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  1. Pain

    Rule mode question

    Nah 600 euros per 6 months roughly.
  2. Pain

    Rule mode question

    A very lack luster statement. Its a business as registered. Please don't assume everything is all pink and fluffy, its here to make money because if it was a "Lets all have fun." kinda deal @Roland would have to pay out of his own pocket (Which is 600 euros per month as he has stated in another post.) rather than make money off of something he personally works on in his spare time out of work.
  3. Pain

    How many DayZ hours do YOU have?

    I do.
  4. Pain

    How many DayZ hours do YOU have?

  5. Anima Vesta.

  6. Pain

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    There would be no way to enforce this without an admin actually being there, but the fact people dont even get punished is beyond me.
  7. One more day and we was gonna hold a vote for the next overlord of G171.
  8. Such kind words from all of you I'm sure Sheepy would thank you all, I can assure you @SheepyMcSheepface is really trying within the group as well. (Since he is away right now I decided to answer for him just in case he doesn't appear in a day or so)
  9. Pain

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    Please guys don't just vote, I want to hear opinions.
  10. Like I said, newer players will see the Admin tag regardless and just simply think (Admins looking out for admins) because inherently players are used to other communities admins power abuse.
  11. Thats understandable but I just wanted to clean it up due to everyother group appearing to get a "warning" but then another (who has an admin which makes it look like favouritism to newer players) not getting a warning, new players may see this and go by example. My questions been answered either way, feel free to lock or whatever you need to do. Appreciate it gents.
  12. I have to ask a serious question then and please understand I'm not attempting to call out staff here but I just want to understand and know that rules are actually being enforced. The Dammed as a group has over 50% as not playing for 3 weeks and 2/4 leaders have a month of not playing the game. You guys don't owe me an explanation but I'd like to understand why every other group gets the stick but The Dammed get a carrot?
  13. I've seen posts from Oliv in other group pages saying the following: and another From the first of June my understanding is "A month is too long and is considered inactive" but there isn't much in terms of confirmation, I just see he highlighted them in this post.
  14. I personally refuse to get on without my group, running around 24/7 is boring and honestly isn't worth the time. My character is built off of people and my group, people who are running around to get somewhere honestly... I follow them. Stalk them and force rp upon them, its very annoying to see people actually AFK running in an open field to get to point B from A. Lopatino ended up like that from what I understand due to groups becoming too big and half of the server just ended up there looking for roleplay. A suggestion I'd make is just don't let the groups get so big to the point they dominate the servers population?
  15. Glad you enjoyed, I'll be sure to try keep updating it.
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