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  2. Post Apocalypse: Jhin and Bethany both British parents living in Birmingham decided that while their Son was at a young age they wanted to move country called Chernarus after the country had gotten its independence, their parents (Aurelion’ grandparents) were originally from the country but had to leave due to the amount of wars the family had suffered. As they were moving back to the county Aurelion’ thirteenth birthday was just around the corner and they were due to move into a home within a small town known as Gorka. Growing up within Chernarus Aurelion did everything a young adult normally would, highschool only to end with bad grades, get a job and earn money for your independence. Aurelion at the age of 18 began working as a maintenance worker within the local radio station in order to earn funds to move to Chernogorsk, after 18 months of working on the maintenance he finally earned enough funds to move out of the small town of Gorka and into the big city, he already had a plan on a new job on the docks, moving equipment. Living in Chernogorsk for the next 3 years he decided to go out one night on the town, getting drunk on the weekend was always a fast way to get through a hard week of work, he met a girl who peaked his interest during the night out. Skipping all the memories of his summer love he eventually engaged the same girl he once stared at in a nightclub with a flickering lighter. After a year of being engaged the end finally came when the infection hit, Aurelion was on the docks working and such. He never did find her again, what a shame. Start of the Apocalypse: 25th June 2017, After a long Sunday on the docks, sickness all around him people constantly complaining about how the people of the household are sick or are bedridden due to some form of plague hitting the province. It wasn't the first time, plenty of sickness around when people can barely afford medication. He ventured home to find his fiance to take her out on a date. 2nd July 2017, Aurelion had heard the tales of people passing away from the sickness, fearing his parents would be caught up in the plague he travelled home to make sure they were in good health. He came to find his Mother sick and weak while his Father attempted to nurse her he simply couldn’t with the lack of money within the household. 4th July 2017, Aurelion funnelled money into his parents bank accounts, as much as he could afford. Travelling back and forth from his home in Chernogorsk where his fiance waited for him everyday after working. 7th July 2017, Aurelions mother was still sick and was becoming increasingly worse as more reports had come in from around the country of people attacking each other, stories of “zombies” were circling around as people were being bitten by strangers they’d never met before. 8th July 2017, Aurelions Mother Beth had started to show signs of an infected, Doctors advised Aurelion to send her to Berezino and allow other doctors to work on her due to them being scared of the “zombie” stories going around. Aurelion declined and offered to pay for more treatment but was soon shot down. 9th July 2017, The infected woman that was once Aurelions Mother attacked Aurelions father Jhin as he was sleeping near her, his throat bitten as he shot his wife's moving corpse in the head twice, Aurelion storming the room as he saw the horrid sight of the once two lovers fight on the floor, his Mother had died 12 hours ago, replaced by a nightmare that would plague his memory forever. His father having being injured was helped by Aurelion as he covered his throat with a cloth, it wasn’t a deep bite but it was enough to keep Aurelion at bay just incase this really was a Zombie apocalypse, biting means infected right? He asked himself the whole time as he was covering his neck trying to stop the blood. He saw a hammer on the counter next to them, watching it. His Father not moving from the shock of shooting his wife, he lay there motionless, his eyes slowly turning black. A sudden movement from Jhin putting Aurelion on guard and he grabbed the hammer from the side, his Father quickly standing and pushing Aurelion into the closet as UN stormed the home gunfire going off all around the home he shuddered and ran out of the closet, met with 3 UN soldiers along with his Father's corpse on the floor next to his infect Mothers. His hands in the air as they aimed their rifles toward him, “Infected?” the soldier asked him in English with a very faint French accent, “No!” he slightly screamed his hands still up as they put him on the ground and searched him for bite marks. “Clear!” reported the other soldiers, “Very well, take him to the ship in Berezino, get him out of here.” 10th July 2017, The transport that had been taking him to the ship had been compromised with an infected passenger, Aurelion was left in the woods unconscious with no food or water, left to make his way back to some form of civilization. He began to move toward Chernogorsk on arrival the great city of Chernogorsk was in ruins, nothing but a black shadow of smoke, fire and a horrid smell. He ran to his home, searching for his fiance, all he found was blood in their home. Aurelion assumed the worst. 17th July 2018, The next few months were a blur of vodka, cannabis and murder, Aurelion travelled to every city he could think of to find his lost fiance but with no luck after a while of travelling, he found a young girl around the age of 14 fending for herself fighting off the infected that had been chasing her, Aurelion pulled out his rifle and proceeded to open fire into the infected. Blood going all over her dress, she cried screaming for him to not harm her and that she had only gone out because he Father hadn’t returned to their home for the last day or so. He felt regret for scaring her so boldly, he offered her a can of peaches and asked where she lived, she was reluctant to tell him but then as she was eating another infected had lunged for her, Aurelion quickly stabbed it from the jaw up to the tip of its skull. The young girl quickly told him to follow her, not wanting to alert anymore infected she followed the shipping peer in order to get home, a small dark brown cottage could be seen with smoke appearing from the chimney. They walked into the building, not hearing any movement around them and began a conversation. “Your name?” The little girl asked with a very strong South Zagorian accent, “Aurelion.” The girl smiled, “Pretty, but… no say?” he struggled with her broken English but soon realised she couldn’t say his name as she was stuttering every time. “Graves?” the girl smiled once again, that way she pointed towards the north wall of the building, “No, No, my name you can call me Graves.” she smiled once again, “Graves? Ok Graves.” the two began talking about their lives from just a few weeks ago, but it felt like a distant memory. 20th July 2018, They had waited for her Father for three days, food was running out. Aurelion told her about their shortages and that they needed to start moving if they wanted to survive. She agreed and chanted a prayer for her Father to be safe. They began their move the fishing town known as Berezhki, they stayed there for a further two weeks, keeping clear of any infected that wandered into the town surviving on a diet of fish, water and peaches. 