived the outbreak by camping in the woods and hunted for food and used ponds for water. While scavenging Severograd, he meets Alex Menendez who told him about the work of bounty hunting and how he profited from contracts. He was able to convince Alex Stryker enough to make them become a duo. Instead of hunting game, he hunted human. Currently MIA.
  12. CrazyStryker

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    PUBG is boring and repetitive.
  13. Wouldn't mind an Aussie and would love to see you hunting with us!
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