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  1. Pain


    There's a difference between Ruleplay and Roleplay.

    When you have your hands up and you OPENLY tell us your friends are coming to fuck us up, you're going to get killed. No two ways about it.

    1. Pain


      Why not just compliy and let me roleplay with you instead of calling me a faggot.

    2. Chewy


      ...But if he has his hands up he's complying. I'm not entirely sure that one line of shit talk justifies blowing a mans brains out. That feels pretty ruleplay-ey to me.

    3. Pain


      @Chewy Guys was told 3 times to fuck off the other way or he's gonna get shot.


      Openly makes a threat on our lives while he has his hands up telling us his guys are coming to kill us. Was complete NVFL.

      Worst part is he was a fresh spawn so I knew the moron was gonna try some sly shit.

    4. Chewy


      Honestly would need to see the bigger picture to make sense of it. So you tell him to F off 3 times. You then initiate(?) and he complies. He says his friends are gonna come fuck you up and you dick on him for what could potentially have been an empty threat, halting all future roleplay for that situation..

      Idk. Tell me if I'm wrong but thats what I made of the situation.

    5. Para


      Nah there is one way about it, you don't shoot him. Pretty simple tbh. I'd advise you go read rule 8 again. pretty sure a hostage with his hands up is not a direct threat to you :^)

    6. Pain


      I don't see how getting shot at by his friends is roleplay. I don't see how the guy openly told us his friends are coming to kill us while he has his hands up. If getting shot at is roleplay then I'd be NVFL and killed by them.

      @Para K i'll let his friends kill me next time.

    7. Para


      I don't see how killing a hostage who had his hands up furthers roleplay for both parties. You could've taken his radio, tried to negotiate with his friends for a ceasefire etc. He had his hands up so there were plenty of roleplay opportunities. 

      Nobody said you had to let his friends shoot you, you could've easily just gone about this in a way that meant you didn't invalidly kill a hostage. He could've been bluffing for all you knew.

    8. Chewy


      Did his friends shoot at you? No.

      Did his friends show up? No?

      Did the hostage comply? Yes. Does a potentially EMPTY THREAT give you kill rights on a COMPLYING FRESH SPAWN in any way, shape or form? Fuck no, it does not. Nor would it be NVFL on your side if they actually -did- show up and attack -you-

      Dude. 2 GMs are telling you this. That kill wasn't even ruleplay. It was RDM.

    9. Pain


      Well, it was out of my control, I didn't even pop the guy.

      Wanted more roleplay from him, probably would beat the hell out of him and forced him to hunt us. Would have been better roleplayed, although if he didn't run back towards us after being told MULTIPLE times 

      "You will be shot if you come back this way towards us." Then he flanks left watching us and then starts running towards us.

      I mean, to be honest, @Chewy one of the GMs told me you don't have to roleplay injuries so this means nothing to me. Simple discussion.

    10. Chewy



      Alright dude lmao. Like talking to a brick wall sometimes, honestly.

    11. Pain


      Has a convo with a GM, gets insulted. o7 as you were lad.

    12. Chewy


      Lass* :^)

    13. Grey


      Did his friends shoot at you? No.      Answer [Yes] 

      Did his friends show up? No?     Answer [Yes]

      Extra - Did his friends kill any of you?     Answer [Yes]

      Put it here, It was not an open threat at all and we knew that because this certain individual had chased one of us out of town with another guy. Maybe even more were on their way.

      If I have a hostage and they say "You fucked faggots, my guys are on their way". They are getting gassed across the lawn simple as.

      As a hostage that is completely surrounded with your hands above your head, you are in absolutely no position to fight or be aggressive at all. So going as far to say to someone with a gun aimed at your "Your fucked faggots" and then going that extra mile and informing us who and why we are fucked. Of course you are going to die...

      It is so simple I don't understand how that is hard to understand. I am totally for hostages being passive aggressive, heck not everyone's totally sane. But to call someone who is holding your life at the pull of a trigger a faggot is just plain retarded.

    14. Para


      @Grey Heath a comment like that in itself does not grant the rights to kill your hostage. A threat it may be, but this type of RP from a hostage invites a new stance for roleplay to actually torture him or contact these 'friends'.

      Please re-read rule 8. it outlines the scenarios that actually allow people to execute hostages and simply calling your captors faggots does not warrant execution. Had they said it repeatedly and after a few warnings, followed by a warning of death, he didn't stop you would then have the rights to execute. Otherwise a hostage cannot simply be executed for one line.

    15. Grey


      • 8.4.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape.                                 Several times before he was told to leave the area otherwise there would be serious consequences.
      • 8.4.2 Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, by for example picking up a weapon when not allowed to.     Point blank tell us that we are "fucked", due to his friends being on the way. Sorry but if that is not a threat... What is
      • 8.4.3 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. After being given explicit demands to leave the area and not come back, then decides that its a good idea to come back and let us know that we are "Faggots" and "fucked". Hostages do not value their life - Insult you despite being told to stop.
      • 8.4.4 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and opens fire on hostage takers. N/A
      • 8.4.5 Demands from negotiations have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed. N/A                                         Yup, I re-read it Para and it still makes no sense to me. Maybe I need a mentor
    16. Para


      Was he taken hostage before he came back? 

      Was he he taken hostage when he came back? 


    17. Chewy


      @Grey Heath Thanks for talking to Para. U gud.

    18. Pain


      Glad that you guys cleared it up, sorry I was triggered. Couldn't be fucked to talk in Teamspeak, tried to come back.

    19. Grey


      Yup, thank you for listening Para 

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