3rd August 2018, Gun shots within the forest above Berezhki, Aurelion quickly gathers his things, “Vera!” he quickly called out to her, she came running to him with a pistol in hand. “Mmm?” she replies. “Gun shots, get in the home. Don’t open the door for anyone ok?” she falls silent “OK?” he reiterates “Yes Graves.” a look of disappointment grows on her face knowing she’ll have to be alone. He closes the door behind him after gathering his the supplies he needs to venture up the mountain to investigate the shots, after 30 minutes of walking up the slanted landscape he sees multiple infected smashing at a carriage door, he loads his rifle and proceeds to open fire on them. He clears the last of them with his hammer and quickly aims his rifle at the door, opening it. An elderly man, is in the corner with a pistol in hand, bitten and a load of blood behind him on the wall, the man had killed himself upon the realisation he had been bitten. “God.” Aurelion whispers to himself. On his travel down from the mountain he heard multiple gunshots from Berezhki, he moved quicker towards the town, aiming his rifle every so often to make sure the house was still closed, the door didn’t appear to be open at any of his stops but he still feared for the worse. He opens the door to their home, a pistol put right to the back of his head as he slowly puts his hands up, the pistol is quickly removed from the back of his head as Vera realises who walked in unannounced like Graves normally would to her. “People here?” she whispered to him, he nods, “Run?”, he again replys with a nod. She moves quickly to grab her hoodie and they both move to the back of the home. Shots can still be heard going off within the middle of the town, infected starting to gather around the area as they hear the noise of their next meal. They stop for a moment, the bush next to them rustling as something jumps out onto Vera she screams loudly, a hammer hit to the back of the head of the infected from Graves quickly stops any advance in the scuffle between the two. The infected running towards the town quickly divert their attention towards Graves and Vera, he throws his rifle to her and picks her up onto his back, beginning to run away from the horde that had massed to chase them. He sees a town on the distance, not thinking about which one it is he quickly throws her into the next building, “Stay there!” his rifle still in her hand he locks the door and runs away from the building screaming as he does so as to attract the horde to him. Vera yelling for him to comeback and not to leave her alone as he is seen running into the distant fog. Graves checks behind him multiple times to make sure the horde is following him and ignoring her cries for Graves, he quickly checks one of the cars near by and lights a cigar throwing it into the car's gas tank a loud explosion could be heard from Vera’s position, he continues to move but starts to circle the town in order to get back to Vera, not wanting to leave her for too long. “Vera!” he quickly calls to her as he sees the door open she’s standing there and throws his rifle on the ground as she runs to him quickly hugging him. “Come on, let's move again.” he grabs his rifle from the front of the building she was locked in, and grabs a big backpack that was in there as well. “Empty, but we’ll soon fill it up aye girl?” he smiles at Vera as she nods. 6th August 2018, The two arrive in Nagornoe a small northern town where they set up to stay for the next couple of weeks. 10th August 2018, After being in Nagornoe for the last 4 days the two had a home established and continued to gather supplies, “Vera, you hungry?” he asked sorting his backpack out searching for the food, she replied with a weak nod as she looked down at her stomach. Graves hands he a can of peaches as he hears a suppressed shot from the other side of town, red flags go off in Graves’ ears, he quickly puts the bag down and grabs his rifle aiming it towards the door, after about 10 minutes footsteps can be heard from outside of their home, the door lunges open as a heavily pregnant woman storms in, “Hands up now!” Graves yells towards her, she complies. “Pistol and Rifle on the ground!” again she does as she is told and drops her weapons, “Anything on your person that can hurt us, on the ground now.” The woman slowly drops her bag on the floor for him to check the contents. Graves quickly searches the bag as Vera points the pistol she has towards the woman. Realising she was heavily pregnant Graves quickly tells Vera to get her a chair, “No funny business, I know it's rough out there. It's going to be a lot worse in here if you try to harm or steal from either of us.”
  3. Nah 600 euros per 6 months roughly.
  4. A very lack luster statement. Its a business as registered. Please don't assume everything is all pink and fluffy, its here to make money because if it was a "Lets all have fun." kinda deal @Roland would have to pay out of his own pocket (Which is 600 euros per month as he has stated in another post.) rather than make money off of something he personally works on in his spare time out of work.
  5. There would be no way to enforce this without an admin actually being there, but the fact people dont even get punished is beyond me.
  6. One more day and we was gonna hold a vote for the next overlord of G171.
  7. Such kind words from all of you I'm sure Sheepy would thank you all, I can assure you @SheepyMcSheepface is really trying within the group as well. (Since he is away right now I decided to answer for him just in case he doesn't appear in a day or so)
  8. Please guys don't just vote, I want to hear opinions.
  9. Like I said, newer players will see the Admin tag regardless and just simply think (Admins looking out for admins) because inherently players are used to other communities admins power abuse.
  10. Thats understandable but I just wanted to clean it up due to everyother group appearing to get a "warning" but then another (who has an admin which makes it look like favouritism to newer players) not getting a warning, new players may see this and go by example. My questions been answered either way, feel free to lock or whatever you need to do. Appreciate it gents.
  11. I have to ask a serious question then and please understand I'm not attempting to call out staff here but I just want to understand and know that rules are actually being enforced. The Dammed as a group has over 50% as not playing for 3 weeks and 2/4 leaders have a month of not playing the game. You guys don't owe me an explanation but I'd like to understand why every other group gets the stick but The Dammed get a carrot?
  12. I've seen posts from Oliv in other group pages saying the following: and another From the first of June my understanding is "A month is too long and is considered inactive" but there isn't much in terms of confirmation, I just see he highlighted them in this post.
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